Packers have fewer than 1,000 tickets for right to freeze

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As the clock ticks toward the extension “deadline” — unless it gets extended again — it appears there’s another playoff game which will be shown on local television.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, the Packers have fewer than 1,000 tickets left for Sunday’s game against the 49ers, as of about 15 minutes ago.

That’s close enough that it’s likely the game will be sold out, and further proof that the scare tactics have worked.

The Colts just sold out thanks to a sponsor buying the last 1,200 tickets, and with the Packers so close, it’s hard to imagine them not reaching their goal.

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  1. Been there, done that… can’t imagine doing it again. The aluminum seats are just killer.

    For the cost of going to a game for a family of four, I could get nice brand new TV and not freeze my butt off.

  2. Most people have no idea what 5 below feels like or -30 wind chill. You can rant about fans not being loyal and whatnot, but the average person can’t handle being in subzero temperatures for 4 hours.

    It’s not a very enjoyable experience so my hat is off to the 80,000 who are going to tough it out in Green Bay.

  3. I hope they sellout the game, even with the numerous extensions.

    It would be awfully embarrassing if they didn’t.

  4. There was never any doubt. The whole season is geared to this point, qualify for the post-season and get a chance at the Super Bowl. Reset the W-L records and let’s play! Oh, and welcome to the FROZEN TUNDRA, 49ers!

  5. Never thought I’d see the day the Packers are blacked out. May be time to rethink the teams future in a small market.

  6. So to all the naysayers, the Vikings fans who’s franchise searches for another coach and quarterback and have yet another losing season. The Packet true and faithful come through again. We are sold out again. There will be no blackout as all you trolls had hoped.

  7. So, really, how many of the billions of people on that famous Packer regular season ticket waiting list are still wanting tickets? How many are no longer alive? Does that list ever get cleaned up? I doubt it. I think the list numbers are just a bit over inflated, as this ticket fiasco is proving.

  8. Is it a “right” to freeze, or a privilege? In any event, I am sure the fans going know what they are getting into! Stay warm and have fun!

  9. Packers can’t sell out a home playoff game without begging for an extension?

    Hapless and tasteless.

  10. and guarantee there will be one jackass who will not be wearing a shirt at the game to show his team spirit

  11. As a long time Packers fan, I’m amazed that there were so many tickets available for a playoff game. I would’ve gone even in the cold, but with such short notice to buy the expensive plane tickets (the more last minute the more expensive the ticket), it made it not worthwhile.

  12. People act like there has never been a cold weather game in Green Bay. I know it is cold, but football was meant to be played in the elements and the bottom line is if you don’t like the weather, simply don’t go. Of the four playoff games this weekend, this is the one I most look forward to.

  13. I almost wish green bay would miss the deadline so it showed how pathetic the NFL is… Taking a playoff game away from one of the top football cities in america would show how greedy the nfl is. The fans of this sport have made them billions and they have the nerve to blackout a playoff game. This really shows you how much of the nfl thinks of its fans. If you arent making them top-dollar every week, then you dont watch your team play.

  14. I think it’s a miracle that they were able to sell 80,000 seats in less than 5 days to a game being held in near life threatening conditions.

    Only in Green Bay.

    Only with the greatest fans in the NFL.

  15. I don’t know if this the reason for all season ticket holders, but this was my reason for not buying my playoff tickets.

    1) Deadline for us season ticket holders to send our money in for playoff tickets was around Thanksgiving. If you don’t recall, we were pretty thin at QB, record was awful, and were a couple games back of two division leaders.

    2) If Packers didnt make the playoffs, Packers hold onto the money to deduct from next years tickets.

    The playoff tickets were going to be a gift, but seeing how it was an unlikely scenario Packers make it and my gift money wouldn’t be returned, I had to make the decision to get something else with the money. Seeing as about 40,000 out of 80,000 season ticket holders declined their playoff tickets, I imagine it was along the same reasoning.

    So why didnt I just buy playoff tickets when it started looking like Packers’ chances were increasing?

    1) I had no clue to tickets were available. I assumed I was one of the few that declined. I didnt know until 3 days ago.

    2) I didn’t buy any until today when I got paid. I had ready budgeted my playoff tickets into some Christmas spending and the rest into investments. They didnt le people know until this week they were available. So 40,000 is pretty hard to move I’d imagine!

  16. I will be watching the game live ,on T.V. It will be interesting to see how many seats are empty by the third quarter. Crowd noise will be nonexistent. I would expect a muffled slight roar at kick off then everyone will be covered up and trying to survive the frozen tundra conditions.

  17. I went to the NYG-GB game. It’s not that bad. Blanket on the seat and a blanket to stand on and you’ll be fine.

  18. As a Charger fan, it’s hard to imagine a Packers game to be blacked out. Our excuse is we have beautiful weather year round and there are other things to do but in Wisconsin, what else can you really do during the winter cold months there. But it’s understandable as to what some Packer season ticket holders have said why they didn’t buy a ticket.

  19. Maybe it’s time to move to Milwaukee? I like making excuses as much as the next guy but my neighbors played pond hockey in -9 degree weather for 4 hours the other day. So, sitting in a stadium bundled up with heaters should be that bad.

    The real problem is everyone knows we are going to get destroyed so why come.

  20. What’s crazy is that the number 1000 that the Packers have yet to sell is exactly the same number that Vikings fans purchase for home games. The rest of the tickets usually go to visiting teams fans or are purchased by local companies as punishment for undisciplined workers.

  21. Let face it these Packers fans are not buying tickets because deep down inside they know that this team with an 8-7-1 record should not even be in the playoffs, let alone hosting a game against a much better team!

    Packers hapless and tasteless

  22. If this Packer game is blacked out for any reason whatsoever, I swear I will no longer be a football fan. The NFL is incredibly greedy, after the people pay for their stadiums, the game has morphed into a different sport with all the new rules, and the refs are worse than they have ever been, either not knowing the rules themselves, or applying them incorrectly and unevenly. Support us like we support you NFL, or I am out of here.

  23. The fact that the Packers are going to sell out a game that is going to be played in -6 degree weather is a tribute to the Packer fans. As a Bear fan, I’ve sat through some pretty cold games when I was younger, but nothing like that.

    Viking fans continue to try and point fingers as they sold out their built-on-a-dime dome, which isn’t fit for an indoor driving range, let alone football. The Viking fan inferiority fan complex continues. Enjoy TCF. Then enjoy paying for the new stadium with outrageous ticket prices. Minnesotans may fill it for the first couple of years, but once the novelty wears off, the sellouts will end. The Minnesota Twins attendance has already dropped by 300,000 after the first year of their new stadium, and will most likely continue to do so, as the bloom is off the rose.

    But take the Viking fans with a grain of salt. A lot of the meatballs are from the outlying areas. Remember, these are the people that made a professional wrestler their governor.

  24. I’m a lifetime Vikings fan and I looked into tickets just to be a part of the spectacle, but the ones available weren’t great (upper bowl, Row 60 corner of the endzone). I know we give each other a lot of crap, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Selling out a playoff game that will literally be played in life-threatening weather conditions with 1 week’s notice? That’s impressive no matter which colors you cheer for.

  25. Packer fans have been ripping Viking fans for the last five years for being in the exact situation the Packers are in now. They had trouble selling out a game they didn’t know they would be in until the week before. They actually had one less day to sell out because it was a Saturday game. That’s why we’re ripping you now. Personally, I would never pay hundreds of dollars to sit in the cold and watch my team get blown out in the playoffs again, so I admire you smart Packer fans who refuse to do it.

  26. It’s time to end this farsical, greedy, and archaic blackout rule by the NFL. There is no other busisness in the world that prevents their customers from using/seeing the product just because not enough items were sold. No, seeing empty seats on TV doesn’t take away from the viewing experience. The play on the field is what matters. Greed greed greed.

  27. Don’t care when Tampa doesn’t sell out; Miami; Atlanta; Pittsburgh; San Diego … whomever. I like football; don’t care about attendance.

    I do think people should just calm down about this as a trash talking opportunity. Fact is almost every team has some problems every now and again. It can be too hot, too cold, too expensive … who cares?

    You buy one ticket … maybe 4 or so. Beyond that the ability of the area in which you happen to live to sellout the remaining 79,996 tickets really has nothing to do with you. So it’s nothing to be proud of your fanbase for. It’s also nothing to be ashamed of your fanbase for. It’s nothing to praise or shame fans on message boards for either. So silly.

    Get your tickets and shut up and stop counting what everyone else is doing. Good grief.

  28. The game should be postponed. It’s a disgrace that they’re playing a game in 10 below weather, putting the fans at risk, putting the players at risk. The weather is too dangerous and the quality of football will greatly suffer as well. The NFL is gutless if they don’t postpone this game. I don’t blame the fans one bit for not wanting to sit out in frigid conditions to watch a football game.

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