Report: Mike Munchak will remain coach of the Titans


The meeting in Houston has come to an end and it looks like Mike Munchak has avoided the axe from Titans CEO Tommy Smith. 

Munchak and General Manager Ruston Webster went to Smith’s home base in Texas on Friday for a long-awaited conversation about the 2013 season. Munchak admitted that it was “hard’ not knowing his status and Smith said it was a difficult decision to make, but Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Munchak will remain the Titans coach in 2014. 

Wyatt reports that the group agreed on many undisclosed topics during their conversation and that an official announcement regarding Munchak’s return is expected soon. 

With that decision out of the way, the Titans can move on to discuss the other matters relevant to winning more games in 2014. Among them are Jerry Gray’s status as defensive coordinator, with a promotion for Gregg Williams seen as a possibility, and what to do about running back Chris Johnson and his $8 million salary for the 2014 season.

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  1. 8-8 will be like winning the Super Bowl for these bums! Perfect team to move to la. Go colts!

  2. Would have loved to hear what was being said at that long meeting. I am sure the fact that they didn’t have the starting QB for the majority of the year played into the decision to give him another year.

  3. I am so glad they kept Munch…If Locker had stayed health the whole year we would have went to the playoffs. He was headed in the right direction till he went down the first time. looking forward to 2014. Hope he can prove a lot of people wrong. GO TITANS!!!!!!

  4. This is a HORRIBLE decision, but I’d expect no less from this franchise. Munchak is 3-20 against teams with a winning record, 6-12 against AFC South opponents (worst division in football during those three years – and winning two in a row versus the Jags and Texans to end the season shouldn’t count), and has lost to the absolute worst team three years running.

    Nowhere else would Munchak be a head coach. He has absolutely no pedigree for it. He was an assistant offensive line coach who is still way in over his head. Of course Tommy Smith is going to bring Munchak back. He rules over one of the worst NFL franchises. Munch has literally done NOTHING to keep his job.

    Sad to say, Bud Adams passing was the best thing that happened to Munchak. Bud made it clear before the season – playoffs or fired. He spent $100+ million on free agents during the last offseason. However, Tommy Smith is going to bring back a lame duck head coach for another lost season. There is literally nothing Munch can say or do that will energize this fanbase during the offseason, and which free agents are going to want to come to a dysfunctional franchise that will fire its head coach after another disappointing season? No wonder Tommy stayed in Houston for this decision, he didn’t want to face the Nashville media.

    This sucks. I know people who don’t care about the Titans might think it’s a good move, but I guarantee you’d feel different if this was the team you rooted for.

  5. As much as I love the Titans, they’re a long way from competing at the upper levels of the league. Does Tommy Smith actually believe this decision will help them get there? Does this road really lead to the team being able to compete with the Patriots, Broncos, or Chiefs to get to the Super Bowl? It’s clear the lack of focus and aggressive instinct on this team starts at the very top.

  6. Here’s what I hope they discussed-
    Gray is out.
    Williams is in.
    Matthews is gone.
    New ST coach. New LB coach.
    CJ will stay.

  7. I was under the impression that his seat was already pretty much molten. This year, the Titans could probably use the heat its generating to power LP Field

  8. It’s great to hear Smith isn’t as knee jerked as his late father-in-law. Munch, I believe, can lead this team out of the cellar with a QB and a few tweeks here and there.

  9. Unbelievable. welllll 2015 titans football season isnt that far away right… right??
    I guess now the dumbest things they can do is sign grey over williams, keep johnson and have munch claim he “needs more time” to build the team.

  10. Thank you. Are you interested in the 1st pick overall as well? Make us an RG3 deal and it’s yours.

  11. Since no one else reports on this, allow me to introduce Mike Munchak to the people who know nothing about the Titans.

    Munchak spent 48 hours preparing for the (Titans) interview. […] Some assistants have nice, glossy presentations prepared when they interview for a job. Munchak had nothing. “I’m not a networker,” he said. “So when it came time for one of the important parts of the interview, identifying which coaches I’d try to hire on my staff, I didn’t really know a lot of them.”

    “Shocking,” said (GM Mike) Reinfeldt. “He had an answer for everything. And some great ideas. We had no idea that was coming.” Not just the Paterno-spawned ideas either. Sports jackets on road trips. No hats in the building. No headphones while working out; talking and communicating was preferred. No TVs in the trainer’s room; don’t want it to be too comfortable in there. A 12-minute video presentation on the history of the Oilers going back to the old American Football League days “because you should always know where you came from,” Munchak said.”

    So there you have it. A guy with no qualifications and didn’t even network. Predictably, his offensive and defensive coordinators have failed miserably. Chris Palmer (his first OC) was canned after the heat grew on Munchak. The Titans had to hire a radioactive Gregg Williams to turn around the defense, as Jerry Gray oversaw a Titans defense that gave up the most points in franchise history.

    I’ve yet to see one convincing argument from anyone as to why Munch should be back. Because his quarterback got hurt? Fitzpatrick actually had a higher QB rating than Locker. That’s not an excuse. The Titans problems are way deeper than just the starting quarterback. They stem from the very top. And now, we’re back to status quo.

    That’s why it sucks to be a Titans fan. We’re slowly becoming the new L.A. Rams. Too many years of mediocrity with no change will kill a franchise.

  12. Everything rides on Locker now.

    Recent poll showed majority wanted a different direction.

    If they bring back CJ there won’t be enough duck tape to keep my head from exploding.

  13. It’s not like he’s going to do anything next year in that division. You may want to ask schiano to hold a spot on the staff for you at penn st.

  14. looks like schiano to psu…unless his alma mater bucknell pries him away lol..

    question with titans is why did defense fade ? it started out pretty tough and then mailed it in.

    obviously they were a different team when locker got hurt.

    start by cutting britt and johnson.

  15. What will next years excuse be? We have a rookie starting at QB. The only reason I’m commenting is because I HATE Gregg Williams. Has no business in this league. #fireMunchak

  16. It’s so frustrating rooting for this team you have no idea. We have an absolute commitment to mediocrity and if we’re 8-8 the owners and front office are more than happy with that. We’ve been stuck in football limbo for years now and it’s getting old. Not bad enough to clean house (something we needed to do years ago) and get a top draft pick, but not good enough to make the playoffs. Been that way for years now. I can tell you this much, I’ve never been less excited for a season in all my life, and why? Because we’ll be having this EXACT same discussion next year. 7 wins in the worst division in football (I mean, even the Colts aren’t a GREAT team) and that’s good enough. Like I said, commitment to mediocrity.

  17. Munch coming back may not be the worst thing for this franchise. I truly believe that if he were fired, they’d go out and hire someone like Wade Phillips or Dick Jauron, because that’s how they seem to roll…

    Loggains is still new to his position as OC, Gregg Williams will add fire to a gutless defense, and if Locker can stay healthy (or they get rid of Fitzpatrick and sign a GOOD QB to replace him) I think the Titans could be a playoff team in 2014.

  18. Jackybadass even with their poor record they at least sell out their regular season games….your Dolts can’t sell out a playoff game. Maybe the fan base is afraid of another one and done.

  19. I’m sure one of the things they agreed on was:
    NFW paying $8mil to a RB with just average stats for 2+years.

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