Report: Munchak, Smith meeting about Titans future Friday

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As we’ve already discussed on Friday morning, Titans coach Mike Munchak is still waiting to learn if we’re going to have to insert former before the rest of his title.

Bud Adams has passed away, but the Titans have remained a deliberate team when it comes to making decisions about their head coach’s future with the organization. We should start to get some idea about whether Munchak will hold onto the job on Friday, however.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Munchak will meet with Titans CEO Tommy Smith in person on Friday. Chris Mortensen of ESPN adds that the meeting will take place in Nashville with Smith traveling up from Houston and that General Manager Ruston Webster will also be involved.

Wyatt wrote on Thursday night that he believes Munchak will have to make changes to his staff in order to remain the team’s coach and suggested that Munchak propose promoting Gregg Williams to defensive coordinator in place of Jerry Gray. Munchak hasn’t shared any of his plans, so we’ll all just have to wait and see how things play out in Nashville when the discussion finally turns to Munchak’s future.

UPDATE 10:45 a.m. ET: Wyatt reports the meeting will take place in Houston rather than Nashville.

13 responses to “Report: Munchak, Smith meeting about Titans future Friday

  1. Did anyone expect anything out of the Titans this year? Other than Jake Locker and Chris Johnson I can’t name anybody decent on the team. I’ll admit that I don’t really follow them so there is probably talent that I just don’t know about, but the Titans just seem like an average team at best in regards to talent.

  2. Still think it is messed up Gregg Williams could become a DC again after all the mess because of the good old boy network and the players following orders get the shaft.

  3. Munch has done nothing to prove he should be back. He’s 6-12 against the worst division (AFC South) in football the past three seasons, and 3-20 against teams that end up having a winning record at the end of the year.

    I have a feeling that most commenters wouldn’t be as forgiving if Munchak coached their favorite teams.

    It’s time for Munchak to go.

  4. Munchak deserves one last crack at it. He’s been a good soldier in Tennessee forever and has everyone forgotten how great the Titans looked before Jake Locker’s injury? He was having a breakout season and they would made the playoffs for sure if he hadn’t gotten hurt. Give Munch another year, he’s given you three decades of his life.

  5. Time for Munchak to go, unfortunately. There’s no sign of dramatic improvement that would make it worth giving him another year. Yes, the team looked better when Jake Locker was playing, but basing all hope for the future on someone so obviously injury prone is not a good plan. Titans fans generally like Munchak personally but three years is plenty of time to see that he’s not head coaching material.

    The last three years have been more than sufficient as a sign of respect to his 30+ years with the team. Bud Adams held the team back for years with his sentimental personnel choices, like keeping Fisher far too long and hiring Munchak in the first place. Hopefully his son-in-law will be willing to make the changes necessary to make the Titans relevant again.

  6. The longer this drags out the more it seems like he’s getting another year. Personally, I would like to move in a new direction. The franchise has had the same “vision” for some time & it just hasn’t gotten them anywhere. With the way the league is now I’d like to see an offensive minded coach come in that really knows how to develop a young QB, whether that’s Locker or someone else. That said, I wouldn’t be all that upset to see him get 1 more year. The players play hard for him & they looked really good before Locker’s first injury.

    I’m all for promoting Gregg Williams. The defense was terrible under Jerry Gray until Williams came in. I’m also not sold on Dowell Loggains. If they’re keeping Munchak it would be great to see an experienced, proven OC come in & do some things with the talent on this offense.

  7. Tommy Smith:

    Hi Mike.

    Frankly, you suck as a head coach, but the Titans organization wants to keep you on. Are you OK with going back to coaching the offensive line?

  8. I agree with titansbro. Promote Williams, bring in a guy like Norv Turner as OC and Munch may not be as terrible. Unfortunately, as much as we all like Locker, he’s not durable enough to build around. Have to go in a new direction there.

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