Report: Texans could have interest in Crennel to fill coordinator role

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At his introductory press conference on Friday, Texans coach Bill O’Brien said he would meet with the club’s current assistant coaches starting tomorrow.

However, there’s a report suggesting a former NFL head coach could be among the prime candidates to become the Texans’ new defensive coordinator.

On Friday, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle said to not “be surprised” if former Browns and Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is the Texans’ defensive coordinator in 2014.

Crennel, 66, was the Chiefs’ head coach in 2012, and he’s coordinated defenses in Kansas City, New England and Cleveland. While Crennel and O’Brien didn’t work together in New England, there is an obvious connection, with both having worked in major coaching roles on Bill Belichick’s staff.

Crennel has run the 3-4 scheme as his base defensive front in various stops. The Texans employed a similar scheme with coordinator Wade Phillips in 2013.

Phillips has said he would be open to remaining with the Texans. Also, Texans owner Robert C. McNair said Friday that he thought “the world” of Phillips, according to Stephanie Stradley of, but McNair reportedly indicated O’Brien would make the call on the coordinator role.

Crennel signed a three-year contract with Kansas City in 2012, so were he to join Houston, any remaining compensation from the Chiefs would be offset by any Texans compensation for the year.

19 responses to “Report: Texans could have interest in Crennel to fill coordinator role

  1. Name any coach named Belichick that has had success without Brady/ state of the art video equipment.

    Wasn’t such a genius in Cleveland no was he?

  2. romeo actually did a really good job in KC when he was strictly the DC. that is what he is best at. once he was HC, the halftime adjustments he was known for, were nowhere to be found.

    Honestly, he had a year off, and with Bill being a first time HC, it wouldn’t be the worst hire to bring in an experienced guy who won some super bowl’s coaching defense, and runs the 3-4, and is generally loved by his players

    he is just not a HC, and they aren’t looking at him for that. would be a good hire.

  3. I hate Cleveland being brought up to prove Billy B wasn’t always good.

    90 to 91 they were 9-23

    Bill’s first 3 years they were 25-23

    His last year Modell complete screwed the team with all the garbage he surrounded it with and a team he coached to 11-5 in 94 went 5-11 and he became a casualty of the move to Baltimore.

  4. His last year Modell complete screwed the team with all the garbage he surrounded it with and a team he coached to 11-5 in 94 went 5-11 and he became a casualty of the move to Baltimore.

    Are you serious?

    His dad was an assistant coach at Navy. He was Parcel’s Defensive Coordinator and coached LT in NY. He openly cheated on his wife and didn’t care.

    You really think he was bothered by the move to Baltimore?

  5. Game passed Romeo by. You can see it in KC. Virtually the same players he had, bring in an attacking scheme that fits the talents of the players instead of being married to a specific scheme and being inflexible. Complete 180.

    Good luck Texans.

  6. savocabol1 says:
    Jan 3, 2014 2:16 PM
    Name one guy under Belichick that has had continued success as a head coach?

    Bill O’Brien – 15-9

  7. Why do people keep comparing O’Brien to others who came out of the Belichick tree? He was in New England for only 2 years. He didn’t get his start there like most of the others. He was coaching for years before he ever got there. Plus, Brady had his best year with O’Brien as offensive coordinator.

  8. Funny that the outside world thinks Wade is good. Texans had the least turnovers forced in NFL history, the worst red zone defense in the league, and the most penalty yards on defense. As a Texans die hard, please replace Wade ASAP!

  9. I really like Rac as a DC. He’s one of the better DCs as he’s able to relay game plans and schemes to all sorts of players in a way they’re able to digest it. Many players under him credit him as being one of the best coordinators they’ve ever played under.

    I really wish Belichick would rehire him…even as just a defensive consultant. The Pats’ defense has been hot garbage for far too long and the players don’t seem to be taking the coaching regardless of the effort of both players AND coaches in place in NE. I think Crennel would be a fantastic addition.

    It would be a smart hire if O’Brien taps him for that role in Houston.

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