Saints spreading the ball around at record levels

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Part of the problem when trying to draw up a defensive game plan against the Saints is that it’s impossible to focus on one receiver.

And quarterback Drew Brees was able to create that confusion at a level no other team has.

According to Mike Triplett of, the Saints became the first team in NFL history with four players with at least 70 receptions.

Spread the wealth,” Brees said when informed of the mark.

Tight end Jimmy Graham led the way with 86, followed by running back Pierre Thomas with  77, wide receiver Marques Colston with 75 and running back Darren Sproles with 71.

The Saints are throwing it to their backs more this year, but their ability to hit you from multiple angles will make it difficult for the Eagles to stop, and will make them happy for whatever weather can help them.

17 responses to “Saints spreading the ball around at record levels

  1. Saints spreading the ball? Everyone knows that but did you know you that you can save 15% on your car insurance.

  2. The NFC West certainly has little difficulty spreading the Old Orleans Aints’ buttcheeks and going in with no lube.

  3. Wow….that’s impressive in one sense….and completely sad in that two of those 70+ are RBs?? Damn that’s a lot of dump offs.

  4. When you throw the ball 650 times, you get funny, funny stat lines like that. Here’s another one: nobody on the team made 20% of the team’s receptions.

    That’s not something too many teams with winning records can say!

  5. Sproles and Thomas are two of the best screen backs in the NFL. When did a screen become a dump-off?

    Colston and Moore missed several games this season. Drew had 3 TD passes to receivers over 40 yards and one to a WR over 75 yards last week. He also ran one in.

    You don’t have a 5,000 yard passing season with dump offs.

  6. Look it’s impressive as I said earlier, I mean he broke a pretty cool record….and I get that Brees’ numbers can be inflated with the amount of passes he throw’s/year. But two of those 4 are RBs….that’s all I’m pointing out. Sproles is arguably the best pass catching RB out there, so it’s foolish not to throw him the ball.

    Relax people…..No one is saying Brees isn’t a good quarterback…….when playing inside a dome…oops.

  7. NFL passing attempts leader:

    2007 – Brees
    2008 – Brees
    2009 – Schaub (didn’t see that one), Brees 10th
    2010 – Manning (Brees 2nd)
    2011 – Stafford (Brees 2nd)
    2012 – Stafford (Brees 2nd)
    2013 – Manning (Brees 2nd)

    When playing in a dome for a minimal of 9 games/year…..and chucking it up at a record pace, it’s easy to see where the big numbers come from….

  8. Drew Brees’ passing stats in outdoors playoff games since the SB win:

    2010 – at Seattle:

    39 CMP 60 ATT 404 YDS 65 CMP% 6.73 AVG 40 LNG 2 TD 0 INT 75.4 QBR 95.4 RAT

    2011 – at San Fran:

    40 CMP 63 ATT 462 YDS 63.5 CMP% 7.33 AVG 66 LNG 4TD 2 INT 69.0 QBR 93.5 RAT

  9. For all of the people bashing the saints for there road problems, 3 of those losses were to the panthers, patriots and Seahawks, two are number 2 seeds, and one is a number one, 2 of those losses came in the last 30 seconds of the game, so do everyone a favor and shut up. They lost to a couple good football teams, who quite frankly everyone had a problem beating. the eagles weren’t that great at home but no one seems to mention that, we will see tomorrow go saints

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