Some Dolphins players want Sherman out

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As Dolphins owner Stephen Ross continues to contemplate potential changes to his team, there’s one change that some players wholeheartedly would support.

Per a league source, some Dolphins players want the team to get rid of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman — and they’re apparently making their feelings known.

While it’s unclear whether one of the folks complaining internally about Sherman is quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played for Sherman at Texas A&M, Tannehill provided a less-than-enthusiastic assessment of the team’s progression-based offense to Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

Sherman reportedly is in the gravest danger of being fired.  G.M. Jeff Ireland also could be gone.

42 responses to “Some Dolphins players want Sherman out

  1. It’s not really Sherman’s fault that Tannehill wildly overthrew Mike Wallace all the time. It’s not Sherman’s fault Wallace knows one route, run straight. It’s not Sherman’s fault that Lamr Miller and Daniel Thomas are 2nd tier RBs and it’s not Sherman’s fault the Dolphins O-Line looks like the chicago Bears O-Line of years pass. This team just choked and thats more on the players ie Tannehill than it is on Sherman. Tannehill isn’t that good tbh.

  2. Let me guess. Tops on that list of players is Mike Wallace. No one seemed more unhappy with the offense this past season than Wallace. Gotta think he wants to see Sherman replaced with someone who will call plays that will get him the ball more.

  3. Some players? Sure.

    All fans? Yeah. Definitely that.

    And while we’re at it, there’s Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin, Jim Turner, Dawn Aponte…

    …and lest we forget the entire pro and college scouting team.

  4. Interesting report from South Florida (probably leaked by Ireland) that while Philbin is Head Coach, Sherman really runs the show. Sort of like when George W Bush was President but Dick Cheney ran the show.
    Major concern for all us Dolphin fans – we don’t want another Dick Cheney.

  5. Firing Aponte??? KEEP HER! She’s a financial salary cap wiz!
    Probably will be the first female GM if the league doesn’t hire her first!

    Sherman IS a likeable guy BUT…

    As the OC, the offensive line and the assistant who coaches them fall under his responsibility. Their play was atrocious.
    As the OC, the play calling became so predictable that even the other teams like the Bills could claim they knew snap counts and plays. Even fans knew the difference between “Go!” and “Go! Go!!”
    As the OC, he has a say in talent evaluations, and like many HUrricane fanboys, he swallowed the Lamar Miller KoolAid that #26 was gonna run 1500yds this year
    As the OC, Tannehill has developed – but who is responsible for getting your $65 million WR and your QB on the same page for deep threats, defense stretching plays? THe QB coach who again reports to the OC, Sherman.

    Keep Philbin, fire Sherman
    Keep Aponte, fire Ireland

    As for new hires – Chudzinski as an OC, and grab Mangini from the 49ers as GM

  6. I’d start by firing the whole front office. Then I recommend firing all the coaches and players, demolishing the stadium, and turning the Dolphins into an MLS team. That should right the ship.

  7. Sherman is too stubborn and believes the system trumps the talent. The offense often runs plays despite the defense being in an optimal set to stop the play. Sherman sits up in the booth playing Madden and has no feel for the game as it unfolds. Many OCs call plays from the booth but Sherman just seems out of touch as to what is actually happening on the field. Tannehill needs to be given the authority to audible out of doomed plays more often than just during 2-minute drills (where the Dolphins have had much of their offensive success.) Sherman’s inability to adjust to the defensive schemes or tailor plays to his players’ strengths is inexcusable. Tannehill was sacked almost 60 times this year and very little was done about it. There was hardly any effort at all to mitigate the pass rush. It is as if Sherman has his plays he wants to run and completely ignores defensive schemes, player match-ups or even down and distance. The only scheme I saw this year that rivaled Sherman’s stupidity was the stupidity of the Cowboys in a couple of their later games.

  8. It’s simple, if you had any opinion at all in last year’s draft you should be fired. If you had any opinion as to how the offense was designed or executed, you should be fired. Finally if you had anything to do with that horrendous offensive line cough Ireland cough cough, then by God you should be fired. So close and yet so far, life as a Phin’s fan…

  9. Better yet – Hire the Panther OC Mike Shula!!

    He’s done an amazing job with a young QB and what old school or new school fan wouldn’t want a Shula that can coach on the Dolphins sideline? If Philbin fails – what a plan B -> promote Mike Shula! #Donwouldbeaproudpapa

  10. Sherman should absolutely be history. The last two games were lost because the Bills and Jets knew what plays were coming. Do not get me started on tipping the defense on GO for a pass and GO GO for run. You don’t even need to yell RUN or PASS as a defender because the works been done for you. Just pin your ears back and pummel Tannehill when the Dolphins give you the signal. Furthermore, the Dolphins had several 3rd and or 4th and inches and instead of running a QB sneak Sherman calls for a stretch play to be stuffed.You need less than a yard and you call a play to run 5 yards east or west instead of downhill! Best thing that happen to Texas AM and Johnny Football was the departure of Sherman. Phins and Tannehill need the same cleansing.

  11. For the Dion Jordan move alone, Ireland deserves to go. And there have been many, many decisions just as bad.

    But if the only bad decision he ever made was trading up in the draft to take a pass rush specialist that turned out to not actually be able to rush the passer that well when there several top prospects sitting there at a position of great need (left tackle), that would be enough to get fired.

    How Ross got back on that helicopter with Ireland still employed is a mystery.

  12. Some Players and ALL Fans. While it doesn’t all fall on his shoulders Sherman is absolutely terrible as an OC. Need proof, how about the next to last game against Buffalo. The Fins were facing the best pass rush in the NFL which, in the first game destroyed our hodgepodge O Line and how many screens were called? How many draws? How many QB roll outs? How many QB scrambles? I know there were a lot of 5 and 7 step drops and RT got killed, once again. While Ross is at it Ireland needs to go and Turner. But, I have a hunch that Ross will do nothing and next year will be another 8-8 year. It will be another insanity filled season of doing nothing different while expecting something different.

  13. Its funny hearing people bash Sherman. You can have the best offensive scheme ever but if your oline is terrible its going to be terrible. Tannehill played well in his system considering the phins lead the league in sacks.

  14. Dion Jordan was the only thing Ireland has done correct in the 5plus yrs he’s been the GM. The problem is the third pk of the 1st rd should be playing every down and not the 16 plays he did receive a game. And when Jordan did play he played with speed and determination. Jordan put pressure on the QBs, had several sacks. Jordan also ran step for step with some of the best TEs in the NFL, so gripe about the OL, LBers, even Sherman but Jordan did a good job for very little playing time.

  15. Mike Wallace caught screens, slants, hitch n go, & burned people deep. T-Hill under-threw as much as over-threw MW. Nonetheless, our O-Schemes were predictable & we hardly used power run formations like the I-formation to help the O-line, so yes Sherm gots to go.

  16. All of this is all HUMOROUS!!!…Because it occurs every year….same deal different players.

    Other than an owner [ who has no clue]…they are faced w/same major issues yearly.

    First off….they cannot fill the stadium!!!…So they bring in HOT names…to draw season ticket holders. They overpay [ yes, you Wallace]…and annually have the poorest depth [ bottom 25 players] of just about every team in NFL…Dolphins haven’t had depth since Mercury Morris was snorting deep into his burned out nostrils.

    So….the main clowns in their circus….Ross & Ireland…..Now, that said…their D very overrated, and they used a 3RD pick in 1st round on….Jordan?????? Too bad they didn’t need offensive linemen!!!!

  17. Not so long ago, Dolphin diehard fans were emphatic that if the team just got rid of Dan Henning, then Chad Henne would be just fine. Remember that? And how did that work out for you?

  18. I follow the Dolphins as a fan. I would suggest that the issue is Mike Wallace running to fast. Yes, over and over again the ball is short even though T-hill has time to throw. It must be that Mike Wallace is running to fast. Well sometimes the ball is thrown by Tannehill 10-15 yards to far. The bottom line here is that OC Mike Sherman made sure that Tannehill became the starter and also anointed him as a franchise QB that he is not. He is not an accurate passer which was the scouting report on him out of Texas A&M. Mike Sherman runs a very simplistic offense that every Defensive Coordinator has figured out how to game plan against. This includes allowing Tannehill who can not throw deep to throw deep. The Dolphins should now know why Texas A&M fired Mike Sherman.

    Stay on this story Mike it’s a soap opera!


    I’ve actually told people I’d be willing to take WANNSTUPID back over this regime!

  20. There are some idiotic people in here. This team has beaten 4 of the 6 afc playoff teams.

    Talk bad about tannehill all you want, the fact is despite having one of the worst o lines in history, he still was 10th in passing yards and 12th in tds and has beaten luck, Wilson, Brady, Dalton, rivers, and ryan among others. Unlike other young qb’s that he is always compared to he doesn’t have teams like Wilson and kaep and newton to make up for his mistakes. He has to lead his team to wins, just like luck, Wilson and kaep just ride their teams to the playoffs. Get this guy an o line, the run game will get better, which means the pass game will get better.

    One more thing, hartline and Wallace were 70 yards from being only the 3rd pair of wr’s in the league with both players over 1k yards. Only Marshall-Jeffery and Thomas-Decker were the only other ones, talk bad about them all you want, that’s impressive.

    Fix the o line, everything else falls into play. Get rid of Sherman though for sure.

  21. It’s Philbin. The man is a leadership black hole where all energy goes to die.

    Fire Philbin and watch everything in Miami improve.

  22. PFT also said the Lions were gonna make a clean sweep and fire the gm, and president. So I just take these reports with a grain of salt cause who knows what’s true. And the people cutting up Philbin… So you actually think this team is a playoff team? Cause i think the dolphins are lucky to be 8-8 with their talent. They are just an average team. I think he did a good job keeping a team together who lost two starting offensive lineman due to the controversy and with the average talent on their team.

  23. I still can’t get over that sack Tannehill took vs the bills at home and fumbled when we had the lead during the last minute near the centre of the field. For me that said everything about us wether Sherman called it or Tannehill changed it, one of the dumbest calls I have ever seen at that stage of the game.

  24. Sherman’s playing call is horrible. 4 and inches sweeps..and actually the 4th down and 5 call vs NE??? man, Clay made a great play to and made it look like a great call. but that was always..4 and 5 he calls a play behind the line. has he also ever heard of a QB sneak??
    with that said. the players must take accountability too. yea Wallace had his drops, however T-Hill on more than 90% of the deep throws that Wallace clearly had is man beat, the QB couldn’t connect.

    Ireland should have been gone years ago..the songs is played out already..DAMN IT!

  25. one more thing.. Philbin. I’m not sold. he may be a good Asst coach but I don’t see head coaching from where I sit. teams comes out flat off too many times (Buf off a bye; home vs a 3 string QB) and 11 days in between games( TB, 2nd string QB; 3 & 4 RBs) and of course the last 2 games. the Chiefs back ups played harder vs SD. The Jets had wayyyyy more energy. the team is a reflection of it’s head coach and this guy is just blahhhhhhhhhh. and that’s how they play

  26. Sherman is not an offensive genius – we will leave it at that. Like lots of coaches, Sherman has developed this master system that they believe in and try to force feed to their players. The problem is that players have strengths and weaknesses too. Any system has to be modified to the talent’s strengths and weaknesses. The stats always prove that you just run some plays better than others. Run the plays that your offenses executes well and has had some success with.

    Tannehill can’t throw the long ball with any accuracy so design routes that are within the radius of his accurate throws but cover more ground so that Wallace can out run the defender. Run a deep post rather than a fly! Miller is too small to pop a hole on his own. Let a tight end go in motion and block at the point of attack to clear out the hole. It is 4th and a foot! Use the QB sneak – good sized runner behind an all pro center – it only makes sense.

    Sherman’s role in the Bully Gate fiasco is enough to seal the deal. Even if Philbin tells a bully to “toughen up” a mentally ill player, you have got to speak with your O-line coach and come up with a plan that removes Martin from abuse, gets him help and allows the offense to improve. Maybe, Sherman should have spoken with Martin and developed a rapport that would have allowed Martin to speak freely. Martin might have ended up on IR but the team would have progressed and Martin would have gotten the care he needed.

    Last the numbers show that our offense provided enough giveaways to our opposition that in cancelled out all of the takeaways our defense was generating (-2). 26 giveaways at 3 points per incident would be 78 points. How many games did we loose in the fourth quarter by a touchdown or less? COME-ON MAN!


  27. last year, his rookie year, tannehill was top 5 among qb’s in accuracy of deep balls thrown more that 20 yards, with players like manning and brees, with no deep threats at wr, really no wr’s at all outside of hartline who is at best a solid #2. why does’nt anyone understand that its pretty hard to throw a deep ball on target, let alone throw a deep ball on target while you have 2 to 3 defenders in your face because of a terrible o line. so many of tannehill throws were dead on and some of them were flat out amazing, but people now a days only take a few examples and go off of that. i have been watching football, playing football and coaching football for over 20 years, this kid has the talent to be a top 5 qb in this league. get him some time to throw the ball, get him an oline for a decent running game, this kid is the future of the dolphins.

    most of you fail to understand that he has only played qb on a high level for a few years, most of the other qb’s in his class played college football for more than 19 games as a starter and even a few years in the league by now. i would say he is far beyond where he should be. get this kid an oline, if he does not show up then, then i’m wrong, but i have a feeling i wont be.

    philbin earned the chance for another year, sherman needs to go, ireland i would like to see go but as many bad decisions he has made, he has some really good one’s as well. this team is only a few players away from being a consistant sb contending team. a healthy defense, a good oline, this team could be really good for a long time.

  28. I feel bad for Philbin, but I’m afraid Ross will be cleaning house, bringing a new GM and so forth under him.

    Nick Caserio (NE Director of Player Personnel) has a impressive resume. Ross should at least
    check what’s the deal with this guy.

  29. We need tackles and guards, nothing else on offense. Tannehill was the most sacked qb in the nfl and he still threw for 60%. CLAYMATTHEWSHAIRPLUGS shutup you clearly did not watch 1 Dolphin game this year, dumbass called for a tightend screen on 4th down. Thank god Charles Clay is hella good and the play worked but this is a team who’s racist/redneck/hick/ all the bad things about america LG send texts to our teddy bear LT and practice squad RG . Ireland and Sherman need to go ……… and I want De la salle’s finest MJD on Miami next year..please

  30. When I first read this headline, I immediately thought of 52 players that probably felt this way. B. Fields however is going to the Pro Bowl with the help of our unimaginative O.C.

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