Stephen Ross’ visit to Miami yields no immediate moves for Dolphins


If the Dolphins were playing this weekend, they would have held practice at their Davie, Florida facility on Thursday.

There’s no playoff game in their future, though, and the field was used as a landing pad for owner Stephen Ross’ helicopter instead. Ross arrived in town for what Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald called a “fact-finding mission” and left Thursday evening via the same chopper.

There were no announcements of changes to the Dolphins coaching staff or front office and, according to Beasley, Ross did not fire anyone during the meetings. Speculation about the likeliest changes in Miami has centered on General Manager Jeff Ireland and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman with coach Joe Philbin thought to be safe.

Per Beasley, Philbin’s contract gives him final say in all coaching decisions. That could make firing Sherman more of a fight than it would under other circumstances and could shift focus for the team’s failings to the personnel, although everything remains speculative until something definitive comes out of Dolphins camp.

24 responses to “Stephen Ross’ visit to Miami yields no immediate moves for Dolphins

  1. Fire them all. Philbin is the worst. How do you lose to the Jets at home in a win and you’re in scenario?

  2. You have to fire Sherman. The problem is finding another OC with play calling experience, since Philbin hasn’t done that outside of a few preseason games in Green Bay. Their offense was eerily similar to what Sherman was trying to pull off in Green Bay in the early 2000’s, only Tannehill & Miller ain’t no Favre & Ahman Green. Fix the offensive line, and actually try to establish the run beyond the 1st quarter and they might have something.

  3. Ireland spends $100 million dollars and has nothing to show for it. He is in the wrong business, he should have been a politician. So frustrated as a Dolphin fan………..

  4. Okay; it is reality time for Dolfans! Ross isn’t making any changes at the upper level of the organization. Here is why:
    1. Ireland has been there for six years doing exactly what Mr. Ross has told him to do. Ireland cuts from the top of the depth chart to pay for new personnel and keeps the cheap scrubs as backup players. That is why we hired two players from other teams taxi squads and passed over players we have kept on our own roster foryears.
    2. Philbin has a clause in his contract that allows him to hire and fire from his coaching staff without regard for the owner’s wishes.
    3. We need 4 offensive line man

  5. 3. We need 4 offensive lineman, 1 running back, 1 linebacker and the resigning of at least 3 defensive free agents. Finding a new GM would make this impossible.
    Look for Ross to string thiswhole mess out till after Super Bowl so that it can die a lonesome death hidden behind the Bully Gate Report.

  6. Well if the Offensive Coordinator is not doing the job and it’s obvious that he is not. Then Ross should fire the coach who was given final say on all coaching decisions.

  7. I know we need a new OC. Go get Mike Shula from the Panthers. Let him develop Tannehill like he did Cam Newton. Get a new GM that can hit at the front of the draft not just the backend. If the O-line isn’t improved, Tannehill can’t improve. You can’t evaluate a quarterback who gets sacked 58 times in a season…other than to evaluate his toughness. Assume Incognito is gone and make sure Martin is gone. Let’s get moving before everyone worth having gets sucked up!

  8. Jeff Ireland can’t draft and has offended a lot of people in the NFL. Fire him.

    Dawn Aponte over-pays everyone. Fire her.

    Fire the hell out of all of Ireland’s pro/college scouting team.

    Fire Jim Turner. His O-line sucks. 58 sacks?

    OC Mike Sherman can’t call plays and never adjusted “GO-GO”, even though fans have been screaming about it since Week 4. Fire him.

    The defense took steps back this year, and plays out of scheme. Should be in a 3/4 and not 4/3. Fire DC Kevin Coyle for destroying what Mike Nolan built.

    Joe Philbin is responsible for his coaching staff. Fire him.

    Why is this so difficult for Ross?

  9. The reason Philbin is not going anywhere because he wasn’t pick by Ireland rather by Ross. As much criticism that Ireland takes, I believe it’s to soon to evaluate his drafts and I do know he brought two guys in that save our season from being 5-11 McKinney and Thomas (who won the pats game for us). Philbin and his staff has to go and let Ireland pick the staff!

  10. I just hope the team makes a lot of positive changes. They are close to being a very worthy competitor and they can take things to the next level or fold away. I hope they make some smart choices.

  11. To be honest with you, he needs to make one hire. Someone to oversee both Ireland and Philbin. Ross does not know football well enough, that is why he keeps leaning on “Advisors”. If he had a Head of Football Operations or whatever title, he would have that. Then Ross has two people, one that runs Football and one that oversees the stadium, etc.

    Some have mentioned Marino or Taylor and they sound great, but I think you need to have someone Ross trusts. I would bring in Peterson, who probably doesn’t want to do it long term, and bring on his understudy to take over. Whether that is Marino, Taylor, Mangini, etc.

  12. Many other teams/owners in the NFL realize that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In other words many teams whose seasons are over have begun the offseason by making changes and getting rid of the deadwood, GM’s, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches etc. What has Ross done? Nothing. What will Ross do? Probably nothing. So, next year probably another 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 season.

  13. I’m not on the Ireland bandwagon by any means but the Dolphins not making the playoffs this season is because of coaching. The coaching staff NEVER made adjustments during a game. They would go WEEKS without making any! There is enough talent on that team to make it a playoff caliber one but the coaches did not come threw. People are yelling for Sherman to be gone and I agree he should be but what happened to the offensive guru we got as a head coach in Philbin? Why didn’t Philbin take over the play calling?

  14. The reasons we didn’t make playoffs.

    1. Rashad Jones was always a step late, took bad angles and made 1 game changing play at the strong safety position the entire season.
    2. Cris Clemmons has never done anything memorable in his entire career. He’s an average safety but not a playmaker.
    3. Demetrius Patterson is a stud but was injured.
    4. Ellerbe and Wheeler are not physical enough against the run. They wait for the play to come to them instead of attacking the line. PLAY WITH ATTITUDE!
    5. Miller and Thomas are average at best RB’s. They are finesse runners. We need a 5′ 11″230 lb running back that hits the hole/or no hole with vengeance. Someone has to pick up 3rd and 2, 3rd and 1, 4th and 1… 90% of the time.
    6. Gibson and Keller Injured.
    7. O-Line collectively below average. Could not block above average defensive lines to run or pass block.
    8. Tannehill not improvising with his legs when pocket collapsing.
    9. Inconsistent field goal kicking. I cringe on every kick.
    9. Sherman: zero offensive creativity. Predictable. Go..GoGo… in a league where the slightest advantage can be the difference between winning and losing why would you employee a snap count that tells the defense what your doing? You might as well yell… Run…..or…Pass.

  15. #33 Daniel Thomas is underrated, #26 Lamar Miller is also underrated #17 Ryan Tannehill the most sacked QB in the NFL and still were in the hunt! Hes underrated, the game of football is won on the O and D line we dont need anymore skill players. Antidote for sucking: Trade what you can to get Jadaveon Clowney hes gonna be good, and use the rest of the draft and money on Oline

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