Titans say no final decisions have been made on Munchak’s future

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Titans coach Mike Munchak hasn’t been fired. But he hasn’t been assured another season as head coach, either.

The Titans released a statement on Friday night saying that team President and CEO Tommy Smith and General Manager Ruston Webster spent the day meeting with Munchak and ended the meeting without making a determination about Munchak’s status.

“I said all along that we would review every aspect of the football operations at the conclusion of the season – in early January,” Smith said. “Today I sat down with Ruston and Mike and we discussed every coach and player on the roster. We had good discussions, but no final decisions were made.”

Webster issued a similar statement.

“The three of us met all day today in Houston. We had a good conversation in regards to the team and moving forward. Nothing final has been decided at this point, but we hope to have a decision soon,” Webster said.

The fact that Munchak emerged from the meeting without losing his job is a good sign for his ability to keep his job going forward. But Munchak will likely need to make some changes (including a shakeup of his coaching staff) before the Titans are prepared to make it official that Munchak is their coach for 2014.

18 responses to “Titans say no final decisions have been made on Munchak’s future

  1. Please Titans, stop putting on a big production. We all know you’re going to keep him, just say it and let the commitment to mediocrity continue. I swear, we always do things 1-2 years AFTER they should be done, it’s so frustrating liking this team.

  2. This is perfectly indicative of how inept our front office is here in Tennessee. Of course they’re going to bring Munchak back. They lack the ability to think outside of the box until about three years after a decision should have been made.

    Munchak failed at picking an offensive coordinator (Chris Palmer), defensive coordinator (Jerry Gray), and admitted that he never networked. So of course he isn’t going to bring in quality coaching. In fact, he’s stuffed the coaching staff with his buddies who have brought nothing to the table (Matthews and Parlaveccio).

    Munch is 3-20 against teams with winning records. He’s 6-12 against AFC South opponents, the worst division in football. He would not even be hired to be another team’s offensive or defensive coordinator because he’s underqualified.

    And the Titans are bringing him back. Good luck selling status quo to the fans. Good luck getting a proper coaching staff and free agents with a lame duck head coach.

  3. It definitely is. Teams like Carolina or Indianapolis had to get bad, really bad, before they could get better and now they’re in the playoffs. Meanwhile we’re stuck. In the last 5 seasons, we’ve had 6-9 wins and only 1 of those 5 seasons resulted in 9 wins. That’s pretty much as mediocre as it gets. I know people are split on Locker. He’s only started 2 seasons, he couldn’t finish either of them, so that’s a big concern. He started off this year well but when he came back from injury didn’t look good at all, so now you have to add inconsistent to the words to describe him. In all likelihood we’ll need a QB and new coach next year but why waste a season? Why not do it now especially if a QB should slip to us? Sad thing is, if we get to 8-8 and make it a 6th straight year of mediocrity, I’d be scared our front office would keep Munchak.

  4. This is a clown show that fans in Nashville are trapped into having to continue to watch due to PSL’s. Yipeeeee!

  5. Make a statement basically saying: if we don’t make the playoffs next year, regardless of why, he will be fired. the fans then know the deal, as does the coach. these guys get paid way too much money to not perform almost constantly. The only two coaches in this ENTIRE league who have earned the right to have a few down years without getting axed are Bellichick and Coughlin….that’s it. The first hasn’t won for a while, but his team is always in the mix; the second has a team that isn’t in the mix all the time, but whenever it is, it usually wins it all.

  6. Try being a Raider fan with 11 losing seasons! New owner, GM and Dennis Allen who is worse then Munchak! DA just picked up Trent Edwards of all ABs and 70 mil. in cap space? Who has it worse then the rayduhs? NOBODY!

  7. I’m pretty tired of the “he’s been with the Titans for three decades!” quips. Making a case for one’s laurels and not one’s performance is a horrible case. If anything, the franchise rewarded someone with almost no coaching pedigree a chance to lead their franchise. The Titans have more than rewarded Munchak. Can we move past that and talk about his actual performance?

  8. Reports say he is 80% safe. But that old Penn State “pull” in now in his mind. Less pressure, more control, be a hero.Mikey, you da man forPSU.

  9. ‘New’ owners, more or less. The Adams kiddos don’t have enough standing to hire or fire coaches or Front Office staff. We don’t even know if they are going to be as tightfisted as Bud, or even worse.

    I’m guessing there’s just not the excitement level for Football with the Adams kiddos as had old Bud (RIP).

    We’ll see soon enough if they plan to spend any money, or operate with a ‘who cares?’ attitude.

    Perhaps the Titans will be sold to a solid Football-loving group; not operated as a tax write off waste byproduct? We’ll see.

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