Wes Welker: I think we’ve taken enough time

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Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has received full clearance to return from the concussion that kept him out of the final three regular season games of the year and is working out with the Broncos this week as they wait to find out who they’ll play in their playoff opener.

Welker spoke to the media on Thursday for the first time in a while and called his concussion a “tricky injury” because he wasn’t 100 percent even when he’d have periods feeling fine in recent weeks. Welker also addressed anyone who might question the decision to return to the lineup this season after suffering a pair of concussions in short order during the regular season.

“Of course, you’re always concerned any time you get a concussion,” Welker said, via the Denver Post. “Really, I feel good. I think we’ve taken a lot more action than what we would have in the past with this whole ordeal. I think we’ve taken enough time. It will be five weeks from the day I had any contact at all. I feel good. I feel fine. I’m ready to go.”

The Broncos and Welker have taken their time regarding his return from the most recent concussion, which is the responsible thing to do. Doing that isn’t going to fully protect a player of Welker’s role and size from suffering a third concussion in a short period of time, although the potential for injury isn’t likely to be in the forefront of his mind with playoff games to win.

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  1. There gonna need him if the game gets tight in the 4th or if it does. There 3rd down percentage dropped big time when he was gone. I think in recent weeks especially when the Broncos played a “tired” game that Thursday against the Chargers. Having Wes out there would have made a difference with some of those possessions that ended up in punts. If there something I know about that guy he’s on “10” all day long, even on a short week.

  2. CLUTCH????????? I guess you failed to see the 3rd and 4 drop in the AFC championship game last year that turned all the momentum…….or I am pretty sure that you saw the drop in the Super Bowl, yeah a little high but any reciever will tell you if you get your hands on the ball you should catch it. Welker led the league in third down drops last year. Love the guy but clutch definitely he is not

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