Bucs announce Jeff Tedford as offensive coordinator


The Buccaneers are moving quickly to line up a staff.

Of course, head coach Lovie Smith had part of it in pocket when he interviewed, which makes it easier.

The Buccaneers officially announced the hiring of Jeff Tedford as offensive coordinator this morning.

“We are very fortunate to have Jeff as our offensive coordinator,” Smith said in a statement. “I have a great deal of respect for the job Jeff did at Cal for more than a decade and I believe he will be a great fit for what we are attempting to do in Tampa. Jeff has a successful and proven track record as a teacher and developer of young talent and I know our players, and the organization as a whole, will benefit from his experience.”

Tedford gets a lot of credit for developing Aaron Rodgers at Cal, but he’s also worked with numerous styles of quarterbacks, having success at the college level with guys as diverse as Trent Dilfer and Akili Smith.

The Bucs are also expected to add former Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier as defensive coordinator, giving Smith a solid beginning to his new job.

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  1. Wasn’t one of the reasons Aaron Rodgers fell to 24 in the draft specifically because NFL scouts had concern about him being a Telford trained QB?

    Mike McCarthy basically has Aaron go back to a “fundamentals school” every summer because of it?

    Watch Aaron play in the NFL and compare it to his play at Cal – seem rather different to me.

  2. Why did we get a crappy college coach?

    The five quarterbacks currently in the NFL who were tutored by Jeff Tedford haven’t enjoyed very much success. Of the five, none have thrown more TDs than INTs and the highest career passer rating is 72.5:

    • Trent Dilfer (No. 6 overall pick in 1994 draft by Tampa Bay)
    113 games (96 starts)
    1,447-2,620 for 17,031 yds.
    95 TDs, 105 INTs
    70.6 QB rating

    • Akili Smith (No. 3 overall pick in 1999 draft by Cincinnati)
    22 games (17 starts)
    215-461 for 2,212 yds.
    5 TDs, 13 INTs
    52.8 QB rating

    • David Carr (No. 1 overall pick in 2002 draft by Houston)
    44 games (43 starts)
    685-1,205 for 8,136 yds.
    34 TDs, 42 INTs
    72.5 QB rating

    • Joey Harrington (No. 3 overall pick in 2002 draft by Detroit)
    46 games (44 starts)
    798-1,472 for 8,221 yds.
    48 TDs, 50 INTs
    67.2 QB rating

    • Kyle Boller (No. 19 overall pick in 2003 draft by Baltimore)
    27 games (25 starts)
    374-688 for 3,819 yds.
    20 TDs, 20 INTs
    68.1 QB rating

  3. This article is stunning to me in it’s revisionist history.

    The way I remember it is that Tedford influenced QBs were avoided like the plague because of their noted inability to adapt to the pro game. As Teal pointed out, it was quoted as the main reason Rodgers fell in the draft- people were skeptical of his ability to transition to the NFL game.

    Plus, when in the world did Jeff Tedford coach Trent Dilfer and Akili Smith? Neither of these QBs attended Cal. Other than on his Wikipedia page, I can find no reference other than recent articles about his hiring that reference him working with either player.

  4. .
    “he gets a lot of credit for developing Aaron Rogers ”

    Rogers was so NFL ready, he had to spend three years on the bench.


  5. Aere we really comparing Tedford’s QB in the pros and how they did in college? Hello? They did well when he coached them and not when he didn’t.

  6. Queue the usual idiots who will complain about how Tedford QBs haven’t had success in the NFL (except for Rodgers). Well, guess what, morons? Once they got to the NFL, Tedford wasn’t coaching them anymore. It wasn’t Tedford’s job to prepare QBs to be good in the NFL, his job was to have them be good QBs for him and for his team while they were in college, and he did a fine job of that.
    If you want to criticize him for something, criticize how his last few years at Cal were awful and he wasn’t able to find or develop a decent QB after Rodgers, but the whole “Akili Smith was a bust with the Bengals, so that’s Tedford’s fault” stuff is asinine.

  7. “Plus, when in the world did Jeff Tedford coach Trent Dilfer and Akili Smith? Neither of these QBs attended Cal. Other than on his Wikipedia page, I can find no reference other than recent articles about his hiring that reference him working with either player.”

    Tedford was Dilfer’s QB coach and offensive coordinator at Fresno State.

    Tedford was Akili’s offensive coordinator at Oregon.

    As for David Carr, he only threw the ball 11 times in a game before Tedford bolted to Oregon, so I don’t know how influential he was on Carr.

  8. Such a Lovie move. Hire a dinosaur as OC so he can blame him and fire after a year. Tice will be announced as Oline coach if they can lure him away from the race track.

  9. How long until Tedford has to fall on the sword so Lovie can keep his job?

    Lovie’s “get off of the bus running” mentality in a passing league is why the Bears only had one Super Bowl appearance in his nine years there.

  10. I’m not sure how it’s Tedford’s fault that most of his QBs bombed out. If anything he should be praised for taking scrappy QBs and fooling the NFL into thinking they were good.

    With that said, they guy has no playcalling experience in the NFL and also has been away from the NFL for well over a decade now. That’s what has me concerned, not the track record of his QBs.

  11. How many Super Bowls would the 49ers have now had they drafted Aaron Rodgers at #1 instead of Alex Smith????

  12. 2 different Jeff Tedford QBs have won Super Bowls — one in the 2000 season, one in the 2010 season.

    I don’t know how many colleges coaches could say that.

    (Yeah, yeah, Trent Dilfer sucks, but he still won a Super Bowl — and he’s still relevant.)

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