Cousins thinks RG3 will have input on coaching decision


Anyone wanting to be the next head coach in Washington may have to get a stamp of approval from Robert Griffin III.

That’s the word from backup quarterback Kirk Cousins, who said after Mike Shanahan was fired that Griffin and owner Dan Snyder will have input in determining who the next head coach will be.

“I’m sure Mr. Snyder and Robert and those people will have a lot of input as to who the hire is,” Cousins said, via Adam Schefter of ESPN.

It should go without saying that Snyder will have a lot of input into the next head coach, but Griffin’s involvement in the interview process may lend credence to the idea Griffin has too much power within the organization. When reports surfaced in December that Shanahan had been so unhappy at the end of the 2012 season that he considered resigning, those reports said Shanahan was particularly concerned about Griffin’s relationship with Snyder.

On the other hand, Washington invested three first-round draft picks in making Griffin the franchise quarterback, so it makes sense for Snyder to want to be sure Griffin can work with his new coach. The Lions reportedly had Jim Caldwell meet with Matthew Stafford during Caldwell’s interview in Detroit on Friday, so Washington isn’t the only place where the franchise quarterback may be getting involved in the process of hiring a new coach. Washington is just the only place where the franchise quarterback is involved in hiring the coach weeks after stories surfaced that the last coach thought the franchise quarterback had too much pull with the owner.

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  1. Well I would think that would be the case. Otherwise there’s going to be a problem with RG3 in one way or another whether he is unhappy or still not getting the help he needs. They have to get the right person for RG3 absolutely, or they have to trade RG3.

  2. Lions and Redskins are obviously the model franchises of success, so it is only fitting that they would ask QB’s who don’t have an ounce of an idea on what to look for in a SUCCESSFUL head coach.

  3. If this is true, it’s a huge mistake. Robert needs to worry about playing better football, and that requires listening to your coach not owning him.

  4. He’s a player. He shouldn’t have any say in personnel decisions. In the words of Belichick after trading Randy Moss. “Tom’s a player. Tom doesn’t make personnel decisions. I make personnel decisions.” If Bruce Allen wants to hire a coach whose scheme maximizes rg3’s ability go for it. RG3 is a player and should not have say. (I know this just what Cousins is saying but still.)

  5. RG3 has said his favorite QB growing up was John Elway…..Who won two Super Bowls playing for Mike Shanahan, after getting Dan Reeves fired……Now RG3 apparently helped get Shanahan fired, and we’ll see who he gets to be the next coach in Washington….It would be awesome if it was Dan Reeves (yeah yeah I know, but still, it wold make a compelling soap opera)

  6. This is really unfortunate. Griffin – I hate calling him RG3 – is too young and inexperienced to know what he needs in a coach. Let alone qualified to make that call in any way.

    The idea that he has any input at all in who takes over really does validate that Shanahan was largely correct about the dysfunction in the Redskins owner/QB relationship and that it was affecting the team in an unhealthy manner. Griffin needs to be put in his place. He’s a rich man, and a potential franchise QB — but right now he’s also an unsuccessful NFL QB and he will not ever reach his potential without becoming a student and humbling himself by submitting to coaching.

  7. That just goes to show how backwards the organization is.

    I can’t imagine Jack Kent Cooke going to Joe Theismann for advice on hiring Joe Gibbs or any other coach.

    Snyder is a joke.

  8. Peyton Manning claimed he never influenced the selection of his head coach. If Peyton Manning does not have input than Griffin should not get any either. Sally Jenkins said that Griffin does not listen to coaches anyway. It only makes sense that the person they hire should do a good job coaching Griffin. Griffin does not have to be pals with him.

  9. This is very common and I’m guessing you guys have no meaningful news to report. By the way Cousins said this over a week ago way to be on top of current news.

  10. Perhaps the right person for the job of teaching RG3 is not available for interview yet. One who could command his respect and convince him to correct his fundamentals. Also the respect of the entire team, and infuse a strong work/preparation ethic in the team.

    Let me be the first to suggest Peyton Manning.

  11. Figures. Give RGKnee a bigger head than he already needs. He’s one good hit from carrying a clipboard for the rest of his career. Two names for Snyder to remember. Randall Cunningham & Donavan McNabb. We all know how that worked out….

  12. Trade RG3? The Redskins basically gave up 3 1st round picks (one was swapping the 6th pick for the 2nd pick) and 1 2nd round pick to get him. I would think his highest trade value right now would be 1 2nd round pick, and I think I’m being optimistic there. After what Snyder paid, there is no way he’s going to give him up for that. RG3 is not going to be traded.

  13. I really liked RG3 leading up to the draft but he’s starting to fall into the diva status. He needs to worry about himself and his team. Stop with the passive-aggessive interviews and focus on getting healthy/improving. If I were him I’d want no part in this decision.

  14. Just because Cousins thinks RG3 will have input doesn’t mean much too me. That could mean anything from an equal seat in the process to as little as the FO asking him what he would like in a coach. It could mean a lot or just a very little.

    Besides is Cousins really in a position to know? I’m not sure he is doing anything but guessing. . .

  15. seriously? this team has so many problems outside of rg3. he should fall in line with 52 other players on the field taking direction from the teams coach not discussing what he and coach think. everything with this once feared franchise now revolves around this kid and its ashame because frankly he hasn’t really even proven he’ll be successful. let alone the TEAM. Hire a damn coach not a pawn.

  16. Cousins looks like a baller. But no first round draft picks with a 3-13 record and RG3 lookin all sorts of fragile, this team is destined to remain in the cellar. Bow down to the NFC EAST CHAMPS!!!

  17. If true, it’s another example of complete dysfunction in the Redskins.

    RG3 is the guy who hasn’t transitioned into being an NFL QB of any kind to date, much less a franchise guy… unable to avoid contact / keep himself healthy so he’s actually playing, unable to keep his mouth shut about internal politics, unable to realize the true situation during the season (remember that ‘our record doesn’t reflect how good we are’ junk), and most importantly, unable to win games.

    Get ready for extreme disappointment Skins fans if ownership thinks that RG3 has to be happy with who the coach is, because he never will be.

  18. We love the idea of RGIII involved in the decision on who the coach will be. We hope he is in the draft room too. Signed, Eagles fans everywhere

  19. Griffn won’t be happy anyway, unless he is the GM, qb, oc and water boy. Then he’ll still blame Snyder. Just give him the team now and put an end to it. The only other solution is for him to grow up and that’s looking like its further away every day.

  20. The coach the quarterback likes isn’t necessarily the coach that will make the quarterback successful. Sometimes, just the opposite.

  21. What a mistake that would be. Allowing the QB to be the GM. LOL

    If you are a Redskins fan, and think last year was a painful thing to watch… Wait until the QB picks your next coach. Things will be done RGIIIs way. Oh, and good luck finding a coach that isn’t only in it for the money.

    I’ll sign a 5 year deal for 6 million per year and get fired after one season. I’ll sit home and wait for the checks to come to pay off my contract and life will be fine.

  22. Its starting to sound like the NBA with its star players and I don’t consider RGIII to be a star player. RGIII and the owner shouldnt have any say in the decision, it should be the GM.

    What worthy NFL coach would want to be part of that

  23. Any coaching hiring decision influenced by a player with direct input (no matter who that player is) is destined to be a colossal failure. The coach will have limited authority and other players will resent that player. The “golden boy”/”teacher’s pet” type of mentality is a virtual certainty and morale will decline rapidly. There is no way it can work–ever. It happens in basketball all the time (because they let the inmates run the asylum) and it has never worked out. In each case the team divided into sects and imploded. There is no doubt that will be the case here as well.

  24. News Flash Dan Snyder to rename Redskins….

    The Washington RG3s.

    How can any player feel comfortable saying anything around this unproven kid

  25. I’m waiting for the announcement to tell us how much of a percentage Snyder has given Griffin in ownership of the Redskins.

  26. Liking the coach and the coach making RG3 successful are 2 different things. They need BOTH.

    RG3 isn’t going to know who will be the best person for the job, but he knows who he hits it off with. So the team needs to qualify one item while RG3 qualifies the other.

    All this other talk about not liking it that way is not relevant because this team already decided to be all about RG3, until they don’t. So as long as Snyder still wants things to be this way with RG3 having a lot of power and presence, then this is the way you have to follow up with that. Cousins is clearly not happy, this sounds great to Snyder and RG3 but Kirk prefers if things were more traditional or team-0riented rather than having so much focus on just one player. He probably feels like he’s not getting a fair shot to do what he wants to do. Kirk needs to get past those feelings or hope that he can get traded to a new team. His comments are softly suggesting that maybe they should trade him, or trade RG3. Kirk wants somebody traded!

  27. I hope Caldwell signs w/Lions in gets him out of Baltimore, if they sign him after the record breaking season we had on off., sorry wrong year, maybe Lions can bring back Matt Millen an he an Caldwell can get the team moved to LA…after they go 0-16 for 5 years, than bring in Shanahan and Cousins that Lions give up 2 #1’s an Calvin Johnson an all the pizza they can eat….

  28. This makes total sense.
    I presume that Snyder will interview only candidates that he alone feels are best for the job.
    He merely wants to make sure his new coach and his young “field general” can get along.

    One thing that makes BB a great coach. BB said that a coach needs to coach different people with the different methods that they will respond to best.
    I mean, not all of us would respond optimally to coach Cowar grabbing our mask and spitting in our faces. If coach and Qb clash, all is lost. Look at the Bucs. The coach was a jerk, but getting a new Qb in there that could deal with him, they started to get some wins.
    Wash already has alot invested in a kid with potential. It makes sense to choose a coach that griffin will respond to positively.

  29. for skins fans, i would wish that both the owner and the qb that hasnt done anything yet, leave…

  30. This is about Kirk Cousins and his angst at not being the starter. I must admit his 0-3 audition was way more impressive than RGIII taking the team to the play offs last season. Kirk’s displeasure seems to validate RGIII’s distrust of Shanahan. Kirk needs to save his gripe energy for his future team.

  31. Well that tells you everything you need to know about those 2 front offices. It’s why the Redskins and Lions have been 2 of the most consistently awful franchises in the NFL over the last quarter century.

    Well ran franchise realize that the coach needs to hold power over every player on their roster. They also realize just because someone is a talented player doesnt mean he knows what it takes to coach a winning team. Griffin and Stafford might think they know what systems are best for them but they dont. They dont have the requisite knowledge of every possible offensive system and certainly havent played in enough of them to know what is actually the most efficient for them and their teammates.

    While they are preparing their bodies, coaches are studying the x’s and o’s. To think a player could actually give a competent opinion that the coach didnt already realize is absurd . Especially players so young. Griffin and Stafford are only a few years removed from college. They werent putting in the time during high school and college required to understand all the small nuances of NFL football. They shouldnt have been either. They were students studying for tests and exams.

    That’s the thing though any person being interviewed for a head coaching job has been spending that time and not just for the last few years but for the last few decades. These guys have forgotten more than Bob and Matt have ever known.

    The fact that Snyder and the Ford family do not realize and/or trivialize these realities goes to the core of what is wrong with those 2 franchise.

  32. If anything is going to kill the game, it’s allowing prima donna players choose their coach.

  33. I guess you guys are reaching. Cousins said this last week. For QB that has SO much influence with the owner, RG3 never seems to get what he wants. He didn’t play in the preseason, he didn’t play the last three games, and Art Briles is staying at Baylor.

  34. You dont learn to perform on the field because you like your coach. You learn to like your coach because of the performance on the field.

  35. Lol so what happens when RGFragileEgo gets pissed off at the coach he chose and want little Danny to fire him ?

    Does the Washington team owe the Rams another 1st rounder next year ? If so St Louis will get another top 3 pick out of the trade.

    Washington – dysfunction and delusional, that’s their recipe for success

  36. I said it when they did it, and I’ll say it again. What a dumb decision to trade 3 1st round picks for one player. Combine that with his knee injury, and that decision will set the franchise back for 10 years.

  37. I agree with the comparisons to the Lions, I have actually been saying for a while now that the 2 situations are very similar in a way. The Lions situation is even more interesting because I think RG3 is a better value than Stafford, and figuring out how to deal with the QB issues is even more important and critical for the Lions. These 2 teams will be fascinating to compare where each team goes from here with their coaching search and plan to improve the QB position. Let’s see which team does a better job at that!

  38. Would any Skins fans care to answer these simple questions?

    In his tenure as owner, has the billionaire squirt hired ANY successful HC’s? Can you name even one?

    (Do yourself a favor… don’t even try mentioning Gibbs 2.0. You will be laughed out of the building)

    With that stellar track record, why do you expect this go-round to be any better?

    BTW, the rest of the NFC East thinks that having your diva QB choose your next HC is a GREAT idea!

  39. News Flash Dan Snyder to rename Redskins….

    ‘The Washington Griffins’.

    And all of the players will be required to change their last names to Griffin, with their jersey numbers reflecting their new names, aka: Griffin XL, Griffin XXIV, etc.

    This will keep Bob happy, along with his newly acquired partial ownership in the franchise.

  40. Not saying the QB should have ‘hiring power’ but I think that most successful teams have a GM, HC and QB on the same page;it only makes sense.

  41. The key word was input. Not that he makes the decision. Just that he gets to voice his input if it would a good match. Reading too much into it and Cousins wouldnt most likely know if that was the case.

  42. As an Eagles fan I wish the Giants would follow the Redskins and Cowboys models of Bozo the Clown management so the Birds would have no competition and rule the NFC East for years to come!!

  43. This does make a lot of sense, why wouldn’t you want your franchise QB to at least TALK with the coaches you want to take over , Other teams have done so . Also, they gave up a lot of picks for him, including 2014’s 2nd overall pick, there is NO WAY they are going to give up on RGIII after 2 years, one in which he won ROY and the 2nd in which he is coming off a major injury. No team would give up on a player in that situation . I am not saying RGIII WILL be great or even a good QB , but there is no way the Redskins can give up on him now

  44. So RGMe will have a say regarding which HC will be hired? Hmm. I wonder if the janitor at Redskins Park has a say in it as well. Heck, might as well add the groundskeeper to the decision-making process too.

  45. Before the weekend is over, there’ll be a statement saying no way will players be involved in coaching hires. Doesn’t make Cousins wrong tho.

  46. Bob has “Coach Killer” written all over him.
    Good luck finding a legit coach willing to step into that mess.
    The tail wagging the dog…

  47. After reading all the hateful unfunny comments.Does anyone think that Cousins might be wrong? A lot of NFL teams ask their players opinions of other players they have played with in the past.It doesn’t mean that it carries a lot of weight just because they ask your opinion.

  48. Griffin is going to end up being despised, both for his inability to compete for long stretches without injury and for his attitude, which will eventually be shown to exhibit what everyone in Waco already knew about but the press ignored. Failure of epic proportions is coming.

  49. Those people? Kirk Cousins was Shanahan’s 5th quarterback in four years. RG3 took Shanahan to his only playoff appearance and was rookie of the year. RG3 has already accomplished some good things in the league, so he might be a bust but he isn’t a total bust. I hope he continues to keep his mouth shut and get ready to play some better football.

  50. Rich Rodriguez would be an excellent choice. I hate the man for what he did to WVU, but RGIII is his kind of QB. Plus RR knows how to get the most of his players. He’s the perfect fit for my Skins.

  51. I’d rather go see pink five times than watch the skins at home anymore. I’m done. Snyder, you’ve ruined this team and it’s heritage…now a good time to change the name cause they aren’t the redskins anymore anyways

    Griff – good luck

  52. Snyder and that gm will always have a loser in the skins,
    as long as they keep making stupid moves like this.
    rg3 should have been a 5th round pick, but Snyder wasted his first round on him.
    And will now pay the price for the next 5 years.
    Its because he really thinks rg3 is a starting qb in the nfl, that will keep the skins from winning.
    Snyder, you are an idiot.

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