Forecast improves for Green Bay, a little

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As of Friday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was expected to have a chance to do something his predecessor Brett Favre never did at Lambeau Field:  Win a game when the temperature at kickoff was below zero.

Brett Favre was 0-1 in the category, blowing the 2007 NFC title game against the Giants with that hideous interception in overtime, when Favre selected as his target for the pass the one option out of four who was covered.

The temperature for the game that rendered Tom Coughlin’s face a permanent shade of red was one degree below zero.  As of Friday, the projected high at Green Bay was five degrees below zero.

But now there’s hope for the 49ers, and for anyone who will voluntarily or involuntarily expose themselves to those elements.  The revised forecast shows a high temperature of one degree.  The hour-by-hour forecast shows that the temperature at kickoff of 3:40 p.m. CT is expected to be between one and zero degrees, with a wind chill near 20 below.

By the end of the game, the temperature could be four below, and a wind chill warning continues to take effect at 6:00 p.m. CT on Sunday.

So while the forecast is better, it’s not much better.  And it’ll be important for everyone to take all necessary precautions to ward off frostbite — including but not limited to the all-important third sock.

77 responses to “Forecast improves for Green Bay, a little

  1. Packers backed into the playoffs, don’t deserve a home playoff game, and had to have a bank and the local Fox affiliate buy up all their playoff tickets after already getting one extension. Hapless, classless, team and fans.

  2. Third sock is a bad idea, as is the second. Your feet will feel warmer, but it constricts blood flow in your foot, and will lead to frostbite much quicker than dealing with feet that feel cold but have better circulation. If you have money for a playoff ticket you have $25 for a good pair of socks and some hand warmers for inside your boots. That’s the best route.

  3. The Giants outplayed the Packers in the 07 championship by a lot. Green Bay almost stole a win but the team that played better prevailed.

  4. If Mike McCarthy would have put Aaron Rodgers in for Favre in OT the Packers would have defeated the Giants.

  5. Wrong. Brett Favre beat the raiders in ’93 28-0 in the famous lambeau leap game. The temperature at game time was -1 degree.

    This one should be a good one. Looking forward to it.

  6. What is with you Americans and temperature?

    Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius. Shouldn’t that be the base of temperature measurement — you know, the temperature that water turns from a liquid to a solid?

    What the heck does your temperature of zero represent other than it is cold and you are confused and pig-headed.

    By the way, if the Niners bring the right shoes with them they will win by 20.

  7. If Coughlin was wearing Freddy Krueger’s hat in that picture, it would be tough to tell the difference.

  8. I’m going to the game and I want record lows. I want to be a part of history, just like the poor fools that went to the ice bowl.

  9. That 3rd sock is no joke. I saw a December game at Lambeau a couple years ago and only wore 2 pairs. After having my feet on the frozen cement for about 4 hours, they felt like frozen bricks.

  10. In Winnipeg, this would considered a lovely balmy day, a perfect opportunity to go out and enjoy the day

  11. I predict that Green Bay wins this one. The Packers have fought back several times in the last minutes this season and I think that Rodgers can score 14 in the last ten minutes of any game.

  12. Have a buddy with season tickets and when the weather got cold, no one would go except me. One thing that really helps is to bring a piece of styrofoam to put underneath your feet to separate your boots from the frigid concrete. Much more effective than the 3rd pair of socks.

  13. Why not swap the games so this is the early game? They would have to make the decision today to make it realistic logistically, but it would make a lot more sense to at least play it in the sun.

  14. The real trick – over fancy socks and the amount of socks is to leave your laces loose on your boots.

    Too often people have their boots tied tight like a pair of tennis shoes. Cuts of circulation and THAT’S what keeps you warm. The warm blood from your core to the extremities.

    Get in the stands and untie or keep them very loose and I guarantee your feet will be much warmer.

  15. This will be an eye opener for the niners. There is no possible way to prepare for this type of weather other than just being part of it. The packers will have a slight advantage due to that, but niners win this game by 10. If they don’t, they are a incredibly overrated football team.

  16. Blaming Favre for that loss to the Giants is as short-sighted as most of the posts at this site. Favre kept putting the Packers ahead, and the defense kept giving up points. Go look at the game log: The Green Bay defense made only one stop in the second half. ONE. Eli scored points on all of the other possessions in the second half, including the one with 1 minute to go, when they kicked a field goal to tie. It’s hard to win games without some defense. Never mind that the Giants were peaking at that point and went on to beat the undefeated Patriots, who were considered invincible.

  17. I was at the coldest game in New England history against the Titans in the 2003 playoffs, consistently -12 on the thermometer someone on my section brought.

    I strongly advise everyone who goes to get at least a dozen of the hand warmers and stick them all over your body. In your gloves, between your inner and outer socks, on your lower back, belly, chest, back of your neck etc. Got me through that game along with about 8 layers of clothing

  18. No thank you on the swapping of the games. We have the better seed, better record, plus we already beat GB, and the early game. Not trading for anything. At the start of the game it will be about 40 degrees ( yay) and fall throughout. Plus snow and freezing rain during the game with plummeting temps. If we played the later game it would be about the same as your game. How is that fair? Just saying!! I already sat through a 5 degree playoff game i. ’09. It was bitter cold but still fun. Hey your from WI you should be used to this. We are from Cincy where if it snows a half an inch we can’t seem to drive and stock up on groceries like the end of the world is coming!!

  19. No thank you on the idea of swapping games. Your from WI you should be used to this weather. We are from Cincinnati where if there is half an inch of snow people somehow forget how to drive and stock up on groceries like the world is going to end!! Plus we have the better record, the better seed, we already beat GB, and have the better weather. Seems all good to me. Just have to say though. Go Pack. My second favorite team. Your fans that came to Cincy earlier this were some of the nicest I have encountered!!

  20. Don’t forget about the macho dudes in short sleeves that need to show of their body painted extremities. Sounds like frozen biceps time to me! LOL

  21. -2 degrees? Nice. Got to credit those Wisconsin fans. Tough SOB’s to sit through that for 3 hours. By the way. Al Gore didn’t invent the internet he invented global warming.

  22. natijim235 says: Jan 4, 2014 8:32 AM

    at the 82′ freezer bowl when bengals played chargers -59 below so -20 below is nothing

    For the freezer bowl, the -59 temp is factoring the wind chill. The air temp for that game was -9.

    The -20 for the Packers 49ers game is the predicted low air temp for that day. It’s unlikely to get that low before the game ends, but we’ll see.

    The coldest air temp for a game was the Ice Bowl where game time temp came in at -15, with a -48 wind chill. All three games are/will be brutally cold.


  23. I’m predicting a kick off temp of 72 degrees…… my man cave!

    How much you want to bet we see guys with their shirts off before halftime?

  24. Yeah, the third sock is not for the feet, but for another important appendage a little higher up.

    When I go hunting (in western PA), I use a very thin sock, then tape a [chemical] hand warmer to the inside of a second (thicker) sock. Works fine for about 4 hours. Of course, using the restroom could be a challenge…

  25. Methinks the true winner of this game will not be the Niners or Packers, but the Panthers or Seahawks.

  26. Regardless of the outcome, after the game those of us in the SF Bay Area still live here, while those fans who live in the below-zero areas, including Wisconsin, still live there.


  27. I can’t believe some of the post here….THE THIRD SOCK IS FOR BETWEEN THE LEGS. Geezz people get a clue!

  28. I notice Viking fans posting on this thread.
    Calling the Packers hapless & classless.
    Are you kidding me Seriously…..
    The pathetic, Zero titles Viking fans with 8 players arrested in November and DECEMBER calling a 13 time champion hapless…..
    Look in the mirror. ….THATS HAPLESS AND CLASSLESS

  29. This hapless and tasteless one man team doesn’t even belong in the playoffs. The 49ers will make them know what it is like to be a complete football team. Packer fans are the worst fans in the league if their own fans wont even go to their own playoff game. Hapless. Tasteless. Classless.

  30. Let me tell you, as someone who was at the 82 Bengals game—this kinda temp is scary cold. There is no way to prep for it. Wear 10 layers, it doesn’t matter- you’re on the surface of the moon.

    12-4 Niners get to be on the road.


  31. NFL is lucky this game is not in Minnesota…temps tomorrow and monday near 30 below…50-60 below wind chills

    why didn’t the NFL just move this game to saturaday? the forecast all week for saturday was in the teens, which is just fine.

  32. What can I say?

    Al Gore warned us the global warming would end up frying eggs on the sidewalk, and we didn’t listen.

  33. Good thing it’s not Minnesota. -25 air temperature Sunday night. Now THAT’S cold.

    And why do the terrible Packers get a home game again? Oh, right. That dumb rule.

  34. GB wins this gm. kaep is ineffective in the brutal cold. and frank gore may struggle too.

    meanwhile rodgers and in particular jordy nelson overcome the elements in the passing gm.

    and james starks runs like a beast.

    book it.

  35. A few fans of any team speak for themselves not for the entire fanbase. Plenty of 49ers fans don’t care where they play and can’t wait for game time! “Having” to play on the most respected field in nfl history is just another great opportunity. GO 49ERS!!!!

  36. Global Warming —>
    It’s raining in southern Alaska right now and in far northwestern Alaska, the temps are in the mid-to-upper teens.

    One of the scientifically documented effects of the warming-up globe is that the extra warmth is causing the jet stream to sustain abnormally acute north to south movement patterns. So, you get warmth carried unbelievably far north for January …… all the way up into the Artic Ocean off the north shore of Alaska. Then the jet stream flow has to wrap around and return south. That return flow back south carries the polar air from the northern Nunavut Canadian islands into Minnesota and Wisconsin and Michigan.

    Sitting under that big curve of air up to Alaska and back down south to Wisconsin is the west coast of North America where it has consequently been very warm/sunny/tranquil. San Francisco has been in the 65 – 68 degree bracket this week (66 today).

    So, when the SF players get off the plane in Green Bay, they shall absorb a temp feel shock of approximately 100 degrees.

    Going the other direction, how would a human body handle moving from room temperature to an oven at 170 degrees? If the meat thermometer stuck into a turkey reads 170, the turkey is done, no?

    I’m thinking the SF turkey is going to be frozen, not cooked on Sunday.

    Green Bay wins 17 – 13 because some number of SF players start focusing on how their body feels instead of the next play. On the other hand, the Green Bay players can harvest determination from the crowd to stay focused. It’s cold for everyone, but the Pack players haven’t had to devote a share of their mental energy adjusting to a 100 degree feel shock.


  37. The only people complaining about the cold are the same people ALWAYS complaining about the cold……all year long, indoors or out.

  38. I was at a NASCAR race in Richmond VA in the 80’s. It was in Feb and the temp was maybe 25 with 30 mph wind. I know, balmy by Green Bay standards, but that’s all I wanted or would ever want to deal with for 4 hours. I have no doubt that experience knocked 5 years off my life

  39. Leave it to 9ers fan to whine about having to go on the road… yet last year when they got gift wrapped a home game and bye at the Packers expense which a far greater injustice than “the home team has won their division to host on wild card weekend”

    Trolls can speak what they want about taking time extensions to sell out… this isn’t the game you can take the family to… not because of $ but because people don’t let their kids sit out in this type of weather. Half the fans in the NFC North won’t understand that because they play in a dome.

    That is going to help the Packers, because they are going to have fans that want o be part of history an extremely cold game, and a chance to knock off someone believes they will, so they are playing with house $and will raise that much more crazy.

  40. Wow….reading these posts…. so many horribly wrong stats have been posted… what?.. do you people work on Obamas budget committee or what?….

  41. theblowtorchreview says:
    Jan 4, 2014 10:39 AM
    I’m predicting a kick off temp of 72 degrees…… my man cave!

    How much you want to bet we see guys with their shirts off before halftime?
    ———————————————————————————————————————————— drunks… lol

  42. if the niners win this game then my hats off to them, then they were the better team. however even though the packers defense cant stop the runs, i believe the niners are going to have a tough time with this game. i’m not saying their going to lose but if the niners win it will be a close game. the packers have played in 3 rather cold games this season already and i believe they are ready for the cold. if lacy and starks run hard and the packer can sustain long drives and score touchdowns on the niners the packers will win this one. because that offense will be sitting on the sideline thinking about how cold it is vs thinking about the game. and the defense will get tired and cold. either way this should be a great game and if anything the packers knocked the chitcago carebears out ! lol

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