Harvin continues to make unlikely push toward playoff appearance


Only days after the Seahawks were within hours of putting receiver Percy Harvin on injured reserve, Harvin continues to show that he could suit up and play as soon as next Saturday, when Seattle hosts the Packers, 49ers, or Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs.

According Clare Farnsworth of Seahawks.com, Harvin practiced again on Friday — doing much more than he did on Thursday.

He really did fine,” coach Pete Carroll said.  “He looked [good], and I think he felt pretty good about it.”

That’s a far cry from the tune Carroll was singing last week, when he openly discussed the possibility of putting Harvin on injured reserve.  As of Sunday, the Seahawks were expected to shut Harvin down for the rest of the season as soon as Monday.

“We’ll just keep working until we have more information,” Carroll said regarding when he may know about whether Harvin will play.  “We will not rush to the decision at any time.  We’ll continue to take all the information in and encourage him and be encouraged by his efforts and stuff and see what happens.”

Harvin had hip surgery in early August, and he has played in only one game all season.  The team opted in recent weeks to take a long-term approach to the investment they’ve made in Harvin, both from a draft-pick and cash-money perspective.  But he’s done enough this week to show that he may be able to play in the postseason without jeopardizing his preparations for the 2014 season.

“I’m really proud of him,” Carroll said.  “I’m so excited about how he’s fought to get to this point.  He would not back off it.  He might have had the opportunity to waver and kind of give into it, ‘OK, I’ll just have to wait.’  He’s been challenged, because it means so much to him.”

That last comment could make a cynic wonder whether the Seahawks opted to talk openly about putting Harvin on injured reserve to get the attention of Harvin at a time when he maybe had gotten complacent.  If that’s what happened, it looks like it worked.

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  1. He played in one game & has one reception this year, I’m sure he will be ready for the playoffs.
    He’s been saving himself.

  2. “I’m really proud of him,I administered the PED’s and he didn’t complain” Carroll said.

  3. Serious question for Seahawk fans: if you could play Harvin this post season to up your chances at a Super Bowl by 15% but also increase the likelihood he misses most of next season by 50% which would you choose?

    On the one hand, most people consider Seattle the favorite and this could be the widest their window is ever open. On the other, they have a lot invested in Harvin and exacerbating a hip injury and having to eat his contract could hurt the team baldy in the future.

    If I was a Seahawk fan, I’d probably go for it because you never know what might happen. Wilson could get struck by lighting over the summer for all we know. Gotta take the chances when you have them.

    As a Niner fan, I hope he doesn’t see the field (or better yet, we don’t have to see the Hawks to get to Jersey).

  4. that’s because he’s malingering. They called him on it by considering IR and he suddenly feels better. Percy has been doing this since college.

  5. He just had to play against Minnesota… He wanted to make a statement against the Vikings. Even though they granted his wish to be traded, he still had to play to show them up. What did he get in return for coming back early? He re-injury’s his hip. Now he is on the verge of going to the IR in the Seahawks most important year. I hope that game against the Vikings was worth it, Percy…? Be prepared Seattle, Percy is fragile and gets many headaches that prevent him from playing. We got C. Patterson and Xavier Rhodes in return. So far our investment has flourished, and for Seattle, Percy still sits on the shelf.

  6. Hey Kmarty I hope your team enjoys it’s offseason not being in the playoffs. This is Percy Harvins first major surgery. We have yet to see the impact he has had.

  7. Of course he’s making a miraculously quick turnaround, he is on the Seahawks and that means PEDs

  8. Vikings fans are the biggest talkers. They got Xavier Rhodes with the first round pick. A corner that now starts on the 29th ranked passing defense. Yet Minnesota fans say he’s flourishing? Percy was signed to a 6yr deal. He has 5 more years in Seattle. Plenty of time to heal and play. Stop considering this the fleece of the century when your team is 5~10~1

  9. We are being big talkers because we absolutely destroyed you in this trade. Yes the Seahawks are miles better than the Vikings, so this is the only thing we will be able to brag against you for the moment. Oh and Cordarrelle is already better than Harvin was as a Viking.

  10. Good put him out on the field into full speed playoff competition after not playing all year.

    Note to Seahawks – you might want to look at how RGFragileEgo played in Washington the first few games after missing just the preseason. Hair in will not help after sitting all year and if they put him out there I predict blown routes and drops all day from him.

  11. Looking more and more to me like Percy was dogging it. Hope this isn’t what Hawks can expect from him. Headache remarks are just silly as he hasn’t missed a game with one in years and up until last year and his ankle he hasn’t been “fragile”

  12. Lots of fear out there.

    And for good reason.

    Only hope any of you have is to stack the box and hope a receiver can’t get deep.

    With PH that dog don’t hunt.

    ML will see the most improvement with Harbin on the field.

  13. The timing of this is suspect. The Vikings game was personal for him so he was good to play. Then he’s sore…too sore to play…nothing re-injured, just too sore. So…as the Hawks make a serious run at a SB, needing a possible reciever and forced to place him on IR if he is ‘too sore’ to play, he quickly seems ‘ready’ and committed. Consider that Percy played 19 snaps all year then is placed on IR till the next season. It is up to the team, if they win the SB, whether Percy would be granted a ring. This is the best chance Seattle has had in getting a ring since the dreaded 05 SB. Getting back to the big dance is not easy as many players are shuffled with big contracts to go elsewhere reducing the chance of repeats. Harvin knows this. He doesn’t play he gets no ring and this could be the only chance (lets hope not) he ever has at getting it. Personally I believe he has been sandbagging and only decided to play when his possible ring was in jeapordy. When he does play, which I am sure he will, I will be very interested to see nust how much he plays before becoming sore again. A few snaps in the post season will get him his ring and I think that is all he cares about. This rings all too familiar. Reminds me too much of good ol Brian Bozworth.

  14. The only way I see Percy playing this year is returning kick offs and it could go a long ways in who wins or loses the next game or two for the Hawks. Is it worth 3 draft picks and 12 million. Maybe…

  15. Odd to see posters still posting PED nonsense.
    Considering that it only makes them look like idiots.

  16. Percy is an incredible player and will improve an already good Seahawks team when he’s healthy; however, the guy is an injury-prone headcase and Seattle has now witnessed on-half of that negative combo.

  17. This is not to say that Seattle intends to use Harvin as primarily a decoy.

    But, if that was their intention – what better way to enhance the value of the decoy than to get the other team to buy into the recent flurry of Seattle-generated hype and drink the Kool Aid.

    Football is the ultimate game of smoke-and-mirrors, mis-direction, dekes, fakes and feints, intelligence and counter-intelligence.

  18. Sorry kmarty, you didn’t get Patterson in the Harvin deal. You got Rhodes, a 7th round practice squad player, and a 3rd round pick next year. Don’t try and throw Patterson’s name in there to make it sound like you actually got a decent player in return for that trade.

    Seattle’s done well finding late round talent and has built a pretty complete team. So giving up the draft picks didn’t hurt them as much as it would have for most other teams. They filled their only big hole by getting Harvin. He’s a proven commodity in the NFL and a pretty uniquely dynamic player. Yeah, it sucks that he hasn’t played this year. But turns out they got by pretty well without him. When he’s healthy he’ll only make the team that much better. Every trade is a gamble. This trade made sense for both teams and it’s still to early to call either team a winner or loser yet. It’s still likely that the trade ends up being a win win.

  19. The man is trying to come back from a surgery in 6 months. A surgery that would require 99% of you out – of – shape hacks well over a year to recover from. Not only that, but he’s trying to do so at the highest level of NFL talent. It’s easy to sit on a cpu and post your little comments, but not one of you could do what Percy is doing, and that’s a fact. so until you can, try and finish a 1/4 mile jog or bench press that 115 lbs rep.

  20. Seatown: Vikings fans may be big talkers, but in no way, shape or form come close to Seahawk fans for having big mouths.

    If there was a superbowl for being a loudmouth, the seahawk fans would have a case-full of trophies.

  21. I hope he does force his comeback. Because if, I’m talking if, the Seahawks make it to the superbowl & Percy plays; I hope he misses the game winning catch.

  22. Radar….what’s the problem with him being hurt? I don’t hear the man cutting him the checks every month complaining. Do you? I also don’t see him taking up cap space this year either. Everyone knew what they were signing up for when they got percy, and come next weekend we will all see why he’s worth it

  23. I loves me some Golden Tate, Jermaine Kearse, Doug Baldwin, and Zach Miller. With them, 13-3. Harvin? Who Dat?

  24. Harvin is the absolute missing piece of the Hawk’s offense. He is the only one on the team who can stretch the field, and / or draw double coverage. The REAL decision is the short vs. the LONG-term view. Hip surgery is tricky and I wonder what kind of reaction his socket, muscles, tendons, etc. will have when he opens it up and blasts down the field at FULL speed. Playing Percy is a REALLY difficult call for the coaches and medical staff.

  25. Pete Carroll responded to someone about a possible roster move with Harvin. He said its a possibily they will make one when we were going to activate Thurmond. The media ran wild with that saying Harvin to IR. As a fan who actually follows the team, Pete said they from the start they were going to take as much time as they could to get him healthy and that’s what is happening.

    Percy Harvin has 6 years here in Seattle to prove he is worth it the trade and contract. Matter of fact, he is getting healthy for our most important part of the season. Pete Carroll and the training staff shut him down because they look at big picture, they shut down Okung for 8 games when other players play through turf toe. Heck, Seahawks are the number 1 seed and couldn’t be in a better situation.

    Its crazy how so many non-Seahawk fans are obsessed with who is active or inactive for the team and want to share their two cents. I feel even more embarrassed for Viking fans coming every time to claim victory sitting 5 wins, no coach and Xavier Rhodes who wouldn’t beat our 5th CB Lane for a roster spot.

  26. Harvin is an impact player. His kickoff return against the Vikings showed it, and the coverage he draws shows it. He changes the defense by being on the field. Kearse is a fine young receiver, but will likely never draw the attention, and beat it, like Percy Harvin. If he can keep playing he will make a difference.

  27. According to fans of other teams, if you are a Seahawk fan, no matter how long, you cant say anything or be happy, proud, nothing, nada. Just shut up and that means you are classy.

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