Lovie Smith moving quickly to fill Bucs staff


Having the year off apparently gave Lovie Smith the opportunity to assemble a staff for his next job.

The Buccaneers new boss has already officially named offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, and apparently secured Leslie Frazier to be his defensive coordinator.

Now, a number of other moves are well in the pipleline, if not finished.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, the Bucs won’t be retaining any of Greg Schiano’s former assistants, and have made progress on a few replacements already.

Marvez also reports that Southern Miss offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo is lined up as quarterbacks coach, after working with Tedford at Cal.

Smith is also tapping into his network of former Bears assistants.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times mentioned that former Bears running backs coach Tim Spencer is lined up for the same job in Tampa, and Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune has former special teams coach Kevin O’Dea taking the same job with the Bucs.

32 responses to “Lovie Smith moving quickly to fill Bucs staff

  1. He’s moving fast alright. Both coordinators already selected while other teams are still searching HC candidates. Plus there is talent on that defense already.
    I’m more curious to see what they do in the draft

  2. Damn, should have kept Earnest Byner and Bryan Cox, the running backs and linebackers were great last year, the running backs in particular with the injuries.

  3. With how fast they got Lovie hired, you have to know that the Glaziers were working on this well before the end of the season. As a Bucs fan, I’m really impressed with the staff being put together.

  4. Good luck to Lovie!! I have been a fan of him since his day with the Rams…I wish he would have got the Rams HC job over Martz..Should have never been fired from the Bears.. He is putting together a good staff now I am interested in seeing what players he brings in…

  5. There is no doubt that Lovie’s staff on defense will be very good.. His biggest task will bringing a good offensive team to the table. Great coach, just never got the right guy to run the offense in Chicago.

  6. Frazier is a good d coord, but overrated. He inherited a great D built by Tomlin and rode it to the HC job. This bucs D has talent so Smith and Frazier should do well.

  7. Listen up all of you that are excited about this hire. Love is a good coach not a great coach. He will assemble a good Defense with talent he has there. In a decade in Chicago he went through a ton of horrible Offensive Coaches and could never put a real NFL offense on the field. The guy he just hired to do that job has never coached in the NFL. The other problem you have is he is being given authority to assemble the talent and that killed Chicago. When Love first got there he has no say in the draft and he took a bunch of young studs and made a killer defense. After the SB appearance he got a new contract that gave him all the say over the GM and that team went year after year drafting guys that never even ended up playing in the NFL. Tampa is doomed in the long run with that guy having total control.

  8. This is still a head scratching move. Sure the defense will be good. But the team has no QB, and the Bucs have just hired a coach that has no clue how to draft or develop one. And Lovie goes through OC’s, like George Clooney goes through model-girlfriends.

  9. The Bucs will be improved but “playoffs” next year may be asking a bit much. Very thin at QB and last I checked they still play in the same division with the Saints and Panthers. Hopefully he learned from his offensive (lack of) failures in Chicago.

  10. To all those saying these are good hires.. what are you smoking?

    Lovie Smith? Leslie Frazier? Sorry, I’m not convinced. An underachieving head coach with an underwhelming coordinator. This smells like the Vikings team from this year.

    Good luck with that, Tampa. Enjoy mediocrity for years to come.

  11. Mmm-hmm and is he going to hire his son again to watch the replays from upstairs on plays that could be challenged? Bucs fans will be tearing their hair out on his misuse of the red flag.

    Also, get ready for the following Tampa:

    After a loss: “We did some good things and we’ll go from there.”

    During a QB controversy: “[Insert name here] is our quarterback.”

    After his Cover Who? defense gets gashed: “There’s nothing wrong with the scheme!”

  12. Lovie is doing a great job and now I’m a Tampa fan. But that said, Bears needed to move on. He only made playoffs once in the last 6 years he was there.

  13. Very impressive group of coaches, not only from a football knowledge standpoint, but high character, good moral men. Good luck Tampa, we’ll miss Frazier’s character in MN.

  14. Jeff Tedford has no idea how to develop a quarterback? That’s like saying Warren Buffet has no idea how to make money.

  15. Smart coach. It’s going to be slim pickings for the last Head Coach hired.

    Bucs are a good organization. Unless you just woke up on The morning of Black Monday and decided to fire your head coach. A GM should have a good idea on who he is going to replace him with.

    Why Hue Jackson isn’t being considered is crazy. He’s the only candidate available that has Head Coaching experience who was not fired because of performance, and has background of developing QBs, WRs, AND RBs. Nobody is more qualified than he. I don’t get it.

  16. Bucs have the potential to be a good organization. Nothing in their history says they are to date though. The Sapp/Brooks/Lynch era was the exception, not the rule….and it was a long time ago now.

    Everything before that was a disaster, and since hasn’t been much better.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s an NFL head coaching job, and like I said, I think it has potential to be a good organization. But looking from the outside, if I’m a coach that can pick his job, I don’t see the Bucs making the top 20

  17. Not exactly sure how tedford will do. No experience in the national football league. He put out some good cal teams. Very interesting though.

  18. I like Lovie as a defensive coordinator….as head coach not so much. I always thought he was best at defense. There will probably be more head coaching job openings when football is finally over.

  19. Two really good hires so far. Bill O’Brien should do well with the Texans. As a Badger and Packer fan, I’m glad he’s out of the B1G and not in the NFC North.

    Lovie Smith is a HUGE improvement over the immature and brittle Greg Schiano, who simply isn’t equipped to deal with adults.

    Both teams have a lot of pieces in place, and I’d be surprised if both don’t finish with a winning record in 2014.

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