Titans fire Mike Munchak


Mike Munchak is out as head coach of the Tennessee Titans.

Munchak, who went 22-26 in three seasons leading the Titans, was fired today, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports.

Titans President and CEO Tommy Smith spent Friday meeting with Munchak and Titans General Manager Ruston Webster, and at the end of the day the team released a statement saying no final decisions had been made. Apparently a discussion on Saturday led to the determination that Munchak would not be back.

Smith took over the franchise after his father-in-law, longtime owner Bud Adams, died during the 2013 season. There were reports that Smith wanted Munchak to make significant changes on his coaching staff.

Now the most significant change of all has been made: Munchak is out, and the Titans are looking for a new head coach.

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  1. Um, ok. Guess that previous report was wrong huh? Lol. Of course, I’m in favor of this move so whatever. Munch should try to get that Penn St job though.

  2. Bottomline Bud may be gone, but that franchise still has no direction or clue. Thanks for taking this franchise off our hands Nashville.

    Signed HTown

  3. I feel bad. He has given this franchise his heart and soul. I don’t think this is all his fault.

  4. Duh duh duh another one bites the dust! Duh duh duh another one bites the dust!
    And another one gone and another one gone Mike Munchak bites the dust! Actually surprised the Titans did this cause he seemed to be turning things rains there in Nashville.

  5. If you look up “organizations in disarray,” you’ll find the Lions, the Vikings and the Titans.

  6. Wow, many owners in today’s NFL seem to just fire everyone every year. It’s kind of stupid. Do they like just starting over all the time? Do they think there are 8 new head coaches that are better then 8 head coaches of the year before somewhere else in the world? So if they fire like 8 head coaches a year, that would mean that the world would need like 80 new head coaches over a ten year period. Didn’t even realize there were that many qualified applicants. Maybe, sometimes, the coaches they have are better then what is out there. Maybe, just maybe, having players learn a new system every year is counter-productive. maybe… Just a thought.

  7. Chuck Pagano heading into his 3rd year with Indy next season will be the longest tenured coach in the AFC South. Crazy.

  8. Talent acquisition is the Titans most glaring issue.

    Webster should be the first one on the hook, not Munchak. He signed the CJ.5k deal, drafted Jake (clean out your) Locker, and is primarily responsible for a defense that lacks many key pieces.

    Tough break for Munchak, but I’m sure he’ll land on his feet somewhere.

  9. Tough break really, but the team is doing the right thing, they have an opportunity to really turn things around and it would have been nice to see Munchak do it, but they have to go with whoever is the best person to do that. And that person is available, so go find them and get it done.

  10. Who wants this job? Titans are ranking talent-wise. Only the Titans won’t make an announcement like the Texans, saying they’ll only hire a coach with NFL HC experience & then hire a college coach that’s never had a HC gig in the league. Titans will continue to decline next season. Nobody on offense brings anything to the table. The Secondary is decent but the front 7 are garbage. Sorry Munchak! You’re a decent guy dealt s awful hand.

  11. Glad he stood up for his staff. He likely will get another look from others as he did a decent job.

  12. WHYYYYY didn’t the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis?!? He’s such a good coach and they came THIS CLOSE multiple times!!

    Damn the Bengals for not making reactionary decisions and reaping the benefits of their patience!

  13. According to the Nashville Tennesean, Munchack’s return was tied to making changes to the coaching staff. Maybe he decided to fall on his own sword rather than lay blame on the coaches he had chosen.

  14. Teams are firing the wrong guy, the titans were doing good until locker got injured. Not much a HC can do when his main QB is out for the year. The titans are starting to follow the same trend as some of the other bad teams, fire the HC after 2 or 3 years. Stability is what a team need to be great for years, you think teams like the niners, ravens, or eagles got lucky when they found their head coaches. The giants are sticking with Tom after a bad year because they know what he’s capable of, 2 SB rings. Now in time if the team continues to struggle and not response to his coaching ways then eventually they’ll part. The eagles went from Andy Reid long tenure to now Kelly who’ll be their coach for awhile. Each time you get a new coach, it’s like starting all over again, sometimes it’s a quick turnaround, sometimes it may take longer pending what situation the new coach steps into

  15. They should at least interview Jim Schwartz. But overall I demand that they at least make a phone call to Martyball!

  16. This is hilarious because Womack, last years 1st round pick, wanted to only play for this guy.

  17. As Tommy Smith is married to Bud Adams by marriage, well…

    Chalk this up to a victory for those on the environment side of the genetics vs environment argument…

    Guess Jones and Irsay have a new friend to sit with at the NFL owners’ meetings…

  18. If they wanted to do this, they waited at least a week too long. Strikes me as the son wanting to something different from Daddy just to be different. Munchak did not have a lot to work with, very much like ached in Cleveland. Deserved better than this.

    And why do these people get seduced by college guys? It is NOT the same game. That us why most fail. Granted, Kelly has had a successful year in Philadelphia. But you cannot generalize from that.

    Hope Munchak gets the PSU job bc I have my doubts about Golden (too much a sycophant, jumping from one place to the next). But wouldn’t it be wild if Wade Phillips got it since Bum was a great coach for the Oilers?

  19. I’m conflicted. There was definite improvement in this year’s team, but there was no such thing as making adjustments for this staff….that part was consistent each year. I think it was time for a change.

  20. 22-26 is bad, but not horrible! Just a few games from .500, which means you win about half of the time. I feel like 1 more yr woulda been in order for this guy, who seemed like he was on the verge of turning things around.

  21. Not a titans fan but this was a move that had to happen, he won’t going to get a extension and no other coaches would want to be assistants on a team that it’s not guaranteed that Mike or them would be there the next year, and that’s the same for free agents not to many was going to sign knowing they could have a new coach the next year. Munchak also setted hisself up for this promising the fans the titans would have a dominate run game and couldn’t deliver on that promise

  22. I would have expected nothing less than class from Munchak. Perfect fit for Penn State. Considering his past tenure with one organization he could be a fixture there for many years

  23. Munchak, has been Haslamed, and Bannered. The wrong guy has been let go, Owner’s have lost touch withthe fans.
    I miss the NFL that I grew up with

  24. With all the farcical talk of the Texans just needing a QB and then being a serious contender, this is the job that will have the quickest turnaround if they pair the right head coach with the right QB, whether that be to keep Locker or move on. There is a lot of good young talent on this roster.

  25. GM Webster should be sent packing as well.

    Drafting Locker at #8 made this team high-drag and low-speed, and everyone connected to that debacle should be gone.

    The watered-down offense they had to install for Locker in 2013 was a mirage that was not going to last, and showed that his development was glacial in its velocity–if there was any at all.

    Further, when your starter cannot be available for more than 18 of 32 games (2012-13), you need to find someone more durable and a lot smarter about staying on the field instead of staying on crutches.

    A new QB to develop needs to be top priority.

  26. Munch is a great guy and would be a credit to have in any football organization…but there’s no other team in the league that would give this guy a shot as HC; he’s simply over-matched in that department…

    I’m certain if the PSU thing doesn’t work out, he will be successful as a O-line coach somewhere in the NFL…

    good luck and Godspeed, Munch…

  27. This seems to be a pretty divided fan base. When the previous recent article ran saying that Munchak was safe, everybody was up in arms that he wasn’t fired. Now that the word is out that he was fired, everybody is up in arms that he wasn’t given a chance. Interesting.

  28. this bleeding heart attitude towards Munch is new to me. Good guy…terrible coach with a terrible staff. Nothing personal, but this is a business, and his firing is the right call to make. Instant turnaround are getting more and more common in today’s NFL. If I had to look at his dead eye dick stare and his folded arms on the sidelines anymore I’d puke. The offensive scheme was terrible this year. Run right/run left out of singleback was their favorite play. With that O line, it was inexcusable. My local high school team’s offense was more complicated – in all honesty. And nothing ever changed – THE WHOLE YEAR! The only good thing to take away from this season as a die hard fan was the defense was vastly improved – through no help of Munchak, mind you. Just another example of when a really great player makes a lousy coach.

  29. Kind of like Texas, waiting until it’s too late to make a decision. He who hesitates is lost.

  30. They have a lot of young, talented players, on the cusp of breaking out. Bringing in Williams and the vets was a good move, but I’ve never been confident in the Munchak/Loggains/Gray monster. Thry’re too inexperienced and passive. The worst defense in franchise history, they should have been gone last year.

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