Saints controlling third quarter, lead 20-7

Getty Images

The Eagles turned a Drew Brees interception into a touchdown in the first half and led 7-6 at the half, but the Saints haven’t given them any help in the third quarter.

As a result, the Eagles have been shut out and the Saints lead 20-7. Drew Brees hit Lance Moore for a 24-yard touchdown pass on New Orleans’ first possession of the second half and Mark Ingram pounded his way into the end zone from four yards out to extend the Saints’ lead.

Ingram has 91 yards on 15 carries as the Saints have continued to find great success on the ground. Brees has completed all six of his passes in the half as the Saints have run 14 plays to just six for the home team.

Credit for that has to go to a Saints defense that has held LeSean McCoy in check and shut down DeSean Jackson, who doesn’t have a catch. They’ve sacked Nick Foles twice and forced him into an intentional grounding, putting the Saints within sight of the first road playoff win in franchise history.