Titans say Munchak was fired after “tough choices were presented”

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Titans General Manager Ruston Webster says the decision to fire head coach Mike Munchak came after a weeklong discussion about the direction of the franchise.

Webster released a statement saying he, Munchak and Titans President and CEO Tommy Smith all sat down over the past week to examine what the right steps were for the future of the franchise, and that it was ultimately decided that Munchak would have no future with the franchise.

“First I want to thank Mike Munchak for his professionalism through this process and thank him for his years of dedication to the Titans/Oilers organization,” Webster said. “He is first-class and I wish him and his family nothing but the best. I also want to praise Tommy Smith for his involvement during the weeklong process. He was thorough and thoughtful. The last week has been a difficult time trying to navigate through many issues to find the best resolution for this franchise moving forward. Tough choices were presented to all sides and the end result was to part ways and move forward without Mike.”

There’s no word on what those tough choices were, but it’s been widely reported that Munchak was going to have to make significant changes to his coaching staff if he wanted to keep his job. His firing suggests that he declined to make the changes that Webster and Smith wanted him to make.

Webster said he will now begin looking for Munchak’s replacement.

“We will immediately begin a search for a new head coach,” Webster said. “I am confident that we will find a coach that can continue our growth as a team and lead us to sustained success.”

Munchak went 9-7, 6-10 and 7-9 in his three seasons as head coach. The Titans have now missed the playoffs five consecutive years.

36 responses to “Titans say Munchak was fired after “tough choices were presented”

  1. Coaching vacancy in Tennessee and a college coach in Tennessee is in play. Marriage made in Knoxville?

  2. Looks like Penn State just found a new head coach. Sucks for a guy to be with one organization for 30+ years and get the ax. Munchak was a a professional that just didn’t have the coaching experience. I hope we do hang on to Gregg Williams though…

  3. How about the coach for Vandy? Can move up the pros and not have relocate his family. Perfect fit?

  4. They should release a report that they are interested in Josh McDaniel’s, soley for the reason of causing the Brain Trust in Cleveland to have a meltdown.

  5. Horrible timing. I mean look at Tampa. Lovie Smith almost has his whole coaching staff in place. Maybe some of these General Managers should be fired instead. I know you have to be thoughtful in any decision but a week??

  6. Munchak has been Haslamed, & Bannered, fire the coach, but not have front office accountability. This NFL has lost touch with the fan base. I miss the NFL of my youth

  7. Coach Munchak appears to be a stand-up-guy. How refreshing to find a man who won’t send his friends and co-workers down the river to save his own hide…very admirable. I wish him well at his next assignment, perhaps PSU.

  8. being the team that fires the guy a week later is not a big deal the only guy they missed is lovie and he was headed to tampa all along and its not like college where you miss recruiting. they have their scouts and a 3 weeks before the senior bowl and all the rest starts later take your time just get it right

  9. Tough guy to fire considering his history with the team. I think Titans should go young offensive minded for new e Erfurt and identity. They are lower level mediocre right now.

  10. Has to be strange leaving a team that you’ve been with for over 30 years, over the course of your entire professional career. Wonder what’s next.

  11. I dont underatand what these owners and general managers expect from these coaches. The titans are just not that talented. I dont think anyone predicted this team to make the playoffs. General managers love to use the excuse that the team isnt progressing because of the coaches, but the fact is the general manager put his stock in jake locker and it hasnt panned out yet. It will be nice to see the excuse the general manager has when the team is 7 – 9 or worse again next season.

  12. Tough to win when your starting QB can’t stay healthy.

    Always love when the front office let’s a guy go because they can’t win with the “talent” you provided. Kind of like getting pissed off at a chef that can’t make a gourmet meal out of a can of spam and some beans.

  13. A coach really isn’t all that important at that level. Brady, Manning, Rodgers…….. Elite QB’s win games in the NFL. Get a QB that doesn’t need coached; not a coach to teach the QB.

  14. Ruston Webster doesn’t make the decisions on the field, Although he did have a part in drafting Jake Locker, Mike Munchak wanted him as well. Webster has done a great job with acquiring talent here in TN, of the excecption from a couple of guys (Kamerion Wimberly) etc. This team needs to head in a new direction away from (Titan/Oiler) History. Need an Offensive Minded HC. This team is talented but the players are not used correctly.

  15. @gborange I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Look at the Chargers and Chiefs. They were terrible last year and the only big changes were coaching staff

  16. Anybody saying this team isn’t talented doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This team has loads of young talent, Webster has done a great job drafting & signing FAs. I don’t blame him for Wimbley as he was all that was left after the failed Manning pursuit. Locker needs to stay healthy, surely. But they need a HC with an offensive pedigree, someone who can help Locker in his development. I like Munchak, but he got his shot. Team was too talented to be 7-9 even without Locker.

  17. these GM’s will do anything to save their own incompetence. Get a qb – and your good for a decade …don’t and you can forget it. Jake locker? Has done what again ? This guy needs development? Is that like Andrew Luck? or something like that….

  18. Sure would like to see him in Pittsburgh next year now that there is an o line coaching vacancy! Not much chance of a former HC going back to position coach but one can dream

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