Aldon Smith questionable to return with cramps


As the 49ers try to advance to a divisional-round date with the Panthers, one of their top pass rushers isn’t playing.

According to Erin Andrews of FOX, linebacker Aldon Smith is questionable to return to the game with cramps.

Cramps typically happen during games played in very warm weather.  Apparently, they happen in very cold weather, too.

The game continues to get colder.  It’s currently three degrees, with a wind chill of 13 below.

UPDATE 6:45 p.m. ET:  Smith is now back, as evidenced by a sack of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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  1. In all seriousness will he be suspended for his conduct off field .. He and his team did a voluntary regard program… How does a high risk guy out of college never ever fail a drug test WHEN HE IS APPARENTLY ADDICTED TO DRUGS … This smells of collusion … He had better been suspended or this was a team trying to go outside the rules to avoid the Nfls policies ..

    Yes I’m a Seahawks fan yes I think lynch should have been suspended a game for offseason DUI the night before his youth camp.. But I also think getting caught pushing the gas while ran into a tree with drugs in the car and intoxicated should be suspended ..

  2. This was a total psch job art of war Shogun move by the Genghis Khan of football coaches :Jim Harbaugh. I’m sure G.B. was happy to hear the news and then shocked to see Smith return as relentless as ever. Green bay was Gumby clingy on their pass protection AND their secondary. Troy Aikman is a closet Green Bay fan and has an obvious man crush for Aaron Rogers,could hear and feel his pain as G.B. was losing. Zebras were too cold to throw yellow and have to stay one extra nano second on the field. Green Bay fans are solid and I was truly shocked at their fire and crowd noise. Aaron Rogers is money Green Bay, coaching was super solid. Game could have gone either way…period. I’ll say it again : nothing but respect for Green Bay and their loyal fans.

  3. Ok I lived in 90-100 degree weather and lived in the high 8- -15. So how dose one get cramps in cold weather. ???????. Really its call the wussafication of Pro Football these days.!!!!!! MAN UP Pro. Football is NOT the same as back in the day. Free Agency Killed Pro. Football. !!!!!!!

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