Anthony Davis won’t be retiring in Green Bay

Getty Images

As the 49ers prepare to face the Packers in Green Bay, thanks to a league rule that forces wild-card teams with superior records to visit division winners with lesser won-loss-tie marks, San Francisco offensive lineman Anthony Davis won’t be leaving his heart in Wisconsin.

“Nature Boy Ric Flair flew into this sh-t hole to show us some love,” Davis said Saturday night on Twitter, from the team’s hotel in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Davis, a native of Piscataway, New Jersey, stuck to his guns despite facing the wrath of those who took exception to his comment.

“Ok everybody that strongly disagrees w me can you defend your argument on this place not being a sh-thole?”

It’s not exactly bulletin board material for the Packers, but it will ensure that Davis receives something other than a hero’s welcome when he emerges from the tunnel and enters the playing field.