Bengals unravel again in postseason, Chargers advance


Maybe the Chargers weren’t supposed to be here.

But unlike the Bengals, they played like they wanted to be.

Playing conservatively but smartly and taking advantage of Cincinnati mistakes, the Chargers advanced with an 27-10 win over the Bengals. They’ll play the Broncos again next week, after splitting the regular season series with the top seed.

The Chargers continued to play the kind of clean, workmanlike football they played as they closed the regular season with four straight wins. And even if they snuck into someone else’s playoff spot, they checked off all the boxes they needed to keep playing.

They ran the ball efficiently, with Ryan Mathews, Danny Woodhead and even Ronnie Brown combining for a 196-yard output. And with a defense led by coming-off-an-ACL Melvin Ingram, that was enough.

But mostly, the Chargers let the Bengals do what they do in the postseason. Cincinnati gave the ball away four times, spoiling yet another solid regular season with sloppy play.

The Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since Jan. 6, 1991, leaving another offseason for folks to wonder whether coach Marvin Lewis (0-5 in the postseason) and quarterback Andy Dalton (0-3) will be able to get over the hump.

Dalton continued a trend of bad performances in the postseason, with a pair of ugly second-half interceptions to go with a fumble.

He has one touchdown and six interceptions in three postseason starts, but it wasn’t just him. Giovani Bernard fumbled early, A.J. Green had a big drop late in the game, and the Bengals couldn’t sufficiently pressure a team that has had makeshift lines all year, and lost center Nick Hardwick in the first half.

192 responses to “Bengals unravel again in postseason, Chargers advance

  1. Andy Dalton continues to evolve….into Tony Romo.

    8-0 in the regular season at home only to score 10 points against the back door playoff team with the #23 ranked defense. The Bungles never really left. They just hide until January.

    Good job, Chargers. Didn’t mean to make it sound like you don’t deserve any credit. Sometimes all you need to do is step aside and let the Bengals be the Bengals.

  2. Typical Dalton choke job. If flacco wasnt completely awful last week, Dalton would have cost the bengals that game. He’s not playoff material. He’s barely regular season material.

  3. The Chargers move on to face Peyton Manning. Just as I predicted. Just as the Manning fans feared. They did NOT want this team to make the playoffs. They did NOT want the Chargers to win today.

    And now it’s inevitable. Another Manning one and done. Are you ready?

  4. You will just never give the chargers credit huh? They beat a bunch of playoff teams to get in, stumbled against the chiefs but still won, and then beat the bengals at home, something no one had done this year. And all you say is the bengals lost the game themselves..

  5. Feel for you Bengal fans. One of these years you’ll truly find a gem in the third round like my 9ers did

    Always, always look for the traits of a supreme ruler when evaluating college QB’s.

    Thank god, Harbaugh and Baalke knew of this divine wisdom.

    All hail the 49er Monarch and King Kaepernick, the TRUE King of Qbs


  6. For the love of god and everything good in this world get rid of Dalton!! He is holding the entire team back.

  7. Big props to the Red Sausage for padding his stats in garbage time, trying to save his job.

    What a loser.

    Both him and Lewis have to go, no sense denying it any longer.

  8. Marvin has to go. We can replace Dalton but that does nothing to negate Marvin’s 0-5 record. He cannot get us over the hump. He got us to the hump, but he keeps rolling back down the hill.

  9. Dalton is not good enough flat out a great d can hide a average qb in the regular season but not the playoffs he’s easily the worst starting qb in the playoffs if Cincinnati can get even an average qb they’ll be back

  10. If I’m the Bengels Marvin Lewis is fired tomorrow, you’ll never get any farther then this with him, it’s been going on for years now, I”d promote Zimmer or Gruden.

  11. 12 playoff losses and nine one and dones for Manning by this time next week. NINE!

    Only fitting in a year where he broke records that he extends what I would say is his most impressive one. Nine one and dones is an accomplishment for the ages.

  12. Marvin Lewis should be fired tomorrow. How many years does he get? Talk about someone who never won anything how does he continue to keep his job?

  13. I think the Bengals are cursed. They looked pathetic today. Jacksonville would have beat them. Hell, Texas A & M would have, too.

  14. Who Dey?

    Dey be the team that hasn’t won a playoff game since 1990. Let that sink in for a moment – 1990. That’s a 24 year drought. Nearly a quarter of a century. Yet, the “fans” of this team (the same fans that couldn’t sell out a playoff game) were so vocal about the Steelers and their drought – not making the playoffs for two years in a row.

    Lets compare droughts. Since 1990, the last time the Bengals won a post season game: Steelers have made it to the post season 14 times, played in more than one game in the post season 10 of those years, have won 17 games, including 4 AFC championship games and 2 Super Bowls. Bengals; 5 appearances, no AFC or

    So next year, before these fans crawl out of the wood-work / climb aboard the bandwagon while the team is still respectable, they should be careful of how obnoxious and vocal they are until the Bengals actually accomplish something. The Ravens fans talk a lot of crap as well, but they’ve earned it – their team has done much more in much less history. Although the Steelers failed to make the post season this year, it appears that both teams can reserve tee-times for tomorrow.

    Who Dey? Fore!

  15. Cinnci had everything going for them going into this game, an early game, home field , cold weather and they still lost. Marvin Lewis, your time is up… See ya…

  16. Time to part ways with Lewis and Dalton. Promote Zimmer to HC and find a quarterback somewhere.

  17. Snuck into someone else’s spot? Guess we’re gonna to ear this incorrect statement for a long time, huh? Never mind the fact the officials stole the first game from the Chargers.

    Regardless, the Steelers didn’t make it, and now the Chargers have beaten the Bengals.

    You can argue who deserves what all day. The Chargers are there.

  18. No surprise as to the outcome or the difficulty in selling the game out. Marvin Lewis has proven he can’t get it done for the 5th time now (0 – 5). Andy Dalton fits right in with another pitiful performance today. A mediocre team with a mediocre coach & quarterback is what Bengal fans can expect going forward. Better than the days of the Bungles, but not by much.

  19. Bengals last playoff win was the game that they wrecked Bo Jackson’s hip.

    The curse is alive and well.

  20. The sooner they realize that Andy Dalton is not the answer, this team will be going places. This team was dominant at home all year, and the defense did their part today until they finally broke there at the end, but as usual, Andy Dalton inexplicably shrinks with the bright lights on.

  21. What a disappointing team. Time to let Marvin go! Never seen a guy hang around so long without doing anything!!!!

  22. Chiefs and bengals, thanks for making these playoffs absolutely hilarious, we can always count on you guys.

  23. As a neutral observer yes, the Bengals made had some big mistakes today, but let’s not forget the chargers timely blitz packages forced some hurried throws and generated a few of those picks. And at the end of the day good teams don’t hurt themselves and today San Diego looked like a much better team, especially in that regard which is most important.

  24. haha same old Bungles. Congrats to Lewis for adding to his impressive post season coaching record and good job to Dalton for adding to his awesome playoff resume.

    I am sure (sarcasm) we’ll see the media slamming him for this like they do Romo and Peyton. The big difference there of course is that Tony and Peyton actually don’t completely suck in the playoffs like Dalton does. Go look at the stats to see.

    The Chargers looked pretty lousy which makes Cinci’s choke job even more amusing. If Denver loses to these guys next week then they will deserve all the criticism they will get.

  25. Damnit Cincinatti.
    Atleast do your job as a small time playoff team and play against New England.
    Nobody wants to see the colts and Broncos in the afcgame.
    Everybody only wants to see Brady vs Manning, you were never getting to the SB, atleast play your part.
    Thumbs down if you think Brady/Manning is a lesser matchup than anything in the NFL, and you are a lesser nfl fan.

  26. Marvin Lewis is a good coach but he’s obviously taken this team as far as he ever will. Time for change.

  27. Haha haha. New year… same bungles. By the way Cincinnati fans… for all your mouth running you have as many playoff victories as the Steelers the past three years.

    My only regret is that the refs didn’t screw us and we could have knocked you out ourselves.

  28. SD might be this years NY Giants. Squeak into the playoffs and now getting a great running game, Defense is playing fast and all over the place, and efficient QB play. Could be a team of destiny. Happens almost every year.

  29. Balance of power in the NFL has clearly shifted west of the rockies. All the big bad east coast teams sitting home when the big games start!

  30. San Diego Super Chargers! San Diego Super Chargers! Another fine performance from Dalton. Undefeated at home and won your division to show us this? No more second or third place schedule. Good luck playing Denver and New England next season.

  31. When you think of the roster the Bengals have, and you look at the roster the Patriots have, it just shows how important the QB and Coach is. If belichick coached the Buguls, I bet they would have a few playoff wins by now.

  32. Dalton is absolutely horrendous, I was shocked Cinci were favorites for this game, I told everyone I knew that Dalton chokes in any pressure situation and that he would cost the Bengals the game.

    He’s the worst quarterback you can possibly have, he plays well enough to keep his place but you’ll never win anything with him ever. It’s really a shame because there is so much talent on that team. Any top 10 quarterback and Cincinnati would be superbowl favorites.

  33. A guy with Dalton’s marginal arm strength has to make up for it with football iq and good decision making – he is at best mediocre – too good to trade not good enough to really win

  34. I said all week long if Dalton plays like he did in week 17 the Chargers will win this game.

    Thank you Mr. Dalton.

    Only team to win in Cincy this year: Chargers
    Only team to win in Denver this year: Chargers

    Let’s make it 2 outta 3!!!!!!

  35. Where’s all the over confident Bungle fans? That sound you hear is inevitability…as in, the Bungles will always self destruct. Must be all that nepotism in the Brown family and the common denominator of all recent playoff losses – yup, you guessed it…good ‘ol Marvin Lewis.


  36. Hilarious at Steelers fans thinking they would have done better. The AFC North as a whole only got in because a rule says one of them technically “wins” the division and makes the playoffs. You’re in a division where if Brian freaking Hoyer knows how to slide the BROWNS PROBABLY WOULD HAVE WON IT. That’s pretty sad.

  37. You see Dalton play and you wonder why some ppl talk up the OC Shula…clearly not ready for prime time.

    However , Mike Zimmer is overdue.

    It’s comfortable for the Cincy ownership to waddle in mediocrity so I suspect Lewis isn’t going anywhere.

  38. I became a Rivers fan after watching his Sound FX. Dude is hilarious and if you haven’t seen it try to catch it one day, you won’t be disappointed.

  39. I’ll say it again: The Bungals should have bundled those picks they got for Palmer and got themselves a QB. Opie Dalton doesn’t have the arm or the head to get them where they need to go.

  40. To those who say fire Marvin Lewis. Have you seen the list of candidates that are interviewing for the remaining open HC jobs? Doesn’t look like anyone is better than Lewis and I’m not a bengals or Marvin Lewis fan.

  41. How is it that Marvin Lewis has been the Bengal’s coach for over 10 years and has yet to win a playoof game!?! In this day and age that is supposed to be tunacceptable. They need a coach who can get the most out of Dalton or at the least another qb.

  42. Kills me how when the bengals win, the coordinators are the hottest head coach candidates. When they lose it’s how does Marvin Lewis have a job. Hypocrites. This loss is on Andy Dalton….he is a true bum

  43. Marvin Lewis has had forever and a day to get this team to the Superbowl. Not to mention all the top notch assistant coaches he has on the squad. He has no excuse whatsoever for failing ever year. Fire him and hire Ken Wiz before the Lions get him.

  44. I really think the Bengals have to clean house after this debacle. Although I thought this way several years ago when they had that embarrassing playoff collapse against the Jets and Mr. ButtFumble himself. What will it take for the Bengals to start from scratch?

    This was one of the more more embarrassing playoff collapses I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the Chargers have the better QB but the Bengals are the more talented team by far. But they just play so undisciplined and cluelessly and that’s a damning indictment of their head coach.

    Fire Marvin Lewis, get rid of Andy Dalton. The Bengals are a lost cause. Blow it all up and start all over again. Not a Bengals fan but they deserve better.

  45. Didn’t expect anything more for the Bungles, One and done in the playoffs as usual. I will give them props for a nice regular season, they looked like the cream of the crop in the AFC North, and they will continue to be right there with the browns a close second with a good offseason. Unfortunately, it is obvious to everyone except the the coach and player personnel that Dalton is not the guy to take them to the next level. His play is way too inconsistent, and he is a ginger of course, which in some way a curse against success, ( Carrot Top being the exception). So riding the team of Marv Lewis and an Upgrade at Qb. would prop allow the team to move past the first round in the next 5 years. the window is small, so they need to act now!

  46. That’s right, as Gantt rightly said, SD snuck into Pittsburgh’s playoff spot like everybody knows, due to fat Andy Reid resting his starters last week, the missed chip shot FG and the incompetent refs. Steelers would have smoked the Bungals today the lousy way they played. DOLTon joins Flaccid as the biggwst fraud QBs in the NFL. Thank God the Steelers have a real franchise QB with Ben who plays mozt of the time with no running game support or consistent starting offensive line, anly a few really good receivers, while battling a napoleon of an OC that finally let Ben run the no-huddle late in the year. Next year Steelers claim the AFC crown while winning #7.

  47. There’s no joy in the dust belt. Shame. Long live Mike Brown ! On a positive note, at least the game was a sell out and available for all to watch.

  48. Andy Dolt’un, one of five QBs to go to the playoffs in each of their first three seasons but the only one to go 0’fer. And Lewis? Nice clock management at end of game when you were within two scores. Glad to see nothing has changed over the years.

    And let all the off-season wondering go on. Lewis ain’t losing his job because the Bungles are too cheap to let him go. Give him enough chances and he might eventually win a playoff game. It won’t change the fact he’s a brutal coach. Always has been. Always will be. You are what your record says you are.

  49. If the bengals had guts they’d fire Marvin Lewis and not resign Dalton. The QB is a big problem you can’t live with if you want to win in the playoffs.

  50. Less than a week after proclaiming the Bengals are at their best when they’re attacking, Coach Giggles installs yet another ultra-timid game plan in a playoff game. I don’t think he can help himself……

  51. Of course the turnovers didn’t help, however look no further than Coach Lewis for the reason that the Bengals were eliminated today…totally out coached !

  52. So next year when we have a home playoff game we can’t sell out I don’t want to hear a G D word from anybody.

  53. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues – Bengals losing today is probably the closest thing to an orgasm you didn’t cause by yourself in years. I guess when your team’s not that – that’s all you got. Sad.

  54. It’s so wonderful to note that the Bengals will be one and done in the playoffs (as usual) in several threads leading up to today’s game- and then… have them go one and done.

    I mean, I’m not saying I knew it. It’s just a self fulfilling prophecy.

  55. Ya because its not like this team was cursed with injury problems. I mean it can’t be that hard to win without the top DT in the game and there 2 top corners. You can say Dalton could have done a lot better, but not every QB can overcome this teams problems as they couldn’t stop the pass or rush the QB and its not like its hard to stop one of the better QBs in the league.

  56. My picks so far, Chiefs, Iggles, Bungles and the Cheese.

    Right now I’m sitting 0-3 and the Pack trails 6-0 with the Niners driving.

    I know nothing about the NFL.

  57. Coach really got his team up for this game! That being said, Dalton made rookie mistakes all game long.

  58. Well as a bronco fan and also as a fan of the game and it’s history, I have to admit that the Chargers are probably the last team the Broncos or myself want to see in the playoffs.
    1: going against mike McCoy who was the offensive coordinator for years and probably knows our strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else not on the broncos payroll.
    2: the Chargers could be this years Ravens as a sneaky wild card team that peaked at the right time and had a couple lucky bounces go their way such as the no-call penalty last week
    3: Philip Rivers has an amazing win percentage in Denver. If I’m not mistaken, outside of San Diego, his highest winning percentage and stats come against Denver and in Denver. I remember the commentators stating during the last time these two teams played that Philip stayed that he loved playing in Denver almost as much as at home
    4: also, correct me of I’m wrong, but no team outside of New England has a better win percentage in the playoffs than the chargers. How many times has the chargers knocked the manning led colts out of playoffs.
    5: Denver’s defense is suspect. And win by out gaining opponents early, thus making the other team play from behind and become one dimensional. Well no Von miller now for the pass rush. And if you give Philip time, he can cut your defense. Didn’t the chargers hold the broncos to the low 20’s in points when they played last

    In other words, I’m a realist and have to admit, this game scares me more than any other team left in playoffs.

  59. I understand the frustration Bengals fans can feel at the moment. But as a Raider fan I can tell you blowing your coaching staff and getting rid of your QB wont be of any help. If someone has to be the goat I think Jay Gruden could pay because he hasnt been able to find answers for his offense so far in the playoffs.

    The Bengals are a very talented team and now a consistent winner. Getting over the hump in the playoffs is hard but I think they are closer then it looks. They would probably benefit of a scheme change where Dalton can get rid of the ball quicker. They also have to get better at protecting the passer collectively. Those refinements are hard enough to make, dont push the reset button just yet.

    Be patient with Andy Dalton. Sure he’s not the best but what do you expect to find out there? He may not be a great playoff QB yet, but he can win games as a starter in the NFL. Those dont walk the streets looking for jobs.

  60. All Chargers fans gloating over this illegitimate win should hang their heads in shame. Your team did not belong in the playoffs. That’s not me saying it. The NFL said so after it admitted how badly the refs messed up in Kansas City.

    As for the Ben-gals, this team is just soft. Softee Gio Bernard showed his true colors in the costliest cough-up of the game. Too much hype, not enough guts when it counts. Gio is softer than squeezable Charmin.

    Yes, paging Dr. Rust Belt… question, how many empty seats do you expect in Cincy for next week’s playoff game?

  61. Yes, true, the Ravens and Steelers were home watching this game – but neither of those teams had anywhere near the talent that the Bengals have. To be one-and-done with that roster, at home nonetheless, is, well, disappointing to say the least.

  62. The refs didn’t “screw” the Steelers. The Titans, Bengals, Bears, Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Dolphins & Ravens did. That being said….the Bengals suck.

  63. I’ll go one step further and say give the Ravens or Steelers that roster (yes, even the coaching, let’s face it, Gruden and Zimmer are excellent), except for Dalton and let each keep their respective QB, it would have been a totally different outcome.

  64. Poor Marvin Lewis, he turns the keys to the offense over to Jay Gruden and Gruden turns it into a mush machine when the pressure game shows up. Who calls a long pass play when you need 3 yards to keep your drive going when its 4th down with 7 minutes to go and you are behind by 10? Sure, they blame Lewis, but why does Gruden escape the major role he played in the meltdown?

    As for the Chargers, just injoy your moment charger fans. If you had to face any of the other playoff teams this weekend, you would have been blown out just as you probably will be next week when Denver plays its first teamers.

  65. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl and took his team to another. Will the haters ever give him credit for this? What the Super Bowl magic number that a QB has to clear to “earn” your respect.

  66. This is why I’m a defender of Joe Flacco. He’s NEVER had a WR as talented as A.J. Green, Andre Johnson, or Dez Bryant….yet his post season accomplishments are immensely better than any of the QB’s throwing to them.

  67. Man, did Ryan Succop screw the Bengals.

    If he had made that field-goal, the Bengals would be talking about the brutal ass kicking they handed the Steelers today.

    Instead they had to play the Chargers.

  68. “And even if they snuck into someone else’s playoff spot, they checked off all the boxes they needed to keep playing.”

    They didn’t sneak into anyone’s playoff spot. The Steelers didn’t win enough games to get in on their own. Comments like that really piss me off.

  69. This is 100% on Dalton. Coaches can only do so much to prepare their team; the players have to do the rest.

    Dalton has brain cramps at the rate a woman in labor has contractions. Frequently and they cause unimaginable pain to the Cincy fan base and his team’s chances of winning.

    If the Bengals, who have now had THREE straight chances to win a playoff game and had a great situation laid in front of them (considering they already beat New England and Indy this season), and laid an egg all 3 times, with Dalton going 1 TD, 6 INT’s in those games, then WHEN, exactly, are they supposed to take the next step?

    In fact, with Baltimore and Pittsburgh likely returning to some semblance of their normal selves, the Bengals might have well peaked as a team and an organization.

    If anyone still feels like Andy Dalton can be their franchise QB and lead them to a Super Bowl, you need to go see a shrink, stat.

  70. Another one bites the dust. 10 points at home in the playoffs. Are you kidding me? The steelers would have killed the bungles. Who Dey!!!!!!! Poor Bungle fans…..20 plus years and counting…..Theirs a fishing pole waiting for you….Lol………

  71. Anyone suggesting the Chargers didn’t earn or deserve this lacks serious objectivity.

    Bengal fans need to eat their humble pie, because their team played like they’d never played in a pressure situation before.

  72. I was reading a feed after KC lost yesterday with people saying Cincy was gonna show them how to win in the playoffs after a 20+ year drought, 1 question what happened,I mean you really showed everyone how to get it done I’m not a fan of either team either just was wondering what happened

  73. thegloriousone says:
    Jan 5, 2014 6:24 PM
    Man, did Ryan Succop screw the Bengals.

    If he had made that field-goal, the Bengals would be talking about the brutal ass kicking they handed the Steelers today.

    And this projection is based on… the last game the two played, when the Steelers handed the Bengals that “brutal ass kicking”?

    You’re a real genius.

    Speaking of real genius, here’s this one:

    cruzan80 says:
    Jan 5, 2014 6:12 PM
    This is why I’m a defender of Joe Flacco. He’s NEVER had a WR as talented as A.J. Green, Andre Johnson, or Dez Bryant….yet his post season accomplishments are immensely better than any of the QB’s throwing to them.

    Puh-leese! Neither Dalton, Schaub or Romo have
    Jacoby Jones to run back kicks for touchdowns every time they fade late. And Torrey Smith isn’t exactly a scrub. NOBODY gets more help and more carried by his teammates than Joe Flacco.

    If not for Jones, Mr. “Post Season Accomplishments” would be known for leading the biggest Super Bowl collapse of all time.

  74. Hmmm … where are all those big talkers from the Bengals fan base who always have so much to say to every other team’s fans after a loss? Well, at least the Bengals won’t have to worry about selling enough tickets to avoid a blackout during the rest of the playoffs. Only in Cincy.

  75. Still lookin for all the whodeys who were talking smack. My ravens didn’t make it this year but for the last 5 have won at least one playoff game per year. The only thing we know about Cindy is that they will piddle down their legs come playoff time. In the words of the immortal Dennis green, “they are who we thought they are.”

  76. larrydavid7000 says:
    Jan 5, 2014 8:05 PM
    Its really really PATHETIC to hear steeler fans talk about THE PAST.!!!!!!!!

    At least they have a past to talk about unlike the Bungles.

  77. neago37, the chargers have one of the worst all time playoff records, #28 in the league, they are 10-16 overall. They are 4-2 during wildcard weekend tho. Plus NE, .585, is #6 in playoff win %, Ravens .667, GB .625, Steelers .611, Panthers .600, and SF .596 round out the top 5.

    Those numbers do not include this weekend. Yes it should have been the Steelers in the #6 seed per the NFL, but the chargers are in and still alive. I am fairly confident that the Broncos will be 1 and done too but it’s not hands down a chargers win like every chargers fan says.

  78. I would not be surprised if there was a one seed to lose in next week’s NFL Divisional Playoffs. I think that the Chargers will upset the Broncos next Sunday while I expect the Saints to give the Seahawks fits on Saturday. Your thoughts?

  79. You know what really sucks about playoff football? It is when you think that you have to arrange your schedule around what should be a good game then only one team shows up for playoff football. The over confident Bengals looked just like the Broncos did last year in their loss to Ravens. KC’s second string looked better against the Chargers and the Bungles looked uninformed as to what the loss would mean.

  80. Raggedy arm Andy strikes again, take away his jump ball pal green and he will make a mistake. They will waste a good defense waiting for a QB to show up one of these years.

  81. Bengals players, coaches and fans bought in to the notion that it was not really necessary to prepare for San Diego….the team, according to the “experts”, has no business being in the playoffs. Chargers are even bigger dogs this week (10 points) as they go to Denver. You know what they say about people that don’t learn from history…….they live to repeat it

  82. Odd…all these Bengal fans condemning Dalton and Lewis were predicting a Cincinnati blowout just 24 hours ago. Seems these two guys got awfully bad awfully fast.

  83. Dalton needs to grow a pair and take the blame for LOSING THAT GAME FOR CINCINNATI. Hell, it was him, all by himself that fumbled the damn ball without even getting hit. What a joke.

    But, it was not all his fault. The offensive line did not give him adequate protection and Dalton got killed several times from the blind side. He needs better protection. If he gets it, he usually performs well.

    Here is what the Bengals need, in no particular order:
    — A new offensive coordinator: Sorry, but Gruden isn’t cutting it. That offense should be putting much higher numbers on the board. The play calling is inept. i.e.- When it’s third and one or two yards, you do not run a low percentage pass play. Run a high percentage pass play or a running play.
    — A better offensive line. The current one is average, at best. Remember when Kenny Anderson got a great offensive line? He was awesome the rest of his career and got to the Super Bowl.
    — A coach that can tell Dalton that if he does not become more consistent, he is going to sit out some games. Put Johnson in there.
    — A sports psychologist for Dalton. He clearly has the physical ability to be a winning QB in the playoffs. He has to get over the mental part of winning.

  84. 4 wild card games, 1st 3 decided by 2 points or less, 3 winners were visitors.

    Gotta get stocked on brewskis, chips and brats for next weekend.

    Bengals – your unis are ridiculous.


  85. The Bengals have to select a path forward with Dalton.

    A) Keep him, win 9 or 10 games a year, make the playoffs and lose first round or

    B) Trade him for the best draft choice they can get and get a franchise quarter back

    This roster has a ton of talent and is being held back by Dalton.

    My guess is that Mike Brown will do nothing

  86. Andy Dalton lacks the mentoring of solid coaching. He is a winning QB despite his playoff record. Confusing play calling does little to develop the higher NFL caliber instincts that lead to break throughs, or raise the ceiling of play. Jay Gruden- head coach, WHY? His skills as an OC is abysmal.

  87. chargers are simply a better team than their regular season record.
    don’t forget that they’ve played their best games on the road and have beaten the better teams in the league on enemy turf. as long as Rivers plays mistake free football, they can beat anybody including the Pats and the Colts.

  88. This is a QB league. Andy Dalton does not measure up. With all the offense weapons around him he should be able to win a playoff game at home. Not to sure Marvin shouldn’t go back to being a defensive coach either. Just because you’re a great D.C. doesn’t mean you’ll be a good headcoach. (See Rex Ryan)

  89. The Chargers remind me of the Super Bowl III winning ’69 Jets…totally underestimated, charismatic QB, eyes on the prize, and having a great time in the process. Nobody better underestimate them or they’ll be watching the Super Bowl from the comfort of home.

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