Jason Peters: Saints “got lucky and beat us”


It’s rare for an NFL team to lose a close game in the playoffs and not hear members of the roster say afterward that they were actually the better team even if their opponents are the ones advancing to play another day.

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams did the honors in Philly after Saturday night’s 26-24 loss to the Saints, saying that the Saints were not better than the Eagles but that they were better on the field over the course of the game. Williams’ teammate Jason Peters didn’t even reach that level of credit for the Saints.

“They got lucky and beat us. We beat ourselves in the first half and they came out with the win,” Peters said, via Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com.

There were some missed opportunities, but the Eagles were winning the game 7-6 at the end of the first half. They lost because they couldn’t stop the Saints from running the ball all night and because they couldn’t find any consistent offensive push against the Saints defense until cornerback Keenan Lewis left the game with an injury.

That Lewis injury and the loss of linebacker Parys Haralson earlier in the game could actually be used to suggest luck was against the Saints, who made up for it by nearly doubling the Eagles in total yards and running the ball into field goal range at the end of the game against an Eagles defense that couldn’t stop them.

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  1. Saints dominated this game. If not for the loss of Lewis piled on to the earlier losses of Greer, Vacarro and Robinson it would’ve been a 35-10 game or something. No team could reasonably be expected to play as well with their top 4 defensive backs out.

  2. Jason: You got lucky to beat a lot of teams, what were 6 of your 16 games against backup QBs? This is why folks don’t like Philly. Just keep your mouth shut and let people say good things about the team exceeding expectations under their first year coach, etc. It’s this type of crap that leads people to dislike this team and it’s fans.

  3. Tough loss for Da Birds. They can hang their heads high. They fought hard and ended up exceeding everyone’s expectations. Foles looks like he’s a solid, consistent QB and Chip Kelly and his staff did a great job in their first season. The future is bright for Eagles fans!

  4. The Saints O line dominated. You cannot allow the opposing QB to keep sneaking for 1st downs…you do that, you lose every time….

  5. Ironic that its a Offensive lineman that would say this. He should step aside and let a defensive lineman make that same statement for it was the defense that was on the field for the last 5 minutes while the Saints ran the ball down their collective throats. A single defensive stop in that series would have been the difference.

  6. Looks to me like the problem wasn’t Andy. Eagles really just are not that good. Saints were not lucky, they are a much better team that just played down to their opponents level.

  7. Players at the end of a game have their adrenaline going and say stuff like that, it’s okay. Great game Saints, you guys are the better team- but the Eagles aren’t far behind at all.

    Let the Eagles franchis Maclin, sign Byrd from Buffalo in free agency and get a place kicker! The Eagles will be a serious contender next season.

  8. How sad it must be to be a fan of a non-expansion team that has never won a Superbowl. It has to be embarrassing. My team has five Lombardi’s. Fly Eagles Fly.

  9. LUCK you say – In a game that was supposed to feature two of the best offenses in the NFL, it was a defensive struggle for most of the night. The Saints held the Eagles, the second most prolific offense in the NFL this season, to seven first downs and 122 total yards in the first half. You call that luck??? You guys got two interceptions yet you still loss – it was more than luck – it was the winning team who was the better team on the field.

  10. Cary Williams’ comments are perfectly in line with what one familiar with Williams would expect from Williams. No shocker there.

    The surprise was an OL playing this card — particularly when it was the Saint offensive front that mauled Philly’s undersized DLs that sealed the game. Most OLs I’ve met (or heard) are generally thoughtful and respectful – so to hear it reported that that OL Jason Peters played this card came as a bit of a surprise.

  11. 4-12 last year with Andy, 10-6 and Division Championship this year without him. Yeah, youre absolutely right, it wasn’t Andy’s fault at all. Where’s his team at today by the way?

  12. Bye Eagles bye! You were lucky to make the playoffs after barely beating a backup, Orton and a JV defense. Lucky Romo didn’t play because you would have lost. Another year with a dusty empty trophy case.

  13. Again, Eagles WERE the worst team in the playoffs, period. this guy is an idiot. did he even look at the stats? not to mention the Saints tried to give them the game with two INT’s.

    burn in hell LOSER.

  14. Win or lose.. Eagles fans stick by their team. We’ve turned a corner and next year the Eagles haters will be eating their own words (or more likely have nothing quantitative to say).

    The results of this year far exceeded everyone’s expectations and any football fan with class would respectfully acknowledge that instead of throwing out ignorant and shallow rhetoric. (Most of whom probably don’t even know what that word means).

  15. The Saints got lucky our defense isn’t quite good enough I guess?

    Can’t wait to see how Chip builds this team after what he did with this squad. Seems very unlikely that he blows the offseason and the draft…

  16. Saints got lucky? philly just beat a cowboys team with a backup QB and a depleted defense was he really thinking they were going to the super bowl ?

  17. Ya Jason Peters, you guys are better. Did the Eagles finish with a better record ? What team in the NFC EAST is actually good ? How many rushing yards did Philly allow to Ingram and Robinson ? I got the answer, 185 yds and that was without Pierre Thomas. Don’t be a poor loser. Blame your playmakers for not showing up. DeSean getting shutdown by Keenan and McCoy running timid.

  18. As a realistic Eagles fan I can say Jason Peter’s is talking out his arse. The Saints dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.
    The o-line couldn’t open holes in the run game and didn’t pass protect particularly well.
    The d-line absolutely got worked. On every play the Saints were getting a 2-3 yd push. When was the last time a QB sneak went for 4 yards? It happened more than once in this game.

  19. Next time, make sure the Eagles wear new warm-ups, drink green Gatoraid, and eat Popeye’s chicken. That’s the mojo which worked the magic!

    Of course, the great Rob Ryan in the top ranked defenses had nothing to with it. The Saints (surprise!) running game had nothing to do with it.

    It was the Popeye’s. Jason was right!

  20. I love my Birds but Peters got this one wrong as did who ever voted him to the pro-bowl..we be back next year but you wont be at 11 million Jason..

  21. Oh my, it was the Eagles who were lucky to even be in the game. Saints outgained them by almost 200 yards. Without the silly turnovers, Saints would have crushed the Eagles.

  22. And Jason Peters somehow makes the Pro Bowl every year and he gives up sacks more than any other offensive lineman in the game. He is pretty much a joke.

  23. I’m a Saints fan but I love football. Going into this game I thought that the Saints matched up well with the eagles becuase of the type of offense the eagles run. I like our chances against any spread offense. And, if the Saints hadn’t turned the ball over twice this game wouldn’t have been that close. That being said I think the eagles are on thier way. They should win the divison again next year

  24. WOW. What class displayed by Mr. Peters! Peters can’t admit they lost to the better team (who also gave up two turnovers, and the Eagles STILL couldn’t capitalize). Not to mention, the Saints lined up on two fourth down plays, and gave it back to the Eagles both times.

    Keenan Lewis shut down MeSean Jackson for 3 quarters, and the Eagles D couldn’t shut down the Saints Offense when it counted (starting with Sproles running back a nice one with a horse collar penalty added to it on the last drive).

    434 total net yards by New Orleans to 256 by the Eagles. 185 net rushing yards for New Orleans, 80 for the Eagles. There is no luck when the opposite team dominated time of possession, net rushing yards, and total offensive net yards. Shady was contained all night (his longest run being 11 yards) and the Saints out-rushed the #1 rushing offense in the league. There was no luck involved with this loss, Peters. It was simply the better team marched onto the field and won their first ever road playoff game by executing better on both offense and defense. Period. You have a year to get over it, Peters.

    New head coach for Philly, same old results, and same old excuses from Philly players.

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