League fines Lynch $50,000 for not talking to the media

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The NFL has taken a big dent out of Marshawn Lynch’s Skittles budget.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league has fined the veteran tailback $50,000 for refusing to make himself available to the media throughout the season.

Players are required to be available after each game and once during each week.  The league typically takes action only when one or more members of the media complain about a player who refuses to talk.

In this case, a fine of $50,000 actually seems a little light, if it’s true that Lynch has declined all season long to speak.  But since the media apparently hadn’t complained about Lynch until recently, the league didn’t whack him for 30-plus separate violations.

Past players to be fined for not talking include Randy Moss.  After Moss was fined $25,000 for refusing to speak to the Minnesota media during his abbreviated second stint with the team, Moss declared that he’d talk — but that he’d answer only his own questions.  He was cut not long thereafter, avoiding a showdown over whether a monologue with the media would be sufficient.

In 2012, Moss declined to speak throughout the season before talking a blue streak during Super Bowl week.  The media apparently didn’t complain about Moss not talking, possibly because he didn’t do much last year for anyone in the media to want to talk to him about.

With the Seahawks preparing to host a divisional-round playoff game, Lynch likely now faces even bigger fines if he refuses to speak, especially if the Seahawks advance to the NFC title game and then to the Super Bowl.

23 responses to “League fines Lynch $50,000 for not talking to the media

  1. Just league showing how corporate it’s become, it’s stupid. New league please! Hopefully the NSFL can make moves as a spring league. And Moss was released as Chilly was confrontational and Moss had questioned him in the locker room. Which was still stupid as Percy Harvin and Visante were having a field day with the double coverage he was getting.

  2. Don’t you love Roger Goodell” NFL?

    A couple of media hacks complain that a player won’t talk to them and Roger reaches into the players pocket and robs him of 50Gs.

    …that’s crazy!

  3. Lynch might think the fine is worth it. Sports journalists nowadays often ask such inane questions which have nothing to do with the player or the game for which he is preparing.

    Oh, well, it all goes to charity, right? That may be the only good thing that comes from this.

  4. How very Big Brother of the NFL! This just made an instant hero out of Marshawn Lynch to millions of fans sick of the heavy handed ways of the NFL machine and influence peddling media. Hope fans all across the country will send Lynch some skittles as a vote of confidence for not allowing the NFL to take away his freedom of speech (or silence)!

  5. The Beast does his talkin’ on the field.

    That’s the way real football fans like it.

  6. Lynch will do his talking in court, when he finally faces that DUI charge that somehow keeps getting deferred until after the season.

  7. Maybe he’s just charitable. Part of the gig is talking to the media, it’s in the contract. The league should take money from him and keep it, they make money from the media and he’s not earning it for them per the contract. Instead they take 50 grand from him, and donate it to charity. At least someone comes out ahead.

  8. I watch the games…the only chatter from anyone I’m interested in is from Sound FX…These podium conversations are repetitive and boring. My advice to Lynch is just burp into the mic and save 50 k!!

  9. So he hasnt spoken to the media all year and someone finally reports him, i bet it wasnt a seattle reporter seeing as how they know he doesnt like talking to cameras, watch real rob report he isnt doing it to spite the media.

  10. OK, that’s why he gave a 1 minute 19 second press conference on Friday. He answered all the questions, so that takes care of this coming week.


  11. That’s totally bogus by the NFL league office. Just another way to take money away from the players. Who really cares what Lynch has to say anyways. He probably can’t even talk right or use proper English. It’s really his prerogative to speak to the media or not. Just a simple freedom of or not of speech. The NFL and media should stay out of it and keep their mouths shut.

  12. As a Seahawks fan, it’s probably better that he doesn’t talk much. He’s a hell of a football player but not much of a scholar.

    However, these players are paid a ton of money and I believe that the media aspect is part of the job description. Some players are just better suited to be answering questions with microphones and recorders present.

  13. I can’t blame Marshawn for avoiding the press. They manipulate words out of context, invade an athlete’s privacy, and only seek to get a quote without any respect for the athlete. If I was Lynch, I’d take the fine and tell the NFL to leave me alone off the field.

  14. The Packers intercepted it last year. You morons should be ashamed of yourselves.

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