Luck continues to outpace Peyton


Entering Saturday’s playoff game against the Chiefs, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was operating on house money, in comparison to his Hall of Fame predecessor.  With a thrilling, historic comeback win, Luck’s early-career arc continues to eclipse Peyton Manning’s.

As a rookie, Luck took a supposedly rebuilding team to the playoffs.  Fourteen years earlier, Manning led the Colts to a 3-13 record, despite having running back Marshall Faulk and receiver Marvin Harrison at Manning’s disposal.

In Manning’s second season, he led the team to a 10-win improvement, nailing down a division title and a first-round playoff bye.  But Manning said goodbye to the playoffs after only one game, a 19-16 home loss to the Titans.

Luck’s first home playoff game resulted in the kind of win that people in Indy will be talking about for years, a Frank Reich-style comeback for the ages that has vaulted the Colts to the divisional round.

And if the Bengals win at home today in a likely snow-globe game against the Chargers, Luck and the Colts will get a chance to qualify for the AFC title game by facing Manning and the Broncos in Denver.

If Luck can pull off the Flacco-style upset next weekend, the youngster will have accomplished in two seasons that which Peyton didn’t pull off until his sixth season in the league.  And Luck continues to do it without guys like Harrison, Edgerrin James, Dallas Clark, or holdover Reggie Wayne, who was lost for the season during Peyton’s return to Indy.

While Luck still has a very long way to go to match Manning’s career accomplishments, Luck already has done something that Peyton — and plenty of other franchise quarterbacks — never have done in a postseason game.

18 responses to “Luck continues to outpace Peyton

  1. It’s like no one watched Andrew Luck play the first half against the Chiefs. He dug the hole.

  2. Luck has always clearly been the real deal.

    Somebody needs to come up with a name for that fumble pick up and TD dive holding the ball out with one arm play ….. it was epic…..

  3. Didn’t this dude throw 4 picks that nearly cost them the game??!!! Had it not been for that fluke fumble for a TD, Luck would have been the biggest, if not the entire reason the Colts lost the game! I like Luck but the only reason he had to bring them back was because of him!!

  4. Luck is still way too inconsistent to compare right now. He goes long stretches where he looks terrible.

  5. What a game. I thought it was all over early in the 3rd qtr when Luck tossed that interception which led to another Chiefs’ touchdown. Thoughts of any comeback were over after Luck fed another ‘chuck-ee-bee’ ball to the Chiefs. Guess what? I missed seeing the greatest comeback of all time because I switched off the game.

  6. He’s great. He definitely knows how to make a Farve ‘comeback’. Throw a bunch of picks in first half then redeem yourself in second. Doesn’t take away from his amazing skill but he did get himself into the mess.

  7. Of course he is, he’s better than him. I know I’ll get slammed for this, but Luck is cut more out of the same cloth as John Elway or Joe Montanna, while Peyton was more like Dan Marino. Those are all great QBs to be compared to, but I think we all know who were the better players when the chips were down, and Peyton has repeatedly come up short with very good teams around him, while Andrew Luck has already got a playoff comeback for the ages on his playoff resume with far less offensive firepower surrounding him. What I found interesting yesterday was when one of the announcers said that Luck “hates” being compared to Peyton. Never heard that one before.

  8. You can`t say enough Praise the Lord,Thank God ,Amen fnally there is somebody out there besides Tom Brady that is better than Peyton Manning. Thank You Thank You Thank you Mr. Luck

  9. “He dug the hole”

    When he threw his first pick the game was already 31 x 10.

    You either air it out or embrace defeat…

  10. Finally there is somebody out there besides Tom Brady that is better than Peyton Manning? Yes, Joe Flacco last season when he beat them both. Colts got lucky with all of the Chiefs players out. And if Luck plays like that next week against the Patriots, the Colts are done.

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