Lurie stops short of anointing Foles as a franchise quarterback


In October, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said that the team’s No. 1 priority has become finding a franchise quarterback.  After Saturday night’s playoff loss to the Saints, Lurie opted not to declare that the Eagles had found one.

“I don’t want to comment on any player, but how can you not be impressed with Nick [Foles], with everything he has accomplished, including tonight,” Lurie told reporters.  “He had no turnovers and led us back from 20-7.  He is incredibly impressive.”

While it would be unfair to interpret Lurie’s comments as suggesting that Foles could be replaced via free agency or the draft, the handful of teams with true franchise quarterbacks aren’t shy about saying so.

Then again, those teams typically say so with their bank vaults.  Foles remains a full year away from his first eligibility for the kind of contract that would make it clear to the football-following world that the Eagles have found their franchise quarterback.

For Foles, that means spending a full offseason as the unquestioned starter, taking — and not sharing — all of the first-team reps in offseason workouts, training camp, and the preseason in the hopes of having an even better season, and of setting himself up to be paid like a franchise quarterback.

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  1. Foles will be the Eagles’ Tony Romo. Tease and promise, and then fall flat at the end.

    So sorry, Eagles! No,championships for you!

  2. While it would be unfair to interpret Lurie’s comments.

    That’s because Lurie doesn’t interfere with Chip / Howie in football decisions about player-personnel,unless necessary.

    You have him confused with J.J.

  3. Foles has looked very impressive this year but next year will be the determiner. Second year QB’s now have a body of work and tape to be dissected by some very good DC’s around the league. Same for his coach and system ( which is also looking good as the season has gone on). And this is admitted by NYG fan.The NFL is long term to be determined a ‘ success.’ But the beauty of Foles if he is the real deal is twofold. The Eagles will be another team with a starting QB that produces at a high level…but is not hamstrung with huge cap problems because he costs $20mm a year. That is the current ‘death blow’ in todays NFL. He will not break the bank with his extension thus allowing the team to spend and surround him with more quality players.

  4. Foles has a noodle arm. He is unathletic. He cannot run. They know the ceiling on this kid. He is an average qb.

  5. No way Vick stays in philly with his current contract. He either restructures to backup money or he is the first guy cut

  6. Nick Foles certainly appears to be the real deal. Very poised, quick release, accurate, and moves well enough. Also, from watching him a few times this year, one of the best play-fakers I can recall seeing. Often manages to freeze the defense for a split second, which can be very important.
    I’m sure the Eagles know that he’s their man, but if they aren’t sure, there are a number of other teams around the league that would be!

  7. Foles had a great year and the numbers he put up were ridiculous, but he does have a ways to go before he can cement himself as a franchise qb. His pocket awareness isn’t very good, he holds on the ball way to long and doesn’t handle the blitz very well. He is in a very good situation with a great o line, really good weapons including McCoy, with a good system. Young player with bright future, but still has to prove himself.

  8. The Eagles D were gased by the middle of the fourth period. As one analyst pointed out, that D spent more plays on the field then any other team because of the quick strike offense.

    The Saints played well and smart, changing up running backs and keep the D on the field with long drives. Also, they can thank Dallas for taking Philly to the woodshed the week before. Dallas beat on them pretty well and even the offense looked sluggish.

    However, when you give up a 50 yard punt return at the end of the game, then stand around and let them pound the ball for another 25 yards, kick a field goal and go home, blame yourself for not being in shape to make the plays.

  9. Would be pretty stupid to anoint Foles the starting QB when he has another year before they can re-sign him. Suppose he regresses next year?

  10. A big part of what makes Kelly’s offense go is the threat of a running QB. As good as he has been, they really don’t have that with Foles.

    Until they get that, the blue print has been established by N.O and Dallas on how to slow it down.

  11. Don’t get too excited about foles on the last drive. Biggest gainer was a foles jump ball that got a pass interference. The kid is average at best. He struggled all night. Their other long pass was a jump ball that djack had to make a great catch on over backup db. Pump the breaks on foles.

  12. The best part of Foles being the QB is the fact that he is NOT a running threat so OLBs and DEs don’t respect him when they run the read-option and Foles gets big gains out of it while running 5.79 40! But since you didn’t watch any Eagles games this season I wouldn’t expect you to know thats exactly what happened.

    Foles is the future, there is no question about it. Haters gonna hate no matter what, their gibberish is just that, nonsense. They are just scared because they said Chip Kelly was Spurrier 2.0 and they were proved WRONG! He took a 4-12 team with no heart and desire, and turned them into division champions. Chip and this Eagles team are going to do nothing but get better. They will add some decent safeties in the draft and the D will be top 10 next season like they were for the second half of this season, despite starting the likes of Nate Allen and Patrick Chung! Hate on haters! We know you’re just speaking out of fear!

    Go Birds!!! Fly Eagles Fly!!!

  13. Noodle arm? Unathletic? Cannot run? Well, Vick has a cannon and is very athletic. How did Foles beat out an athletic, strong armed QB? Smarts. He runs the system well and is pretty cool under pressure. Franchise QB? Not yet, but it is a possibility. Don’t want to be stuck in Romo-land – good QB but not good enough.

  14. Incredibly impressive??
    Foles threw for less than 200 yards, and the Eagles lost.

    Mccoy was held to nothing on the ground. I will say this because nobody else will. Vick should have come in the game. He would have opened up massive holes for Mccoy, and the Saints would have had no idea how to stop the read option with Vick after game planning for Foles all week. Foles struggled last night and averaged 5 yards per play.
    Chip had the option to pull one of the greatest coaching decisions ever, and failed.

    When you have a weapon like Michael Vick on your bench, who started out the season incredibly well before he got injured, how do you NOT use him?

  15. You can see some of the holes there that would give you long term hesitation like his lack of mobility that gets him sacked so often, but I say to that, fortify your offensive line more. Being in this offense more time will only make his reads quicker theoretically and bring more big plays.

  16. I think the league as it stands allows for QB’s to come in right away and look pretty good. The real test is how good will you be after defensive coordinators get a 16 game sample to assess your weaknesses. The truly good QB’s are able to zig when defensive coordinators think they will zag. We’ll see.

  17. Anyone who watched that game last night and thinks foles is a franchise qb knows nothing about football. Eagles will draft a qb this year.

  18. Eli Manning, Stafford, RGIII, Tannehill, Flacco, Roethlisberger, and Romo. QBs who are all considered unquestionably better than Foles yet didn’t lead their team to the playoffs. He’s learning and I am fine with his progress.

  19. 4th time

    What I have seen in Foles:

    -good pocket awareness. He slides well within the pocket.
    -throws well on the run
    -sees the field well
    -anticipates his throws. He throws guys open
    -extremely accurate. Outstanding touch.
    -Will take a shot and still deliver the ball. That’s a skill that can’t be taught (see Blaine Gabbert)
    -Flatliner- never seems to get too high or too low. After McNabb that’s a welcome change

    -Not an elite arm. He can make all the throws but he’s not throwing 30 yd outs on a rope.
    -He holds the ball but IMO that’s more a function of avoiding turnovers than not being aware of the rush. Needs to use his check downs more often.
    -Slow. Not really a big deal

    For those saying Foles isn’t good against the blitz you’re mistaken. In fact he and Brees were the top 2 ranked QB’s vs. the blitz.

    He’s completed almost 65% of his passes vs. the blitz w/ 6 TD’s and 0 INT’s for a 125 rating.

    Drew Brees 109/159 (68.6%) 1,422 11/2 114.3

  20. Just love the football guru’s who claim “Mike Vick” wont stay in Philly with his contract. Hey idiots, go look information up first. He was on a 1yr contract, so there is no contract. He will test FA and likely return to Philly as a GOOD back-up to Foles.

  21. Personally as a Kelly/ Eagles fan I want to see a QB that is more athletic to a point where you have to respect his ability to run. That being said Chip can win a Super Bowl with Foles. Foles brought the Eagles back from 20-7 deficit to take the lead and if not for their worthless kicker would have won the game. The same imbeciles who say Foles is average are the same that said Kelly could not coach in the NFL. Fat tu*ds who sit in their lazy boys stuffing their faces with Doritos who think they are so smart.

  22. This is the same guy who couldn’t beat out Kirk Cousins at MSU and transferred out.

    Maybe Danny Snyder & the next coach of the Redskins will wake up & realize they have the same QB situation going on in D.C.

  23. Eagles D was totally exposed by Saints. Power running straight ahead and off tackle couldn’t be stopped. Defensive backs couldn’t control NO’s average wideouts. There aren’t enough draft picks to fix it all. Foles will be good enough to get the Eagles to 8-8 next year.

  24. Foles is the best QB Philly has had in the past 20 years. He didn’t even get all the reps with the first team in the preseason. The Eagles were still hoping that fraud Vick could be the man.

    Foles had one of the best seasons on QB could have. 27 TDs and 2 INTs. I wish Eli would have had a season like that!

  25. ^^ did someone really compare Foles to Romo??

    Foles just had 2 int’s over a 13 game span,,, when has gone more than 3 games without 3 int’s??

    get real.

    oh, there’s also that QB Rating of 120 that Romo couldn’t even sniff in his best year. (102 btw)

    NFC seems a little scared of the REBUILDING EAGLES…

    wait till they are complete.

  26. Foles left the game with the Eagles winning after coming back from a 13 point deficit . Bad special teams on the ensuing kickoff and bad defensive play allowed NO to win the game.

  27. Did some idiot Eagles fan compare Foles to Romo? Foles hasn’t even been a full time starter. He has the best/leading rusher in the NFL. Romo has had two 1000 yard rushers in his career and barely. Come talk to me when Foles puts up these numbers for 5 years and is the 4th Rated Passer of All Time.

  28. Anyone saying Foles isnt A quality starting qb in the nfl doesnt know football or is an Eagles hater, he runs the offense perfectly. He is accurate and does have plenty of arm strength, the idiot who said he has a noodle arm obviously hasnt watch him for more than 3 plays. Running qbs DO NOT win superbowls period end of conversation.

  29. During the season, i remember when a couple of fans were comparing him to Bobby Hoying and Kevin kolb and look at what he did.

    He did more things those other two chumps combined and next season he’ll be better than he was this season.


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