Munchak says he didn’t interview with Penn State on Sunday


Mike Munchak interviewed for the head-coaching job at Penn State today.  Unless he didn’t.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that Munchak would be interviewing for the job vacated by Bill O’Brien, the new coach of the Houston Texans.  Munchak tells Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that the 32-year employee of the Oilers/Titans franchise didn’t interview with Penn State on Sunday.  Instead, Munchak spent the day cleaning out his office at the Titans’ facility.

Munchak also disputed the idea that he was fired because he refused to make changes to his staff.

“It’s not like ‘Munch isn’t here anymore because he wouldn’t fire two guys,'” Munchak said.  “In my eyes, there was more to it than that. . . .  I stand up four guys who are good coaches.  It bothers me when people say I’m not here because I didn’t want to fire my friends.”

Munchak also disputes the idea that he provoked his termination.

“I wanted to be here,” Munchak said.  “I have been here for 30 years. These jobs are hard to come by. . . .  I know a lot of people might not have been happy if I was back.  But I had a plan and I believed it was going to work.”

He also knows that his days of being an NFL head coach are likely over.

“I know the chance of me being a head coach again in the NFL aren’t that great,” Munchak said.  “Most guys get one shot at it.”

The next question is whether Munchak will now get a shot at taking over at his alma mater.  While the interview may not have happened Sunday, there’s always a chance he’ll interview on Monday.

Unless he doesn’t.

21 responses to “Munchak says he didn’t interview with Penn State on Sunday

  1. If I had a college-age son, I would certainly let him play for coach Munchak. I believe he would teach more than football to the young men he mentored.

  2. good luck Munch wherever you go or whatever you do…..I believed you were headed in the right direction to. I will still and always be a Titan fan but am sorry that you didn’t get the chance to finish with them.

  3. 30 years with the Titans? Humm, maybe with the oilers before the titans existed. After 30 years, it’s time to hang up the whistle. Take your wife on a cruise. Enjoy life. You’ve paid your dues.

  4. Munchak was a good guy, I’m still not completely sure if he was head coaching material (as of what I have seen), but he seemed like a loyal and honest guy. I hope he gets a chance at the Penn State job. I’m excited to see who Ruston Webster and Tommy Smith bring in for our new head coach!

  5. Unless he had a “conversation”, and not an “interview”.

    Unless he’s a bald-faced liar like the rest of his “noble” profession – a bunch of guys who would be selling used cars if it weren’t for their multi-million-dollar salaries to coach a little boy’s game.

  6. It’s a shame that Jake Locker got hurt, or the Titans would have made the playoffs for sure. He was having a breakout campaign.

  7. Munchak was a great O-lineman at Penn State and with the Oilers/Titans, but he has no pedigree as a college coach. And for that reason, he would be a horrible hire for the Penn State job…

  8. If he really wanted to coach again in the NFL he’d have a decent shot eventually. Today’s hot coaching candidates will be next year’s chumps and plenty of guys like Munchak will rebuild their reputations in college or NFL.

  9. …“I know the chance of me being a head coach again in the NFL aren’t that great,” Munchak said. “Most guys get one shot at it.”

    … OK, Coach. Pete Carroll and I’m sure many others ‘got another chance’. You got fired.

    See you at Penn St., Mr. Munchak.

  10. I hope former Tennessee Titans coach and NFL Hall of Famer Houston Oilers Offensive Lineman Mike Munchak gets hired by his Alma Mater Penn State as head coach, I would root for him and his team…I wish him the best…

  11. God luck munch. I am an old Oilers fan and enjoyed watching you and Bruce Mathews work towards the HOF.

    I hope you get the head coach job at Penn State. You will do well. I think the job and the timing is perfect for you. God does good things for good people.

  12. Seems like a good guy, but he diesnt have much to show as a coach. Why would Penn State want to hire a coach with only 3 years of mediocre success as a head coach. He only got the job in Tennessee because of the owners loyalty to him. I would be surprised if he even gets a coordinator job in the next few years.

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