Niners answer, retake lead


A fourth lead change has happened at Lambeau.

Answering a 12-play drive by the Packers that resulted in a touchdown, the 49ers drove 63 yards in only four plays to take the lead again.

The score came via a 28-yard throw from quarterback Colin Kaepernick to tight end Vernon Davis, who had only one catch for nine yards before the touchdown.

Kaepernick added a 24-yard run during the drive, giving him 87 yards rushing for the day.

48 responses to “Niners answer, retake lead

  1. But the pack is on the move inside 9er ten. I like pack if they can make just one defensive stand.

  2. Fan of neither team but the officiating is horrendous. Few plays prior to GB 2nd TD Rogers got away do to a Grenn bay mugging

  3. I hope the pack win they don’t deserve to be in the game and sf is letting them hang around .. Either way no matter who wins will lose to Carolina next week if not anything more than injuries from tonight …

    Both teams look like crap but maybe that’s just the weather …

  4. I enjoy the games in which the refs swallow their whistles instead of calling every little thing. On that way underthrown ball to James Jones the DB got there early to swipe his hand. But, that’s football, it’s a contact sport.

  5. The Panthers are all sitting at home laughing at each one of Kaepernick’s “passes.” Aside from the one pass for a touchdown, they’ve all been pathetic. If it’s not a screen, shovel, or pitch, his “passes” are just bad gambles.

  6. who care who wins or lose. the NFL rigg games. bengals, chiefs, this year. sf vs ravens superbowl, raven vs broncos divisional game, 2011 ravens vs patriots afc championship game, and sf vs gaints 2011 championship game

  7. oh dont forget falcons vs 49ers game last year falcons should have won, but rigged so the brothers can play.

    then falcons vs seahawks divisional game, seahawks should have won but rigged cause they taught Gonzalez was gonna retire.

    if you go with the best storylines u can pretty much tell who wins this games. sf will most likely win so they can play panthers, and win that too. seahawks will beat the saints and it will be hawks vs 49ers for the nfc championship game. i am so confident in this i will bet my house on it

  8. Obviously you care @kezie. You came here to post that on two different posts I’ve seen. The Bengals lost because it was rigged, not Dalton playing like crap. Makes sense.

  9. Anyone complaining of pass interference non-calls isn’t using their brain. This game is being called very consistently. If you start calling PI on the other team, there are several calls that would also need to apply to yours.

  10. Even though they made they field goal, in this weather they should have tried to run it in. They had time & the downs. GB wasn’t stopping them.

  11. Well the Niners beat a really weak team, barely. Looks like they will be knocked out in Carolina next week. Cam Newton is much better and not as easily intimidated as Kaepernick.

  12. Oh well, a healthy Packers squad wins this game. Great effort against a loaded 49ers team. What a great year and a great game playing through adversity that would have absolutely crippled anyone else. Im ready for next season when a healthy Packers squad competes for a Super Bowl.

  13. Niners need to fire greg roman before next game….kao is not a drop back pocket passer. Cant force him to be.

  14. We won!!!! Niner Empire!!!!!

    Hats off to Green Bay and your fans. Class acts and tough opponents, hard hitting smash mouth football which honors the legacy of this game. Next round on me!

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  15. It was really nice of the officials to keep the Pack in it enough to at least make it look like a close game. They certainly needed somebody to help them out.

  16. In green bay the 12th man is the refs. GB held every play and grabbed more jerseys than I could count

  17. realitycheckbaby says:
    Jan 5, 2014 7:44 PM
    NFL lost any, small cred with the joke SB between Seattle and Pitt.

    Now their “story” is all that matters.

    Cry much? Loser.

  18. If you want those holds and PIs called against the Packers, there several you have to call against GB, too. At least the refs were consistent today.

    I’m sure everybody will thumbs down since the facts are getting in the way of convenient arguments against GB.

  19. Go Niners!

    Hats off to Packers for playing tough through so many injuries.

    Not sure why angry Viking fans are on here talking smack about a game between teams with 18 championships between them. Weird.

  20. A lot of holding by the packers..on 4th and 2 Rodgers got away because his lineman was being choked and the refs missed that???

  21. floratiotime says: Jan 5, 2014 7:29 PM

    Seattle is going to kill these pretenders.


    Wow, the pedhawks haven’t even beat the Saints and you’re already obsessed about the Niners. I can see all of the pedhawk fans hoping for a Niner loss so you won’t have to face them again. Oh and before you spout off about owning the Niner’s you better check your facts. We hear it all the time how your Super Bowl was beating the Niner’s last year. I do like Nike pedhawk slogan….Quest for One.

  22. Glad the refs let them play. I saw holding and interference on many plays from both teams. It’s the playoffs so let them go at it. What I didn’t like was I saw niner players constantly complaining and begging for flags while GB got ready for the next play…no complaining when the same thing happened to them. Harbaugh has been a whiner since day one thinking SF should get every call on both sides of the ball and has spilled over to the players.

    Listen up San Fran….you are owed nothing. You are not an entitled franchise. Play ball and shut up. You have a good team so quit whining on practically every play that doesn’t go your way and even on the ones that do!

    The niner fan base continues to show absolutely NO class and still resort to name calling even after a win. Seriously immature bunch of blowhards. While I believe Carolina should win, I have to agree with some posters and follow the money. It will be SF and Seattle in the championship game. Unfortunately for SF, the money continues to the SB with the number 1 offense against the #1 defense…Seattle Denver SB. Sorry SF, but you’re not that fun to watch..

  23. usdcoyotesfan says: Jan 5, 2014 8:03 PM

    If you want those holds and PIs called against the Packers, there several you have to call against GB, too. At least the refs were consistent today.
    I meant “several you have to call against SF.”

  24. Hey Seattle…If you don’t have your head on straight next Saturday, you’re likely to be one and done…New Orleans is a dangerous team playing with confidence right now.

    Don’t believe me? Well, do you believe that New Orleans is better than Arizona? Yeah, thought so.

    Let them hate…So long as they respect.

    Go Niners.

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