Packers close gap to three at the break


With 30 minutes in the books and the temperature gradually dropping, the Packers have found a way to stay within three points of the 49ers.

A late field goal by Mason Crosby from 34 yards out narrowed the gap to 13-10 at halftime.

A nine-play, 59-yard drive by the home team ended in the three-pointer after the 49ers scored a touchdown to re-establish a six-point lead.

In the last two meetings between the 49ers and Packers, quarterback Colin Kaepernick shredded Green Bay on the ground in January (181 yards) and then through the air in September (421).  This time, Kaepernick has 117 passing yards and 47 rushing yards through 30 minutes.

After a very slow start, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has completed 11 of 15 total passes for 97 yards and a touchdown.  Rookie running back Eddie Lacy has added 40 rushing yards on 12 carries.

Meanwhile, a wind chill warning kicks in at 7:00 p.m. ET, as the temperature begins to plunge to an overnight low of 24 below.

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  1. Don’t really have a dog in this fight since my Hawks are facing the Saints next week. Good game so far, though. I really love the carping and sniping from trolls whose teams didn’t even make the playoffs. Go Pack Go!

  2. Has to be said again, the Chiefs folding up debacle goes down as worst team collapse. If I were a fan, I’d want heads to roll on the overhyped coaching staff. Chiefs were horrible against real competition and QB’s.

  3. The 49ers ask Kap to change way too much at the line. Burning 2 timeouts already will come back to bite them.

  4. Rodgers is a great QB. But can someone explain to me why the Pack has abandoned the run game down by 3 in the third quarter at home?

  5. It pains me to say this, but the Packers WRs are as good at knowing how to get open for their QB as any group in the league.

  6. Where was the holding call on that 4th down throw to the 5???

    The only reason 12 for away from the pocket is bcuz 2 49er linemen were getting hog tied!!

  7. LOVE how the officials are letting the Dbacks on both sides play physical.

    Do Rodgers’ arms get sore from always sticking them up after a play while he pleads for a penalty?

  8. who care who wins or lose. the NFL rigg games. bengals, chiefs, this year. sf vs ravens superbowl, raven vs broncos divisional game, 2011 ravens vs patriots afc championship game, and sf vs gaints 2011 championship game

  9. oh dont forget falcons vs 49ers game last year falcons should have won, but rigged so the brothers can play.

    then falcons vs seahawks divisional game, seahawks should have won but rigged cause they taught Gonzalez was gonna retire.

    if you go with the best storylines u can pretty much tell who wins this games. sf will most likely win so they can play panthers, and win that too. seahawks will beat the saints and it will be hawks vs 49ers for the nfc championship game. i am so confident in this i will bet my house on it

  10. @legionofboom88

    How do you figure Aldon Smith’s cramps are a sign that he is hung over? Do you have any idea the range of issues that cause cramps and how the body reacts when it gets far colder than it’s used to?

    I like that a Seattle fan is throwing the “substance abuse” stone when his team lives in a big glass house. Let me say two things: one, I’m glad to see there are more classy Seattle fans here than what we’ve seen in recent weeks. Two, I’m not one to fault players for using PEDs. I know it’s widespread. I have no doubt plenty of players on my favorite team use them! But when it comes to PEDs or drugs and alcohol by extension (and let’s not split hairs and try to say addys aren’t as bad as steroids – the league generally can’t reveal what the player tested positive for, often times the player, his agents, or his team leak “Adderall versus allowing steroid speculation to build). I don’t knock any players for it, that would be hypocritical of me.

    In fact, it’s possible Smith took Adderall today – that can cause a level of dehydration to where he’d cramp up. It’s wrong to cast stones either way.

  11. Terrible coaching costs Packers again. Use the timeouts properly and you have at least two more shots to go for the touchdown at end of first half.

    You have an assistant coach for everything — why not have a coach directly and solely responsible for clock management (and when to go for 2)

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