Packers score first points of second half, lead by four


As the temperature keeps getting colder in Green Bay, the home team continues to heat up.

Fullback John Kuhn capped a 12-play, 80-yard drive with a one-yard touchdown run.  The fourth-quarter score became the first points scored of the second half, and the Packers now have their biggest lead of the day, 17-13.

The key play came on fourth and two, as the Packers eschewed a 47-yard field goal attempt on fourth and two.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, making an Eli Manning/David Tyree-style escape with the assistance of a missed hold by Evan Dietrich-Smith, found receiver Randall Cobb for a 26-yard gain.

Eddie Lacy and James Starks have been grinding out the rushing yards for Green Bay, whose defense has kept the 49ers from adding to their first-half point total.

So far.

The only bad news for Green Bay comes from a potential concussion suffered by left tackle David Bakhtiari.  He’s being evaluated in the locker room.

7 responses to “Packers score first points of second half, lead by four

  1. Not a 49er or Packer’s fan, but that play where Rodgers scrambled on 3rd down and converted was as clear a holding penalty as I’ve ever seen.

    The only reason Rodgers escaped was a packer oline-man literally grabbed the 49er who had Rodgers and ripped him away.

    Just callin it how I see it

  2. Almost looked like Brooks held up just a tad on that big Aaron Rodgers escape play. Maybe he was worried about accidentally glancing the helmet while trying to disrupt his movements. He got him on the helmet a little anyhow.

  3. Not a fan of either team, but GB sure seems to be getting most of the calls/no calls. Secondary is getting away with a lot of grabs/contact and on that play where Rodgers converted the 4th down, Ray McDonald was held, then as he tried to sack Rodgers, he had an arm wrapped around his neck and was being pulled.

  4. Not a fan of either team but the Niners are getting just as much, if not more, assistance from the refs as the Packerd.

  5. The refs left their flags at home. Yes, the ONLY reason that Aaron Rodgers got free to complete that long bomb (on FOURTH and 2, not THIRD) was because Ray McDonald was wearing the Packers O lineman like a hood ornament on his back…Clear as day. How THAT doesn’t get called (especially considering that the officials were focused on Rodgers and it occurred immediately behind him) is beyond me.

    All that said, the refs were pretty consistent in not calling anything for anyone. As a fan, the only thing we can expect is consistency. If you’re not going to call something then don’t call it for BOTH sides…If you’re going to call a ticky-tack foul, then makes sure you’re getting both sides for it.

    As a Niner fan, that foul was blatant to me…When you have Buck & Aikman commenting on it and then the NFL Network commenting on it too, that just makes it more obvious.

    In all, I thought the refs were consistent. That’s all you can ask for.

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