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This year’s one-per-day unveiling of the PFT postseason awards has been thrown off schedule a bit because I was sick for much of the day on Saturday.

But I’ve now made a comeback.  Which is fitting.  Because the award that was missed on Saturday was comeback player of the year.

This one can be a bit of a challenge, because plenty of guys “come back” from plenty of things.  Injury.  Surgery.  Poor performance.  Failure to meet prior expectations.

This year, we’ve decided to give the award to a guy who came back from a pair of Achilles tendon surgeries that wiped out his 2012 season.  He responded with yet another Pro Bowl season.

Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles.

His banner year included a $2 million settlement with the company that makes a walker that failed while he was using it, forcing him to have the second surgery in 2012.

Peters started every game for the first time since 2006, when he was with the Bills.  He anchored the left side of a stellar offensive line, which helped create running room for LeSean McCoy and buy time for Nick Foles.

Other finalists include Colts running back Donald Brown, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, Bears quarterback Josh McCown, Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis, and Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis.

As Darin Gantt explained his endorsement of Davis, “Even though he’s not coming back from anything specific last year, the dude is playing Pro Bowl level ball after three ACLs. Is there a lifetime achievement comeback award, especially after getting covered up by [Peyton] Manning last year?”

Cast a ballot of your own below and/or elaborate in the comments.  Feel free to point out anyone we’ve missed — as if you’d need an engraved invitation to do it.

28 responses to “PFT’s 2013 comeback player of the year

  1. Thomas Davis played last year and had a pretty good year. How does that qualify for comeback player of the year?

  2. Thomas Davis played at an all-pro level after becoming the first player ever to come back after 3 torn ACLs and he tore the same knee all three times. And yet he isn’t your comeback player of the year…

  3. Given his past history and now armed with this prestigious award he will probably now demand a new contract and sit out until he get what he wants

  4. I dislike Phillip Rivers as much as any player in the league, but not even mentioning him in this discussion is a joke. The guy had a great season and is about to outplay Andy Dalton.

  5. Alex Smith didn’t have a major injury but a concussion ended his season in 2012. Played at a very high level this year, including yesterday.

  6. Uh, Terrell Thomas from the Giants?

    2 consecutive torn ACL’s, played great for us.

  7. Revis on the list?…he might have been injured, but he has always played on a high Level and as I see it he was a disappointment in Tampa. I see guys like Rivers, Jolly and Peeters fitting the Bill. Jeffrey and Matthews are have break through years….not comebacks in my book. My vote would go to Rivers.

  8. Thomas Davis deserves this award. Three consecutive ACL’s is crazy talk… He and Luke Keuchly make a great combo. Their 43 tackle/2 interception performance against New Orleans a couple week ago was remarkable.

  9. Drug Addiction – Prison – out of the league for about 3 years – comes back – wins a job, becomes a starter – helps our Run Defense reach no.3 (in the 1st half of the year before our D fell apart).

    C’mon man, it’s Jolly!

  10. Thomas Davis’ comeback was really last year, but with everyone slobbering all over Peyton Manning, nobody outside North and South Carolina noticed. And I’m still amazed the Thomas Davis didn’t make the Pro Bowl. But I understand the votes for Peters.

    And Revis? Doesn’t deserve to even be nominated. He had a torn ACL in the offseason and was a shell of his former self when he came back this year. How does that make him a nominee? I’m looking forward to the square peg Revis being forced into the round hole of Lovie Smith’s defense. The rest of us NFC South team fans will enjoy watching the Revis-Smith fights. Lovie should have gone to Detroit.

  11. what about grimes? Guy had a torn acl, falcons let him go.

    Only 1 of 2 cb’s to not give up a td all season.

    Brent Grimes was snubbed

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