Report: Antonio Cromartie expects to be cut

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Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie played well after Darrelle Revis was injured in 2012, but his play didn’t hold up as the team’s top corner during the 2013 season.

Cromartie struggled on the field and suffered a hip injury that may require offseason surgery, which has led to some conversation about how he fits on the roster moving forward. Cromartie is set to make $5 million roster bonus in March while counting a whopping $15 million against the cap, both of which would be big numbers for a player coming off a better season than Cromartie just turned in.

Cromarite would need to be extended to get that cap number down, but Rich Cimini of reports that Cromartie told teammates he expects to be released before that bonus becomes due. That’s a pretty realistic view of the situation, although Cromartie also reportedly added that he hopes to re-sign with the Jets at a more budget-friendly number.

By releasing him, the Jets can get a sense of what Cromartie’s value is on the open market and decide whether or not they want to pay it to bring him back. As Cimini points out, they did the same thing with linebacker Calvin Pace last year and wound up getting 10 sacks at a much better price than they would have paid by just keeping Pace on the roster the entire time.

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  1. Very simple situation. His cap number is $15 million. To justify that number, you have to be a top-5 player at your position, and Cromartie’s not. When healthy, he’s pretty good, but not top 5. More like 10-15.

    Cut him, push $15M off the books, re-sign him for 8M per, and save 7M off the cap.

  2. Maybe they should trade for Darrelle Revis – I’m sure he doesn’t want to play in a Tampa 2 D where he has to play zone and make a bunch of tackles.

  3. Cromartie is following Rex’s strategy of reverse psychology. Before the last gane of the season Rex said he thought he would be fired and Woody Johnson made a public announcement to all the players that he would be back.

  4. Oakland has a lot of money and is in dire need of cornerbacks. Don’t kill the messenger, I’m just saying it wouldn’t shock me if he winds up there.

  5. I foresee future articles related to child support as his salary is reduced. It was only in 2010 that he required a $500,000 advance from the Jets to pay his support debt. Why do I think this was fated to never end well….

  6. Forget the critics here. Thankfully not too many. Cromartie was a good Jet. The mistakes he made in his life he brought to New York when he arrived.
    On the field he did what was asked of him. Off the field, you never read about him.
    The worst he did was say he “was second best receiver on the team”. Wow…cut out his tongue!’

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