Report: No interview scheduled for Bob Stoops, Browns

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University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops played coy last week when he was asked about reports that the Browns were interested in him as a replacement for Rob Chudzinski.

Stoops did some impressive verbal gymnastics by saying that he loved his current job and that you never know what will happen in the future in back-to-back sentences, which hasn’t stopped the chatter. Reports on Saturday from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network continued to link Stoops to the Cleveland opening, including one that said we should expect an interview next week.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Stoops does not have an interview scheduled with the Browns. Per Cabot, the Browns have “no plans” to talk to Stoops about their head coaching job, but, of course, there’s no ruling out a change in plans. The Browns interviewed Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, though to be a frontrunner for the job, on Saturday. 

Whether or not the Browns decide to set up an interview, we’re likely to keep hearing Stoops’ name. Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated reports that the Lions are also potentially “in play” for the longtime boss of the Sooners.

10 responses to “Report: No interview scheduled for Bob Stoops, Browns

  1. Stoops has one of the plum jobs in American sports at Oklahoma. His annual salary is over $4 million, not including what he gets for TV and radio shows and endorsements, and he is scheduled for a salary bump to over $5 million in 2016 – 2020 when his contract runs out. He has most of starters coming back in 2014, and Oklahoma must be considered one of the teams that will be a finalist in the new national championship scheme. The Browns or the Lions? Seriously?

  2. It’s all smoke and mirrors…Lombardi and Banner are going to bring in McDaniels. As a Browns fan, this makes me ill. It won’t make a difference with those 2 clowns in charge of filling the roster.

  3. The only thing to look forward to about Banner’s next HC hire is that it will be his last. No matter what the length of the contract is new guy has 2 yrs. If the ship isn’t right by then Jimmy will get a new CEO.

  4. What this site hasn’t reported is that Cleveland actually hired every coach they interviewed this week and fired them just before the next interview was scheduled. Jimmy Haslam is serious about “getting it right”.

  5. Since I was a kid the Steelers have had three coaches.

    1. Chuck Knoll
    2. Bill Cowher
    3. Mike Tomlin

    So Haslam didn’t really get to learn a whole lot of the interviewing process since it didn’t happen very often.

    If they hire McDaniels I’ll be supporting a new team. Maybe the Bears since I have family in Chicago.

  6. cuda1234 says:
    Jan 5, 2014 11:06 AM
    Wouldn’t Tressel make more sense? Guy’s from Ohio and just wins, baby!

    Stoops is from Youngstown, too.

    I am a life-long Browns fan but, I just don’t see any respectible coach, unless he has something personal to prove, even interviewing with the Browns until they settle down and clean up their act.

    They hired a “local” boy, told him he was their fall back plan and then treat him shabbily because he couldn’t win with the personnel they gave him. Win, lose, or draw you don’t treat people the way the Browns treated Chud & his staff, and then expect there to be a line of applicants waiting.

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