Report: Stafford involved during Caldwell’s interview with Lions


There are differing reports about Robert Griffin III’s involvement with the Redskins’ search for a new head coach, but he wouldn’t be the only NFL quarterback taking an active role in the process.

Fritz Pollard Alliance chairman John Wooten said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, that Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford met with Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell when Caldwell interviewed for the job on Friday. Jason Cole of National Football Post had previously reported that Stafford participated in Caldwell’s interview.

General Manager Martin Mayhew said that players wouldn’t be involved in the search process, but, given the importance of getting Stafford back on track after a poor run at the end of the season, it’s not that surprising that gauging a coach’s rapport with the quarterback would be of interest to Detroit. Stafford also played a big part in how Caldwell presented himself for a shot at a job that he thinks has more positives than you usually see when a team is looking for a head coach.

“You’ve just got to give modern technology credit,” Wooten said. “(Caldwell) had seen every single throw that Stafford made in 2013. He looked at every single one of them and was able to sit with Matt and tell him what he thought the throws and the problems, and the flaw of the throw and what you need to do, what drills we’ll work on to correct it. That’s Jim Caldwell.”

Wooten said that Caldwell reported the interview went “really, really great” and that he left with the impression that a decision could come in the next few days. The Lions are reportedly very interested in Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, who has not been available to interview yet because the Chargers are playing in Cincinnati on Sunday.


19 responses to “Report: Stafford involved during Caldwell’s interview with Lions

  1. I hope Caldwell didn’t give away too much free advice. Now Stafford and the Lions can just use that information even if they hire a different coach.

  2. Caldwell’s offense was boring and predictable this season. I guess he was too busy watching hours of film on other guys instead of implementing plays for the Ravens that even the most casual fan could see coming a mile away.

  3. Letting any player be involved in the coach selection is a recipe for disaster.

    Inmates running the asylum.

  4. Doesn’t sound like Caldwell covered very much. There’s a lot of aspects going on with Stafford that need to be addressed and this just makes it sound like Caldwell isn’t familiar with enough of Stafford’s career having only looked at the 2013 tape, but beyond that we need somebody who understands everything about Stafford’s game rather than just this one thing.

    It doesn’t sound like he has any idea what is going on with Stafford. And he’s already telling him how to fix things? The summary of this conversation makes no sense and sounds like a terrible way to help the QB.

    Stafford doesn’t need drills, he needs a coach that truly understands him and his game that can revolutionize his attitude and approach to the game, so that any drills he runs can then be run with proper execution. Caldwell has no real plan.

  5. Stafford has what 1 win against a winning team…..ever? And that qualifies him to be involved in the coach selection process. The lions are a sad franchise.

  6. I don’t know which aspect is more stupid; allowing Stafford to take part in it or actually interviewing Caldwell for Head Coach

  7. the lions have previously stated a media session with actual members of the media in hiring decisions. sounds like they used that same idea this time with a player. this is purely a roleplay. Stafford is no more involved in the hiring of the new heat coach them those media members were last time

  8. Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to the GM-wannabe posters that seeing firsthand how a prospective coach interacts with your long-term franchise QB is the same as having a voice in deciding on the new head coach! This was a smart thing to do…

  9. This is great. Select the player who needs the most coaching on his fundamentals due to his laziness and reluctance to work on them to be on the hiring crew! Is it any wonder why The Lions are such a mess?

  10. Interviewing Caldwell is a terrible idea. Their offense consists of throwing the ball deep down the field…. N hope for the best. Can’t bring that to Detroit. Nothing wrong with Stafford being part of the interview. Pretty sure he’s not making the decision or even choosing who to interview. Considering that’s what Mayhew stated. As for Stafford with one win ever against a winning team… Really??? I think that’s a bit aggressive

  11. So if you’re a proven loser QB you get to interview the potential coach. Makes perfect sense.

  12. Stafford is worth $90M and he and the offense are the reasons why Schwartz was fired. This is a players league. He may not have the final say but unless you think finding another QB is an option then his participation in the hiring is relevant. If Stafford was to take some of the drills the Caldwell told him about then it’s on Stafford to do it, but Caldwell doesn’t have the job. Stafford is a young 5 year vet with one HC, one OC and one system.

  13. This is good stuff. I’m guessing Stafford will be involved (to the extent the use of this term is appropriate) in future interviews as well. The suggestion that Stafford will be involved in the actual decision making process further than the role play described is asinine.

  14. there’s only one coach detroit should be considering: and that’s Jim Schwartz, the guy who put this dream team together! He said he’d like to be back to finish what “we” started, but the Fords evidently went off because this talented but rookie and seasoned but new to the team players were in a building year when the Fords wanted to celebrate their fiftieth year of club ownership, and lewand and mayhew feared for their own jobs so dumped jim schwartz to keep the heat off of themselves, and if the Fords do nothing to dispel this impression that they ordered off with his head from the owners’ box, schwartz will go down in history as being the most wronged coach in detroit history, if not the entire nfl! there’s simply nobody available and talented and as well rounded, great at developing the players and familiar with the team as jim schartz, as they’ll soon find out by their interviews. The Fords stand to lose more than they gain by making a change at this point in time. Give Jim back his job, honor his two year extension of his contract, and see what he does! It only took him two years to take the already seasoned team that went 0-16 to the playoffs, so what will he do with a new set to replace those retired players now that they nearly took the team to the playoffs this year already? They won Thanksgiving’s national game for a change, beat Chicago twice for a change, led their conference for half the season for the first time in a very, very long time, and gave Reggie Bush, a mere rookie, 1,000 yards rushing, tying the record in rushing, again, for a positive change! Give the man a break: he knows how to motivate a team! They lost their playoffs spot by a mere 4 points! And that’s without Calvin Johnson for the most part, and Nate Burleson was out of it for most of the season. Plus the other injuries to key players. So my vote is for the Fords, who have a plethora of common sense and know how to run a car company, ought to have the patience and foresight to allow Jim Schwartz two years to take them to the playoffs and perhaps finally realize their dream of getting Superbowl rings on all of their fingers! He is definitely worth the reconsideration, is dedicated to this team, and to winning the Superbowl, too. Maybe it was a blessing to not have to go to what will probably by a snowed out game in Philadelphia, and we can hope for a warmer venue for the next two years while the Detroit Lions earn the right to own a trophy for the first time since what? 1957? ’58? Well, it’s long overdue, so let’s put our faith in Schwartz, who got a taste of the Superbowl and wants those rings almost as badly as the Fords themselves do. Heck, he probably wants them worse than the Fords, he’s that dedicated to seeing the Lions winners at the superbowl! Let’s not cheat this fine team of their opportunity! GET JIM BACK!

  15. Is Wendymaddy Jim Schwartz’s mom arguing for him to get his job back? and does she really think Reggie Bush is a rookie? The Lions were leading the division because their two biggest rivals lost their starting QBs for half the season. The fact that they couldn’t make the playoffs with that leg up is pathetic. The talent is there, it’s a lack of discipline and coaching that is holding this team back. Both of which fall solely on the shoulders of the Head Coach

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