Andy Dalton says he’s been told he’s the guy


When you’re on the hot seat, one of the worst things you can get is the old “vote of confidence.”

But Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton told reporters today that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has given him one.

According to Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Dalton said Lewis had faith in him, and told him he expected him to be there for a long time.

For the moment, it’s the only thing to say. The Bengals aren’t in a position to go out and draft the kind of guy who would be an immediate upgrade, partially because Dalton is good enough to get them into the playoffs three straight seasons (which is no small accomplishment in Cincinnati), which keeps the draft position low.

But Dalton also probably shouldn’t expect a big financial commitment from the team either, as he enters the final year of his rookie contract.

Letting him play into his walk year gives him some leverage, and all the opportunity to make himself rich or make their decision easier.

59 responses to “Andy Dalton says he’s been told he’s the guy

  1. He needs to compete for this job in training camp next year, and he needs a new QB coach. Why does Zampese continually get a pass? What has he done?

  2. nice keep another bunglin qb around and bunglin hc….
    suckin since 68 will continue to be my motto…

  3. He’s the kind guy in the NFL that I root for. Seems like a good kid with some talent. It’s not like he’s out at the clubs being an idiot. I hope he puts it together, and breaks his playoff curse next season.

  4. The writer’s wrong on one major point.

    Taking the Bengals to the playoffs three straight years has been a pretty easy feat in Cincy, with that defense they’ve been sporting. The majority of QBs in the NFL would’ve had a decent shot to see the playoffs with this year’s Bengals defense.

    The Bengals were the anti-Colts this year. Colts were a mediocre team with a great QB. Bengals were a great team with a mediocre QB.

  5. Dalt is a good NFL QB who will only be great if he has the tools around him to succeed- a la Alex Smith, Stafford etc. He makes a lot of forced throws into coverage-and I noticed almost 3/4 of those forced balls are to AJ Green. He needs to work on checking the ball off to Gio, Jones, Hawk etc and not forcing balls to one guy. I’ll even go far enough to say the lack of a strong running game-chucking it 40 times a game is partly on Gruden- and to be fair his O line and D can use some upgrading. The first thing he could do is stop forcing throws and protecting the football- something that Alex is now great at. That being said- he cant keep going and stinking it up in January like this. Oh and for all you bengal fans hating on him-who would you take as your QB- Andy or Jump Ball Joe? There you have it.

  6. Not a Bengals fan but I think Dalton is taking way too much of the heat for this. That team needs better coaching at all levels. They have the deepest number of good players at so many levels. The deepest in the entire AFC. They have not won a playoff game in 11 years with Marvin and his coaches. If he is not fired by the end of the day they deserve the same for another 11 years. Marvin should get a shot to coach somewhere else and that would be best for all involved.

  7. The whole situation in cincy is now comical. For the third straight year the team came out and got their a**es kicked in. They weren’t ready to play.

    The team should get rid of Marvin Lewis and Jay Gruden. They also need to draft a new QB. Dalton is not the guy .

  8. Is this April Fool’s Day? Because seriously this is a joke. Terrible choke job by Dalton in a big time spot and he really gagged it up. What does he have to do to lose his job, run into the rear end of an offensive lineman and fumble the ball? And his postgame performance, passing the blame to the rest of his teammates was even more embarrassing. The Bengals are in denial if they don’t move on from this train wreck.

  9. I seem to recall a whole lot of talk about how the Raiders got screwed as they took the Bengal’s “Can’t win in the playoffs”…”throws to many picks” Carson Palmer.

    Different couches but both watching the playoffs at home.

  10. Considering the other three teams in the AFC North didn’t even finish with a winning record and the Bengals being the only team there not in completely rebuilding mode winning the division isn’t that huge an accomplishment. Same goes for the Philadelphia Eagles (also one and done in the playoffs) and Indianapolis Colts (lucky to still be alive) this season.

    Their biggest threat at this point in their division for next season will be the Brandon Weeden-less Cleveland Browns and they still have the advantage there since the Browns owner will probably fire and hire 7 coaches before the bye week.

    Dalton has a ways to go before he gets totally exposed like Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan have as OK QB’s with a stellar team around him. All they need is one lucky year. Rex Grossman is a Super Bowl QB after all.

  11. Lol mr frosty.. Browns need a qb. RB. 2 olineman. Mack gone.2wide receivers. Lb . Safety, ward gone. And corner. Other than that things are great in believeland. 6 years in a row with at least 11 losses.. Pencil in 7.

  12. I don’t understand the hate for a guy who has been in the league for 3 years and taken his team to the playoffs 3 time. he never gets credit for taking them there only the full blame when they lose. I am pretty sure browns fans would be happy with making the playoffs consistently before they started calling for the head of the QB who took them there.think Texans fans would be upset at making the playoffs instead of getting the first pick in the draft? pretty sure the rams and their fans would be happy with dalton and making the playoffs than with the injuries and excuses of bradford. I hope he has a monster year next year and breaks the bank just to hear florio spin it how he knew he could be the guy.

  13. Dalton is the issue. If he plays like this season or worse he is out. He can play marginally better and get a decent contract. He can win the super bowl and get a better contract. He is not a top flight QB making some of the bad decisions he has. He plays real well when the is little to no pressure, but folds terribly when under pressure, both literal and figurative pressure.

    And I have been a Marvin apologist for a few years now, but at this point he isn’t putting the fire in his guys to win past the regular season. I would be fine getting rid of Marvin, promoting Zimmer, and giving Gruden and Dalton one more year to prove themselves as more than regular season winners.

  14. Dalton is a decent journeyman QB, but with a team like this behind him, if he can’t get over the hump now, what will he do when the playmakers on the team are ready for their payday? You only get a certain window in the NFL and the Bengals window is closing. Maybe one more year, maybe 2.

  15. Lewis should be gone. Right guy to get this squad out of the basement but its obvious at this point he is not the guy to get them to the next level. If Lewis were to get canned- which he definitely should, but probably wont- this would undoubetdly be the most attractive job in the NFL

    I dont know if Dalton’s the guy or not, but he certainly doesnt deserve to be written off yet. Like the article mentions the guy brought the Bengals to the playoffs 3 years in a row. Theyd never done that before. In fact Andy’s 3 playoff appearances- mind you in his first 3 seasons- comprises 1/4 of the Bengals playoff appearances in their 45 year history.

    Too spoiled we are to expect greatness immediately. This is obviously a team on the rise and giving up on Andy Dalton already after the sucess he’s had right off the start of his career would be nothing short of ludicrous.

  16. People take this guy for granted and think finding a superstar quarterback is the easiest thing in the world. He’s been in the playoffs each of his first three years in the league. Aaron Rodgers didn’t even get off the bench until his fourth year. I think it’s a bit early to give up on a guy with this resume.

  17. Dalton blows. Stats are for losers and thats just what he is. He has nice stats due to 5 or 6 good games but 20 freakin picks is not good. Go away dalton, you just don’t have “it”.

  18. Last year I thought Dalton should get a pass being a young QB in the playoffs and I couldn’t believe the play calling at the time. Gresham was the primary target while Green got no targets.

    There are Dalton apologists that point to his weapons. The guy has one of the best WR in NFL, Two solid TE, a running back who was running it for 5 yards a carry and dynamic 3rd down HB. Fumbling the ball untouched and those interceptions are the definition of choke job.

    Bengal fans must be wondering if Marvin Lewis is the guy for this team today after hearing this news.

  19. Three years in the league, three years in the playoffs. For those who think he should be replaced, who are you going to replace him with? Names please. If anyone should get canned, it’s Marvin Lewis, but with Mike Brown as owner and GM, that isn’t happening.

  20. I woudn’t give up on him, but I would bring in a veteran to compete with him. This is Dalton’s final contract year, so between that and some competition for the job, the Bengals will find out what Dalton is truly capable of in 2014.

  21. Get rid of Dalton and bring in like one of the 3 crap QB’s that Minnesota has??

    What do you guys think is lingering out there in QB land….?

    He needs to be accountable and maybe he needs better coaching around him. Throwing teammates under the bus will not win over the locker room.

    This has Crumbling 101 written by Jeff George all over it.

  22. Lol i cant believe people are saying he deserves credit for taking the tea
    To the playoffs 3 strait years. He has not helped at all and is the sole reason we are one and done every year. The bengals should be a one or two seed with all of the talent on this roster. They be the most talented team from top to bottom in the nfl but andy dalton continues to hold them back. And then people say he needs to be surrounded by more talent…how much talent does he need?! The guy has a top 10 line protecting him, probably THE best recieving core in the league, 2 tight ends that could be starters on almost every team and a dynamic 1-2 punch running game with bernard and BJGE. Not to mention a top 10 defense year in and year out. Hell josh johnson probably could have took then farther this year. I mean at least he can run well, andy dalton does nothing well besides consistently lose games. Time to move on

  23. Marvin should be told by someone he ISN’T the guy to be here any longer. He has had more than enough time to take this team farther than the first round of the playoffs and has yet to do it. He got us out of the cellar but now we need someone to take us farther. Please, Mike Brown, get a new HC. Even if you do keep him in the org, he’s a great personel guy. Just don’t keep him as HC.

  24. Dalton is a better than average QB that can have a ton of success if he has time in the pocket. When he doesn’t have that, he forces throws and turns the ball over. He is what he is.

    I would focus on getting consistent protection before getting a QB upgrade. And yeah, that game bummed me out big time:(

  25. And to everyone wondering where theyll find a qb, maybe if mike brow can acually do something positive for the team and trade up, there are probably alot of teams willing to trade their top 10 pick. The rams have already said they would trade their top 10 pick

  26. I think what Andy needs is a veteran QB to push him. Looking at possible FA’s best option would be Vick … sigh

    I just dont think its time to scuttle the ship. This situation reminds me of TB firing Dungy … they got Gruden and a year later a SB.

    Con .. we have a Gruden already ..

    sign AJ … make Andy play for that next contract.

    I dont know anything regarding contracts but if they do resign Andy make it a short term contract or a longterm with a 3 yr. out.

    I am a Bengals fan, and I know to some degree Mike Brown is giddy because he wont have to pay a Stafford sized contract to Dalton at this point.

  27. The one thing that has been a continual problem is Gruden trying to pacify AJ Green. Dalton has continually been pushed to get the ball to Green to pacify Greens want of the ball. Green needs to understand, you get the ball when you can get free. AJ had too many times this year where he dropped balls or shorted routes or sometimes he didn’t even seem to be trying. I saw a little bit of diva in him that I hope goes away. I do believe Dalton has the ability to be a top 10 QB or so out of all of the guys QBing right now. He does need better coaching.

  28. What do you mean need to upgrade the oline? Dalton was one of the least sacked qbs this year, the protection is solid. Even though dalton isnt worth protecting

  29. Yeah Mike Brown is thrilled he wont be paying a huge contract to Dalton. At least not this year. However, he’s also thrilled that he’ll save money on a QB all while having a QB just good enough to get to playoffs and bail. That way, all the fans will continue to have hope and we’ll get dogged for wanting more than the first round. So he’ll continue to sell out the stadium.

  30. Also is anyone tired of hearing him say we? “We need to step up” “we need to improve in the playoffs” “we need to prove everyone wrong” no andy… need to do those things if you want to continue to be in this league. The team has bailed you more times than i can count and youve given this team and this orginazation nothing but inconsistent play week in and week out and the teams biggest fear eveygame. I mean marv and gruden and zimmer must have a trrrible time game planning, not only do they have to game plan for the opostion, they have to bail out dalton when he makes his 3 or 4 costly mistakes every single game. I guess thats the one thing hes consistent at, making mistakes

  31. See Cincy? That’s what you get with a QB who throws picks, instead of a guy like Flacco who just throws incompletions.

  32. Andy is just a red haired JumpBallJoe after his third year…..give him one more year. Being embarrassed should make them hungrier if they have the desire to win. Now the Bungelettes can appreciate six rings.

  33. You either have that X factor or you don’t. It doesn’t look like he has it. 3 strikes and you are out. He could have just managed that game yesterday and won. The Bengals missed their window. Ravens and Steelers will be back next year and Browns have about a million draft picks….

  34. I like how people run this guy into the ground. Yes Dalton had a bad game, but would this even come up if the RB didn’t fumble the ball either. NOPE. They’d be onto the next game.

  35. Dalton thinks he’s Dan Fouts or Marino always trying to gun the ball in traffic. His arm constantly betrays him so why call a pass on first & goal from the one yard line?
    The right play calling is essential. He should be a game manager. I like the Donald Trump method, no excuses just get it done & if u cant get it done then get somebody the hell in here who can………

  36. For two years the Texans bullied the Bengals but this year was better. they won the AFC north, they eliminated the Ravens the former super bowl champs, they got the chargers coming to their house… that looked like a team that was going at least to the divisional round… I think the chargers even felt bad about taking it away from them they didn’t exactly end the game until late… if your stats are 1 TD and 6 ints in three games you may not be ready for the playoffs… just not yet…

  37. Oh and for all you bengal fans hating on him-who would you take as your QB- Andy or Jump Ball Joe? Jump Ball Joe would have won a SB with that defense, O-line, and offensive weapons. There you have it. Non-worthy division chumps.

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