Buccaneers name Frazier defensive coordinator

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Former Vikings coach Leslie Frazier could have taken 2014 off, with full pay.  Instead, he’s heading to Tampa — where he’ll essentially be working for free.

The Buccaneers have named Frazier the team’s new defensive coordinator.  He joins offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford as the top two lieutenants on Lovie Smith’s staff.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Leslie Frazier and I consider myself very fortunate to have him on my staff,” Smith said in a team-issued release.  “Leslie is one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL and he has a long track record of helping players reach their full potential.  He transformed Minnesota’s defense into one of the league’s elite units during his time there and I look forward to working with him to do the same here in Tampa Bay.”

Under contract with the Vikings for the next season, Minnesota will get a dollar-for-dollar credit for any amounts earned by Frazier coaching in Tampa.

Frazier spent seven seasons with the Vikings, arriving in 2007 as defensive coordinator and becoming interim head coach during the 2010 season.  Frazier was hired to be the head coach in 2011.

Frazier previously worked for the Colts, Bengals, and Eagles after spending 11 years as a college coach.  Frazier spent six seasons as a defensive back with the Bears, and he was a member of the 1985 NFL championship team, regarded by many as one of the best defenses ever.

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  1. As a Vikings fan, I couldn’t be more pleased to see Frazier go. Dude had roughly the same personality and awareness as Jim Caldwell, aka none. For an alleged CB guru, we sure had a terrible secondary all the time, and he failed to develop all kinds of promising talents. And this was even with a good pass rush (excluding this year) too. Winfield was the only corner ever worth a crap here and he had a long established reputation as a beast beforehand.

  2. As a Vikings fan, I couldn’t be more pleased to see Frazier go. Dude had roughly the same personality and awareness as Jim Caldwell, aka none. For an alleged CB guru, we sure had a terrible secondary all the time, and he failed to develop all kinds of promising talents. And this was even with a good pass rush (excluding this year) too. Winfield was the only corner ever worth a crap here and he had a long established reputation as a beast beforehand.

  3. Yards per game allowed the vikings were 31st.

    Points per game allowed the vikings were 32nd.

    1st downs allowed the vikings were 31st.

    Yardage penalized 30th.

    The Buccaneers screwed up this one and will pay dearly.

  4. Frazier is a very classy guy. And as a Vikings fan, I wish him nothing but the best and a lot of success in the future.

    But Lovie… dude… He didn’t transform Minnesota’s defense into an “elite” unit… The defense up here couldn’t have stopped a high school team! Sure, you can blame players, and we are short on talent. But you also have to look at coaching, scheme’s, and game planning. Those things all fall on the “Coach’s”…..

  5. Remember the Glaziers asked Cower and Gruden to coach for them during this year. Both said NO! Lovie was not the first choice and how scary will the Tampa defense be with names like LOVIE & LESLIE running the show?
    If Lovie was such a fantastic coach why did no one want him last year? Maybe because there were BETTER coaches out there last year,? and he had just been fired from Chi town and every knew he could never get his team to win the big dance.
    Who else is there this year? Former SB winning coaches don’t want to coach in Tampa, we know because they were asked by the Glaziers.
    Too bad for the BUCS fans, but hey remember it’s a BUCS life, and the Glazers asked Gruden, and Cower before Lovie and they wanted NO part of it.

  6. The Bucs are the team of the future. There is too much wisdom on the coaching staff and talent in the players to not make a great team next year. The Bucs are going to be great for many,many years.

  7. Tampa can be scary because Lovie has had a taste and failed and now a break to reflect and reassess why he is in the coaching business and he is hungry and he believes that Tampa can be a scary place to play according to his press conference. If he finds the right GM partner that knows how to maneuver and control the draft as well as other offseason transition options, then this team is in prime position to build a really strong nucleus of value talent and for once get into a good cap shape for the long-term in addition to having a completely revamped culture.

    A culture of winning is what they should really go for, that’s a good flavor.

  8. If I was Frazier I’d work for free for Tampa next year just to screw MN out of as much money as possible.

  9. Head coaches rely on their defensive coordinator to implement defensive play.

    As a defensive coordinator Frazier has turned around and improved every defense he’s been.

    Frazier’s seven seasons recorded the most sacks in the NFL (297) and the second-most forced fumbles (114). In 2009, the team posted an NFL-best 48 sacks. While in Minnesota, Frazier played a key role in the development of defensive end Jared Allen, who has posted an NFL-leading 85.5 sacks since joining the Vikings in 2008.

    The Vikings run defense stacked up as one of the league’s best under Frazier, allowing only 94.8 rushing yards per game – the second-lowest total in the NFL during that seven year span – including 2007 (74.1 ypg) and 2008 (76.9 ypg), when it was the No.1 run defense in the league. Frazier also played a role in the development of Pro Bowl and All-Pro defensive tackles Kevin and Pat Williams, both key anchors to Minnesota’s stout run defense.

    Prior to joining Minnesota, Frazier worked in Indianapolis, as a defensive assistant (2005) and assistant to the head coach/defensive backs coach (2006), helping lead the 2006 Super Bowl Championship team. Under his tutelage, safety Bob Sanders became the first Colts defensive back to earn a Pro Bowl selection since 1971. Frazier helped the Colts defense to an 11th overall ranking in 2005, after having ranked 29th in yards per game in 2004.

  10. I would have vacationed for a year …but that’s me. I don’t like the idea of working when I don’t have to especially getting paid 1.5 mill or whatever per year

  11. This sounds like the last Cover 2 Hurrah. Lovie and Les bringing back the 1990s in Tampa Bay.

    Any problems with his defense will be discovered and start to be corrected in week 14.

  12. Lovie is referring to when Frazier was in the role of Defensive coordinator, not when he was the head coach. There was a time that they had a decent defense under Frazier as defensive coordinator.

  13. “He transformed Minnesota’s defense into one of the league’s elite units during his time there and I look forward to working with him to do the same here in Tampa Bay.”


  14. Frazier is classy guy. during his exit from Minnesota, he made it clear that ownership and management were calling the shots. he said we have to get the quarterback position fixed( in other words I didn’t draft the quarterback). he also said there wasn’t a quarterback change he didn’t discussed with ownership and management( in other words I played who they told me to play). He later said he hoped the vikings would honor his contract.(If you do what your boss tells you to do, then you hope to at least keep your job) Lets not forget Speilman has a track record (Miami) for clashing with coaches about coaching matters.

    It will be interesting seeing how Frazier does as a DC without the control freaks (Chilli and Speilman).

  15. reggiewhitewasoverratedandoverweight says:Jan 6, 2014 8:20 PM

    He still gets paid. So he isn’t working for free.

    The Vikings are getting off better not having to pay him but he is still getting paid.

    If your choice is to get paid $3 million and not work or get paid $3 million and work, and you choose to work, then you’re working for free.

  16. Not really sure why the Tampa fans are so buck-wild crazy over Leslie Frazier. As a head coach in Minnesota, he was clueless. Say what you will about the GM pulling the strings, but the head coach has the final say on starting personnel — period. Leslie Frazier couldn’t evaluate talent if it hit him on the nose. One can only hope he does better at the defensive coordinator position.. for Tampa’s sake.

  17. Here’s the thing — the Tampa II defensive scheme is outdated and only works with the right players — the Bucs don’t have the right players. For many years (except the last 2) Leslie had the right players in MN for the scheme (great D-line, mobile LBs, disciplined CBs); however, he never adjusted the system to fit the players. If he doesn’t change in Tampa, it ain’t gonna work.

  18. The team blew five last-minute leads, losing four of those games and tying another one. Instead of finishing 9-7 or 10-6, winning the NFC North and hosting a playoff game this past weekend, the Vikings were in the midst of their search for a new head coach after firing Leslie Frazier.

    Maybe if we hadn’t cut Winfield, without advizing Frazier, maybe if we had a MLB, without advizing Frazier on the position, and maybe if we had just drafted Patterson 23rd overall and then Rhodes and kept the 4 other draft picks, which Spielman also didn’t advize Frazier on as he was on KFAN talking with PA and Bercich when the trade went down, maybe we would’ve won those game and Frazier would still be in MN.

    Fire Spineless Spielman!

  19. It’s like we let the next Tony Dungy walk right out the door into cold in favor of the snake in a suit, Spineless Spielman.

    And then there’s Josh Freeman. Frazier never endorsed having him on the team and was strong armed by Spielman and the Wilfs to start him 10 days after signing. Frazier made the decision the rest of the year against the demands of Spineless Spielman to not start Freeman and continue with Ponder and eventually Cassell. Frazier never wanted him on the team and was fired by Spineless Spielman for not starting Freeman down the stretch.

    He’s the kind of GM that’ll cut your best defensive player in the secondary without advizing you first, and trade 4 drafts picks without consulting the head coach at all.

    No PSL’s for the this team while Spineless Spielman is in charge.

  20. So who thinks the Bucs will be signing a few ex-Bears and Vikings for the defensive side of the ball?

    My guess is at least 5 to 6 sign in Tampa. Starting with Tillman and Allen.

    This Lovie Smith hiring has train wreck written all over it with him having authority on all personnel moves. This guy isn’t even one of the top coaches in the NFL. Even great HC’s should not have authority over personnel decisions, now this guy has all the power? Yikes. Good Luck Tampa, you are gonna need it.

  21. I want to point out something regarding Lovie’s statement regarding Frazier making the Vikings’ defense one of the deadliest in the league:

    First off, he’s referring to the time Frazier was defensive coordinator from 2007 – 2010. The Vikings defense in the league during that time was damn good.

    And second, once Frazier became head coach and Alan “I can’t coach” Williams was brought in 2011, the defense crumbled.

    Therefore, Frazier did provide some usefullness.

  22. This reeks of “doing a friend a solid” to me. Frazier could have taken the year off with pay and lived a little. Instead he takes a job as defensive coordinator, which he could have probably gotten the following year, to work with a personal friend in Tampa.

    Then again, some of these guys just really love coaching and WOULD do it for free.

    He failed as a head coach, but he’s always been pretty good as a defensive coordinator. MN’s defense got better when he took over, even though they didn’t add much personnel to it.

  23. Wah, wah, wah. It’s as if every single problem with the Vikings is Spielman’s fault, and any responsibility of the HEAD COACH in Leslie Frazier is immune to criticism. Sorry, I don’t buy what you’re selling.

    Even if the GM is an ego-freak and overbearing, Frazier has final say in starting personnel — no matter what. He submits the starting lineup. If he was being pressured by the GM, he should have grown a pair and run the team with common sense regardless. Besides the atrocious QB debacle, Frazier was constantly unprepared and out-coached.

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