Carroll: First meeting with Saints means nothing


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll wants his team to forget what happened a month ago.

The Seahawks hammered the New Orleans Saints in a convincing 34-7 victory in Seattle on Dec. 2. New Orleans’ high-powered offense was held to just 188 yards in the game and Drew Brees posted one of the worst performances of his career with the Saints. Brees threw for just 147 yards on 38 attempts. The 3.9 yards per attempt was the lowest mark during his tenure in New Orleans.

The two teams meet again this Saturday in the Divisional Round of the NFC playoffs.

Despite the dominant performance against New Orleans, Carroll says the Seahawks have to start anew and put last month’s victory out of their minds.

“Start all over again,” Carroll said. “It has nothing to do with what happened before. We learned and we gained information in the game, as they did. We start all over again and really start from scratch.”

“I think it would be a mistake to try and call it because of what’s happened in the past. We don’t care about that.”

In the first meeting, the Saints tried to pressure Russell Wilson and Seattle made them pay. The Seahawks took advantage of miscommunications in man coverage by the Saints to hit a big play to Zach Miller and a touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin. Baldwin also beat safety Malcolm Jenkins in man coverage as Seattle caught the Saints in an all-out blitz.

In addition to the big plays from Seattle’s offense, the Saints couldn’t move the ball against Seattle’s defense either. The Saints rushed for just 44 yards. Jimmy Graham was held to three catches for 42 yards and the Saints’ only touchdown of the game.

But the Saints earned their first road playoff victory in franchise history on Saturday against the Philadelphia Eagles and are going to want to prove they’re better than the performance they posted five weeks ago. Carroll said making sure his players know they can’t expect the same outcome because of how they played in the last meeting will be a major focal point this week for the coaching staff.

“They’re going to hear about it,” Carroll said. “I think it’s just common knowledge and human nature that you’d like to think it’s going to be the same but we know better than that. We need to respect this opportunity for what it is. It’s a great championship matchup for us and they’re going to come loaded up and give us a great football game.”

17 responses to “Carroll: First meeting with Saints means nothing

  1. The Saints are no joke and I’m glad the Hawks are being encouraged to take them seriously. There’s still a lot of ball to play before the Super Bowl and being the favorite to win the whole thing can be a mixed blessing. Show up and play your game and there’s no one you can’t beat. Go Hawks!

  2. We own the saints. Our defense will take brees. Well stop their run game. Prepare for another beastquake!

  3. In the first game, the Saints seemed dead set on making sure the Beastquake didn’t happen again. They loaded the box and stuffed Lynch pretty good, but that left one-on-one matchups that Wilson was able to exploit.

    They’re going to have do to a better job of balance this time around….and Harvin wasn’t even playing in the first game.

  4. Interesting. I expected him to tell his team they didn’t need to try hard this game since they won so bad the last time they played. No team ever loses the second time around after winning the first meeting.

  5. While I do not think the Saints will get past the Hawks, hoping it will be a closer game this time around. The Niners/Panthers should be a real good, close, physical game, but I’d would much rather have a SF/Seattle matchup. While I do not like or respond to any of the childish 10 year old comments back and forth, I do love the football rivalry between our two teams… Go Niners

  6. Ignore the noise, championship opportunity! They’ll earn a win as long as they have the same approach as they have through the regular season. In Russ we trust!

  7. At least Carroll gets what their fans and Vegas doesn’t get. If any team is capable to go up there and win would be the Saints. Top 5 offense and defense along with a HOF Qb and All pro TE. Im thinking its gonna be nothing like the last game.

  8. Every game, EVERY game, is totally new. Sure hope it rains on Saturday, or snows, or Mt. Rainier erupts, ANYTHING!!!

  9. That’s whats crazy about the NFL and sudden death. It can’t be predicted. I think the Hawks have done an incredible job of playing consistent over the last 2 years in not losing a game by more than 7 points. Thus the most likely scenario is a close game just like we thought it would be in the first game. The Saints are going to play better you can count on it just like you can count on the 12’s and the Hawks D bringing it. It will be louder, the worry however is the Seattle O and it not being able to put up points so in the end close game best guess.

  10. “Start all over again,” Carroll said. “It has nothing to do with what happened before, we just got a new shipment of PED’S.”

  11. “While I do not like or respond to any of the childish 10 year old comments back and forth, I do love the football rivalry between our two teams… Go Niners.”

    exactly right. couldn’t agree more. Go Hawks.

  12. Pete Carroll has been the same way all season. He preaches not looking past your opponent and prepare each week like it is a championship week.

    The way this team practices is said to be another level because they go game speed. They are the 4th youngest roster in NFL but it never looks that way because of the preparation.

    I think the Saints are going to be better prepared but over-matched vs Seattle at home.

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