Colts sign Deion Branch, lose Greg Toler and Fili Moala

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Ten years after Deion Branch won a Super Bowl MVP award with the Patriots, he’s going to try to keep the Patriots from this year’s Super Bowl.

Branch signed with the Colts today, five days before Indianapolis plays a divisional playoff game at New England. The Colts worked Branch out last month, and although they didn’t sign him at the time, they must have liked what they saw.

The 34-year-old Branch is one of two receivers added to the Colts’ active roster today. The other is Josh Lenz, who was previously on the team’s practice squad.

The bad news for the Colts is that they had two available spots on the active roster because they lost two players from their defense: Indianapolis placed defensive end Fili Moala and cornerback Greg Toler on injured reserve.

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  1. Branch hasn’t been with the Pats since since late last season. I doubt he’s got much inside info. He was also slowing down big time physically.

    Seems more like a depth move for the Colts. I doubt he’s going to help them with signals, since the Patriots are running a completely different offense from when he was here.

  2. Ernie Adams.

    Note: watch Pagano’s staff wear color coded hats this weekend vs new england so Ernie can’t steal their signals. And, no, they dont wear color coded hats against everyone else.

  3. Belichick loves this, you really think you’re outsmarting him? When Branch drops a couple of long passes and then gladhands Brady afterwards, remember what I said.


  4. When Branch was with Seattle he had 4 catches for 88 yrds and 2 TD’s vs NE.

  5. Not a big roster loss. Toler has barely played over the last 11 weeks. And he should not have been on the field against KC. He is either still,injured or just too rusty and out of shape. He cost us 7 points directly and contributed to another 7. Moala has played very average and his snaps are very replaceable without losing a beat. And I love the Branch signing!!

  6. “OK Chuck, when the Tom yells Cougar! Cougar! he is talking about Bill’s girlfriend. When he yells Linda! Linda! he again is just talking about Bill’s Girlfriend. That’s all I got.”

  7. A little concerning for the DL depth which they don’t have much of. And Toler was listed as a starter presently, and now one of the 2 CBs that were inactive for the last game are going to have to play a lot of snaps.

  8. Good grief. …never liked Branch. Helped the Patriots in a Superbowl, didn’t do much to help the Seahawks. Went back to the Pats started catching balls again.

    Yes, Brady is better than Hasselback but if the ball hits Branch on the hands and he doesn’t come down with it, the QB doesn’t really matter at that point. Colts can do better than this guy.

  9. Branch hasn’t been on the team this year. He’ll have as much of a clue as every other ex-patriot that has gone elsewhere. Welker had half the year to tell the defense how to slow down Brady. It didn’t work. Knowing last years playbook doesn’t help much and I would think they would already have some sense of the playbook anyway after watching the entire year of film.

    As for Branch playing in the game, If he has anything left and gets to play, he could have a good game against the Patriots. That I could see.

  10. Deion move is devious but here’s the thing…

    Branch hasn’t been in on any of the offensive meetings in 2013. He’s had nothing to do with the Pats offense this year which, I think we all can agree, is very different from the past 2 years. On top of that if they really want to learn the Patriots offense it’s all there on tape. The Ravens said before last year’s AFCCG that they had all the Pats verbage figured out.

    Honestly, I see this as semi-desperate mind game move towards Belichick.

  11. I want to scream and decry this as a cheap stunt designed just to screw with the pats but a) it’s something we would and have done and b) it’s not really gonna screw with their heads.

  12. Tell us everything you know about the pats. go. thanks for the info deion you have been released.

  13. After this weekend, Andrew Luck will go back to making Geico commercials.

  14. It’s purely a reconnaissance move, nothing more. He offers nothing but possibly some insight to maybe some calls/audibles that I am sure Tom, BB & Co will have to adjust some. No big deal.

    Doubt he even sees the field.

  15. A. Branch cant run anymore

    B. Brady constantly changes the signals – you think they keep them the same week to week never mind next year

    C. The timing of the signing really smells. C’mon Colts you think this will phase New England at all.

    D. Colts are a joke, this proves it, and you will all see that Saturday night. Don’t expect the Patriots to spit the bit at home and choke like the Chiefs. it aint gonna happen.

  16. “When Branch was with Seattle he had 4 catches for 88 yrds and 2 TD’s vs NE.

    That was when Branch could run. Patriots fans know he’s slower than molasses now with zero ability to separate from coverage. He’s been out of the NFL this year and will probably be a gameday inactive.

    As for any potential advantages he could give don’t you think if it was that easy every NFL team would try to do this every week? It’s not an advantage at all and only casual fans are foolish enough to believe otherwise.

    The team that plays the best and executes the best will win the game, that’s all there is too it.

  17. First, those of you that think you are clever with your “Spygate” comments, you really are not.

    Second, to those that think this signing will hurt the Pats, think again. Branch has only been available the entire season. There is a reason the Pats chose the chronically injured Austin Collie over Branch.

  18. Spygate 3.. they released branch so that a playoff team can pick him up so he can text bill what they’re doing on offense. Branch is bait! Check his phone records

  19. Does anyone think if Branch could still perform at a competent NFL level that the Pats wouldn’t have had him back early in the year when all Brady had to work with was rookies and Edelman ?

    He’s slow as molasses in winter and can’t get separation anymore.

    This smacks an attempt to “rattle” the Pats but it won’t work and Branch will not be at all effective if they put him out there.

  20. Interesting and all, but wouldn’t signing a DB–ANY DB–make more sense now? Or has the Colts braintrust fully flipped the switch from power rushing team to four-wides 24/7.

    They have Hilton and Rodgers to go deep, Fleener up the seams, and Brown out of the backfield, so Branch and Brazill will run the short/intermediate crossing routes. No great speed or separation required, just craftiness and toughness. We’ll see….

  21. Heyward Bey got hurt so this seems like just a depth move and if he can give ]a little info, tips or pointers, than it’ll be worth it. The Colts WR corp isn’t great but they’ve got some young guys that can run. Hilton is obviously the top dog, but LaVonn Brazil and Da’Rick Rodgers are solid pieces as well along with the TE Fleener.

  22. New England has NOT won a Super Bowl since Spygate.

    The football gods have spoken.

    The Colts win with Luck.

    So let it be written… let it be done!

  23. I’m with the guy who suggested Moss would’ve been a bigger signing than Branch. Moss still has running skill and we know he can catch. He’d command a lot of attention from the Pat defense. Cant say the same about Branch.

  24. Ha Ha, the Colts think this is going to help them? Belichick planted him there, it is going to help the Pats. Gold, pure gold!

  25. If you really want to know about the Pats ongoing history of cheating, read “Spygate the Untold Story” by Bryan O’Leary. It will blow your mind.

  26. Branch won’t talk. They’ll put him in a room with the bright lights and torture him but he won’t say a word. He’ll just cash the check and come home to Foxboro.

  27. He’s still working for the pats , dropping the dime on the colts ,, might as well have contacted Aaron hernandez for some inside info ,, colts are gonna get annihilated
    ,,, if Alex Smith layed 44 on the irsays imagine what Brady boy is gonna put up !!

  28. Colts should pick up Tebow. He’s still available.

    He knows more about the Pats offense than Branch does.

  29. oh boy…here we go. now we have to suffer the non-sense emanating from the Pipe-in-the-noise Team for a whole week until their team is dispatched by NE.

    59-24 was the score last year. Wouldn’t get my hopes up if I was a Indy fan. Thank God I’m not


    The Browns look like they are starting to turn….
    Josh go get your best interview suit on!

    Julie get my camera

    James get me Joseph Addai’s number

    Mike go axe one of our RB’s…..

  31. Brady and the Pats have not Won a SB in a decade…why does everybody think they can even get there against the likes of a great young QB or get by the highest scoring team in league history?

    go figure

  32. I think Branch looks forward to telling the Colts that you can take Brandon Lloyd out of a play by jamming him at the line and that Wes Welker has a tell for when Brady is going to go to him on an inside slant.

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