Derek Wolfe remains out of practice for Broncos

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The Broncos held defensive end Derek Wolfe out of practice last week with hopes that he’d return to work after the time off that came with being the top seed in the AFC.

Those hopes were not realized on Monday, however. Jeff Legwold of reports Wolfe did not participate in the session, leaving it unclear whether he’ll be able to return this weekend or at any other point this season. Wolfe has not played since suffering seizure-like symptoms on the team bus to the airport ahead of the team’s December 1 game in Kansas City, although he did practice in a limited basis before the end of the regular season.

Broncos coach John Fox also said that linebacker Shaun Phillips was sent home with a fever. There was no word on the expectation for later this week, but we’ll likely see Phillips on the field unless his illness turns out to be more serious.

Safety Rahim Moore, who is eligible to come off injured reserve/return and play this weeke, also did not practice for the Broncos.

7 responses to “Derek Wolfe remains out of practice for Broncos

  1. Not having him and Vickerson are as big, if not bigger, losses for the run D as not having Miller is for the pass rush.

  2. And Wes Welker is finally back in action, just in time for the playoffs. I’m sure his absence in no way correlated with reports of strange lights and mysterious screams coming from the hills surrounding Bill Belichick’s industrial laboratory. The Broncos absolutely should rely on Welker, particularly during any AFC championship game with the Patriots.

  3. everyone will magically get healthy by Friday….
    this team needs all hands on deck to avoid another home loss…..and they will be ready !

  4. Not looking past Chargers. But as crazy as this may sound losing Miller makes the defense more honest stopping the run. Like is the beginning of the year. They need Wolfe on the field along with Phillips tho. Also the addition of Mincey helps.

    But yes, I do think Welker is their biggest clutch reciever, Manning will go to them often.

    I will say this…If Denver loses this game especially after we all know what the Chargers gameplan will be, Jack Delrio, John Fox should be fired. The gameplan is simple, they will run the ball, take 44 seconds off then hike it and hope to convert on 3rd down. This IS their gameplan. So STOP the run and force them to pass, it will be a much quicker game, that would be in the Broncos favor…

  5. This whole Wolfe saga is mysterious.

    Is he seriously I’ll?

    Is he concussion ruined at 23?

    I’m starting to wonder (doubt) if he’ll ever be back.

  6. I don’t think Rahim Moore can return until the AFC Championship game, if the Broncos make it.

    He may be able to practice this week if healthy, but he can’t play Sunday.

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