DeSean Jackson begins lobbying for new deal


Two years ago, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson signed a long-term contract with the team.  He now wants to sign a new one.

I definitely feel it’s something deserving,” Jackson said on locker-cleanout day, via Reuben Frank of  “We’ll see how that plays out, and hopefully we can work things out smoothly and not have to worry about anything out of the ordinary.”

“Anything out of the ordinary” would include Jackson staying away from voluntary offseason workouts or holding out of training camp.  The former would result in the squandering of a $250,000 workout bonus; the later would carry fines in the amount of $30,000 per day, along with partial forfeiture of his $2 million signing bonus allocation for 2014.

“But I definitely feel like it’s deserving,” Jackson said.  “I’m proven in this league, and after this past year, went out there, no distractions, and just really put it all in for my team and went out there and had a lot of success, so we’ll see how it goes.”

He’s due to earn a base salary of $10.25 million.  Factoring in the signing bonus allocation and the workout bonus, that’s a total cap charge of $12.5 million.

Jackson has base salaries of $9.75 million and workout bonuses of $250,000 for 2015 and 2016, respectively.

A brief holdout in 2011 ended before the $30,000-per-day fines kicked in.  Jackson’s current agent, Joel Segal, hasn’t been bashful about holding guys out in order to get them paid.  Segal last did that in 2011, with Titans running back Chris Johnson.

After missing five games due to injury in 2012, Jackson generated career highs in receptions (82) and yardage (1,332) this season.  His prior high-water mark for catches had been 62.

The Eagles have the cap space to pay Jackson.  The question is whether they’d want to set the precedent of ripping up a veteran player’s deal with three seasons remaining.

“Honestly, I feel very confident that my agent will work something out,” Jackson said.  “I feel like I have a great agent, that’s what he’s for, that’s what his job is, all I have to really worry about is staying out of trouble and keeping my nose clean and doing the things I need to do, working on my craft and playing football.”

As Jackson closed in on his first long-term contract, it seemed that he was at times trying to avoid injury.  The Eagles now have to wonder whether the diminutive (relatively speaking) Jackson will shy away from contact until he gets his next contract.

Either way, it’ll be the first contract tug-o-war for the Chip Kelly era, a good problem to have because it means that the team is thriving.

127 responses to “DeSean Jackson begins lobbying for new deal

  1. How greedy. Something tells me Jackson is blowing through all his money and will be broke 3 years after he retires.

  2. Howie Roseman said he would certainly give Jackson a $15M bonus effective immediately in good faith for a job well done in 2013. He asked that Jackson first refund the money paid in 2011 and 2012 when he was no better than Nate Burleson.

  3. Just re-structure and make a portion of that non-guaranteed money to guaranteed should help solve it.

  4. I can’t see them paying him again. The Eagles will have other things to spend money on this off-season.

  5. Amazing, that he feels he deserves more money for doing his job. I don’t know how he could survive on only 12 million.
    The players salaries are getting out of control. They will ruin the game.

  6. So he wants a new deal with three years remaining on his current deal? He’s paid enough right now and hasn’t yet proven he deserves another contract. He needs to play another two years before they should even consider ripping up his current deal. Can you say primadonna?

  7. I was just thinking earlier how this guy may have learned how to keep his mouth shut. I guess that’s been blown up. Suck it up, Jackson.

  8. He’s got three years remaining on his deal.

    Philly should do nothing, he had a good year and is gonna get paid a fair amount for the next three years.

    This guy is a me-first diva with aligator arms and a bad attitude, they shouldn’t even engage him in talks about this.

  9. Not even 2 days removed from the playoffs and already starting with this nonsense…

    Lets ignore your poor attitude and performances in the past Desean.

    Lets also ignore that your success probably has something to do with the system the Eagles run under Chip.

    Lets definitely ignore that you are 5’9 and 160lbs.

    But yeah you are as good as Mega, Fitz, Green and all the “top guys”…..Definitely have some comparisons to TO though.

  10. Unreal. Don’t sign multi year contracts if you think it’s ok to demand a new contract every year. Time to cut this prima donna and let him be another teams’ headache.

  11. First off, he’s already making $12 million this year which already puts him in the top tier in WR money.

    Secondly, and i bet Jackson knows this, is that after teams have an offseason to pick apart Kelly’s offense that his numbers are going down.

    Jackson is a good speed guy but that’s it. I’d rather have Maclin as my #1 on a prove he’s healthy contract, a draft pick WR, Cooper and Avant.

    If someone is willing to give Desean more than $12 mill/yr please trade him to them.

    Riley Cooper had over 800 yard and 8 TDs this season. If Foles had started the season he’d have over 1,000 as Vick ignored him for 2 years.

  12. I’m an Eagles fan and think Jackson has both played very well this year and conducted himself professionally (for once). But dude…you’re going to make $10 million from a contract you signed not long ago. And you brought this up after you guys got bounced in the first round, and after you got shut out in the first half. With J-Mac coming back and the emergence of Cooper, no way do we pay you more.

  13. What is he doing with all his money? What a joke.
    Let him hold out. It’ll cost him. Besides, it looks like Philly will be drafting other receiver

  14. Considering he sucked last year and made up for it this year, it only seems fair that both sides would call it even. I guess Jackson didn’t get the memo.

  15. I thought when T.O. and Ocho Cinco hung it up, that was the death of the Diva Wide Receiver. Oh Wait, Dezzie and Djack might get their own reality show. Djack needs more money to support his failing music career.

  16. so says the guy who didn’t do anything until the saints cb kennan lewis got hurt… they should have asked him how much kennan lewis new contract should be

  17. Resign Maclin and Cooper and trade Jackson to get draft choices to fill other needs. He is too much ME! He certainly did not light it up against NO.

  18. He so badly wants to be as good as Megatron, Josh Gordon, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomasbut in reality once Jeremy Maclin comes back he won’t even be the best receiver on his team

  19. Aside from the fact that he just signed another contract two years ago, I’m also leery of giving a contract to a player with a small frame like Jackson whose game is largely predicated on speed. No doubt he’s tough as nails, but he’s a tiny guy by NFL standards and a small body can only take so much of a beating.

  20. Oh yeah, he’s already making almost 10mil a year too. Your a speedy wide received that only knows how to run two routes a Go and a dig. I’d say your salary has capped MC Djack

  21. Wow! Amazing. That is so greedy. He played this year hard just so he could pull this garbage. I’d be willing to bet he goes back to being the DeSean we all know and hate after he gets paid. This should raise red flags and no one should risk more than a 2-year deal on this guy.

  22. If they don’t pay him then they would have to pay him that huge current contract to be less than happy. He’s in a great position to get more money from them, and if they are willing to do it then he’s going to get it. He started all 16 games this year, had 20 more receptions than his previous high, and almost 200 yards receiving more than his previous high. His stock price just went up from what it was when he signed the last deal, and it could be awkward if the team doesn’t play ball and hook him up.

    Of course his agent assured him with high confidence that he can get a new deal, cause it’s going to be really easy to convince the team to do it. Or to trade him to a team that will do it, but of course it would never get that far cause of how easily the team will cooperate with getting the money right… DeSean, if you want a new deal and I can’t get you one, then you should fire me because I’m a complete hack if I can’t figure out how to get you some more money, so yeah you’ll be getting a new deal otherwise there is no purpose for my existence.

  23. no wonder jon gruden said he wouldn’t want him on his team.I say we keep him around fine him as much as possible go after part of signing bonus demote him to third team then half way thru camp cut him.let him go play for veteran min he’ll never make anything close to 12 mil again what a turd

  24. “Jackson said on locker-cleanout day”

    The New England Patriots don’t even know what this is.

  25. Just looked at his contract…he basically is on a 3 year $35 million deal from here on out. So how much more does he want? He isn’t even a top 10 wide receiver right now.

  26. This dude personifies, ‘Loser’. I don’t care how much cash you have or what you achieve. His character is rotten and he appreciates nothing.

  27. new deal for what? what id he do on saturday? besides step out of bounds before catching the ball. he didn’t even have a catch until the saints cb got hurt. he is a one trick pony, a deep threat and that’s it. to scared to go across the middle. he is such a tool its disgusting that he actually believes he is better than what he is

  28. Under the old regime I can say with 100% certainty he would not have gotten a new deal. With this new group? Not entirely sure. I would guess they’d like to change their image to one that’s a bit more player friendly, so they might actually work something out with him.

  29. Can’t have it both ways. The contracts mean nothing to the managers and they can tear them up whenever they want. Same should go for the players if they feel they can get it.

  30. Ok, you had a great year….and you want a bigger contract. The first year that your production drops off, do you get a pay cut?? Fair is fair.

    Dirt bag.

  31. They will cut him before giving him a new deal.

    He forgot to show up in the biggest game of is career and he wants a raise???? What a dope!

    Get Maclin on a 1 yr show me deal, keep Cooper and grab a vet and a rookie to fill in the gaps.

    He is unneeded.

  32. As an Eagles fan, I can only see this ending badly.

    Here’s my suggestion–ship his butt to Jacksonville via trade, free up some cap space to go after Eric Decker, re-sign Maclin on the cheap, and keep Riley Cooper in the fold, and draft a WR in the mid rounds.

    I thought his days of contract whining were done… There’s no doubt he can play when he wants to, but he’s too high-maintenance for my taste. Go be someone else’s headache.

  33. Is there anyone anywhere who doesn’t think this guy is easily replaced? I mean, he’s good and has a lot of years left in the tank, but I wouldn’t tie up any more money in him. In Kelly’s offense, you can get his production with a 3rd round draft pick making under $500K.

  34. People think contracts are sacred. Often they are written knowing they may be broken as this one is. The threat of loss of service is not scary to the team; they accept that risk every day with injury.

    The key to risk mitigation: a good backup.

    I predict a WR gets taken in the first three rounds. Let’s see how DJ handles that.

  35. I’d like to buy him for what he’s worth, and sell him for what he THINKS he’s worth.
    I’d make a fortune…
    Get over yourself, idiot. Quit patting yourself on the back for doing what they paid you to do.

  36. The guy disappears whenever there is a big game. Dallas always quiets him and the Saints made him vanish during the first half Saturday. Not worth what he’s currently getting paid let alone an increase. Resign Maclin and put him along side of Cooper and you’ll have better results.

  37. His last contract gives him the 7th highest average salary for a WR in the NFL. I guess is doesn’t hurt to ask for a raise, but there is no way the Eagles should give him more money.

  38. 1332 yards and 9 TDs could prove to be career highs for Jackson when it’s all said and done. You can’t blame DeSean for wanting to sell high.
    And you can’t blame the Eagles for following suit.
    Could Philly draw a first rounder for the guy right now? I don’t know. But a draft pick plus the cap space to lock up Cooper and Maclin long term sounds a lot better than waiting for DeJax to sulk his way through another season because of his perceived contract slight.

  39. don’t yall know its expensive running a rap label so all your friends can make videos.

    seriously Desean. you had a great year but you are not underpaid at your position at all. If you were Id support you ( not that it would help you ) but C’mon man.

  40. Laughing at all you guys shocked that Jackson is requesting a new contract when he has only played 2 years on his current. Oh the horrors! Funny but hardly anyone blinks when teams cut players 1 year into multi year deals. Whichever side has leverage or believe they do will use it at any point in a contract. This is the NFL system. Stop the whinning.

  41. They would cut him the second they feel he’s overpaid so, Desean, go for it, squeeze them for every penny you can get.

  42. Maybe easy to say since I’m not a an Eagles fan but make him sit and hold out. Very soon now Father Time is going to eat this kid up just like Steve Smith.

  43. The emergence of Riley Cooper makes Jackson expandable. Once Macklin comes back the Eagles should consider a trade for Jackson.

  44. Instead…. Lets give Maclin a nice new deal… You know… The unselfish, team first, hard workin WR on the other side.

    To hell with this punk.

  45. Hey how about this idea DEEEshawn. You sign your name to a contract for X years, take the money and run. No not a new one you moron, the one you signed two years ago is still in effect. Honor it or didn’t your daddy teach you the meaning of honor and commitment.
    Mayhbe they should trade your arse for two draft picks and move on before you become a problem child?

  46. I am SO tired of the phrase “working on my craft”. What they really mean to say is “working to be crafty”. How about you actually put together a couple of consecutive years of excelling at your “craft” before you start blackmailing your team for more money when YOU still have 3 years left on the contract YOU signed.

  47. It’s not like he’s still on a low cost rookie deal. He has 3 years left in his 2nd deal, and that team can win that crappy division without him. Let him sit and call his bluff. If he’s willing to sit the duration of his contract he’ll be over the hill when he starts looking for a new team.

  48. They really can’t even do this. It would be a $6 million cap hit for 2014 on top of whatever his new deal would pay him.

    He has *only* gotten $13.5 million over the 2 years since signing the deal, but 2014-15 are the big years that will pay him $20 million, and with $2 million proration in each of the next 3 years that should be security enough to say he won’t be cut before 2015… So why is it he’s upset with making $10 million per year the next 2?

    The only thing I can think is he wants another signing bonus because that $13.5 million he’s earned the last 2 years wasn’t enough, and then wants some of 2015’s base salary guaranteed.

    McCoy signed a similar deal, also in 2012, but for a little less money. If they redo Jackson’s deal then what should McCoy do? What about Jason Peters currently playing with no guaranteed money?

  49. Not se fast Jackson. You are one of the best receivers in the NFL, but Maclin is coming back, and Cooper had a good year. There are also some good receivers in the draft. I hope he does stay on the team, but it would be more worth it to use extra money on upgrading the safety position.

  50. timeout .. timeout.

    why everyone giving TO a badname? i do not recall TO holding out for more money (i could be wrong but i doubt it). TO signed his contract and balled out. there was never complaint about his contract. sure there were complaints about other things like his QB and him not getting the ball .. but never about his contract.

    TO balled man .. don’t compare this little guy to him.

  51. when he had bad years in 2011 and 2012 the team didn’t demand he sign a new and less lucrative contract .. he lives up to his end of the bargain in 2013 and now he “deserves” a new contract???

    what’s wrong with the money that the current contract pays him? it seems comensurate with his performance

  52. MEshawn wants to get paint for being a mediocre WR in a fad of an offense that will go by the way of the “wildcat” and “read option”.

  53. In terms of cash paid to wide receivers, Jackson is currently set to make the 4th most in 2014 (behind Mike Wallace, Larry Fitzgerald, and Percy Harvin).

    In 2015, DeSean is slated to make the 6th most (behind Fitz, Calvin, AJ, Bowe and Harvin).

    He had the league’s T-19th most receptions, 9th most receiving yards, and T-14th most receiving TDs in this, his career year.

    I don’t get it, but I can’t wait for the song and dance that sells us on why he deserves a raise.

  54. The money in DeSean’s contract is not the issue.

    how it is appropriated is the issue however.

    DeSean has NO guaranteed money in the next three years.
    If he gets smashed again, his career could be over. He just wants some of the contract front loaded into guaranteed cash..

    On a side note,,

    TRADE THIS CLOWN… You know there are teams that will give up a #1 to get this 150 lb loud mouth..
    There’s more to football than speed.

  55. and all the issues that came from the TO saga were about money.

    he wanted more cash, more years and fully guaranteed.

    get some facts before you come at the most knowledgeable fan base in the NFL.

  56. My question is this. Did he take less money in 2012 when he wasn’t playing? You have to perform more than ONE year to be talking about getting a new deal. he’s played two years on his five year deal, one year was below expectations and one was maybe above expectations. Let’s see what happens next year before discussing a new deal.

  57. Things go well you get good desean.

    Things not so well you get bad desean

    ultimate me guy. he will be iverson 2.0

  58. New deal? He only deserves half a game check for not showing up the first half against the Saints. And If Kenan Lewis hadn’t gotten injured in the third quarter, he would have been shut out completely.

  59. LOL @ MeSean wanting props for going out there and playing ‘with no distractions.’

    In the words of the great Chris Rock…”what you want a cookie?!?!”

    This dude is a supremely talented athlete, but a greedy person and worse teammate.

  60. The way this article is written makes it sound like he wants more money. In reality he is really asking for more guaranteed money. He is fine with the totals but very little of his 2014 salary is guaranteed.

  61. I’m a huge Eagles fan.. and I can’t stand DeSean! He does have big play ability but he’s also easily shut down. He has unbelievable speed and above average hands but that’s it. He’s not a good rout runner, he can’t go over the middle, as the field gets shorter his play making ability decreases dramatically. No heart at all and the ultimate me first player. Foles I think prefers big bodied targets so how I’d trade DeSean before his stock plummets again

  62. I can never understand all of these fans who reflexively side with ownership. NFL player contracts aren’t real binding contracts, they are open to termination or renegotiation at any time. If DeSean had a bad year, the Eagles absolutely would have either cut him or forced him to renegotiate a lower salary. Why is that legitimate but the player asking for more money is offensive? You all think it’s morally superior for Jeffrey Lurie, a rich guy who has never worked a day in his life to have the money? Why?

    So as a moral matter, I see nothing wrong with DeSean trying to wring every last cent from the team. The Eagles have certainly been aggressive in squeezing the players for money when they can (for example they clawed back part of Jason Peters’ salary after he tore his Achilles and tried to nickel and dime Mike Patterson after he suffered a seizure and needed brain surgery).

    All that said, there is the practical matter of leverage, and it is hard to see how DeSean has much. He has three years left on the deal, and a lot of money coming. Seems pretty unlikely he would actually be willing to give up any game checks, so not a lot impetus for the Eagles to do a new deal this early. But I could really do without the moralizing.

  63. Well if that’s the case, then We should give Keenan Lewis a new contract cause he straight shut DeSean down. Dude just lost a playoff game that he did absolutely nothing in and he’s wants a raise. At least he’s not playing the “We beat ourselves” card like his teammate Jason Peters. I think Jackson really believes that he strikes fear in a defense. I got news for him, he isn’t a Big, Tall, Physical Specimen like Calvin, Andre, Fitzgerald, Marshall or Jeffrey so he’ll get paid like an average little man

  64. Wow, just when he was finally starting to live up to his last contract, he wants a new one? Why, so he can wait another 2 years to start playing at this level again? I like the guys game, but c’mon. Nevermind that it’s always a risky investment banking on a small guy like that you often disappears.

  65. People can say what they want about Dez Bryant, but that guy plays with 100 times more heart than this gutless little wimp.

  66. after reading this, i hope the eagles release jackson and resign maclin and cooper. we’ll never be able to trade him because no team would want to pay him $12 million next year anyways.

    jackson is 1 dimensional, inconsistent and only willing to play on his terms. he was one of my fav players but ill be burning his jersey this offseason.

  67. Wow. You got 3 years left, then we’ll talk. It’s a new era in Philly, man, and it isn’t going to include selfish, me-first players.

    Look where it got Maurice Jones-Drew. Pffftt.

  68. You all do realize he doesn’t have anymore guaranteed money, right? And its not like renegotiating for a new contract is bad; he’s set to count $12 million against the cap in 2014, which is prohibitive. They’re gonna renegotiate for Desean to have more guaranteed money on his new contract and in exchange, his cap number will for 2014 and beyond will be much lower than $12 million. I agree, its bad timing from his part, but a renegotiation makes a lot of sense for both sides.

  69. Seems like he just went through this two years ago. What a greedy bastard. What is the point of a contract term if it is open to renegotiation every other year?
    Shut up and play, hire a money manager, and stop buying stupid crap. You’ll retire fat and rich.

  70. As an Eagles fan I wouldn’t want them giving him an extra dime. I know the numbers but that doesn’t make him the best receiver on the team, he simply out runs the corners on deep or crossing routes and racks up his numbers that way. He has also missed time due to concussion, he is one shot away from missing significant time.

    The FO should pay Maclin, he is/was the better receiver

  71. The most surprising part of this: Drew Rosenhaus isn’t even his agent anymore. He’s usually the one telling his players to make some contract noise in the offseason…

  72. SHUT UP already. ONE DAY AFTER A PLAYOFF LOSS and getting dominated almost the whole game you are on here chirping like a parakeet.

    Here is a very simple way to settle this whole thing, MeSean:

    Ask the Philly fans if you deserve a pay raise. Ask if two TD’s in 4 playoff appearances warrants your pay increase. Ask if 3 catches for 53 yards in a playoff game warrants a pay increase.

    Please, do ask the fans, MeSean. “Me, Me, Me” is all I hear, and I bet is is what most Philly fans hear as well. Since it is the fans that pay your salary, NOT the team, leave it to a fan vote to increase your pay. And we all know what the outcome of that would be. You signed your contract, now live with it.

  73. Guys like this are embarrassing. I know the NFL career is short but just because you have a good year dies not entitle you to a new contract. Would the guy work out a new deal for less money if he under perform? No way in hell.

  74. Desean is making a huge miscalculation here. He doesn’t even fit the parameters of what the coaching staff wants in a WR. Yes they made it work, but Chip prefers bigger, stronger receivers. Hence bringing in Arrelious Benn and Brad Smith.

    I hope the Eagles sign Maclin on the cheap for 1-2 years, bring back Cooper and make Ertz more of a focal point next year. Plus you can find really good WR’s past the first round of the draft.

  75. look up “self aggrandizement” in the dictionary and Jackson’s picture will be there. what an immature, self-centered player that has no place on this team going forward. He’s a disruptive “it’s all about me” force.

  76. Showed up big last game, didn’t he? Shut out until the Saints’ starting cornerback was injured. Hope the Eagles pay him big.

  77. MeSean should st_u and let his agent deal with this. Props for realizing the window is short and you gotta get what you can while you’re able; but there’s a better way. As an Iggles fan, I’d like to see if they could get something for him in a trade. He just doesn’t get that it’s a team game. But they probably renegotiate something to get him some guaranteed money in exchange for lower cap hit. Hopefully they’re not foolish cuz MeTooSean (McCoy) will be knocking next.

  78. Really desean… stop.. u still have a big contract left… yes u had an aweeome yr but do it again before u ask to restructure for more.. we have plsyrs to sign.. cooper.. maclin for a yr maybe.. ced thorton.. gotta mske a splash on defense in fa

  79. Here’s what will likely playout:

    -Jackson, his chump-like bad attitude and lack of respect for the game and his teammates will undoubtedly have him sitting at home during the off season and most of training camp.

    -The Eagles will eventually give in – he IS their #1 receiver. They should have dealt him away a long time ago before the rest of the league got to know who this guy was and what he was about.

    -After getting paid and missing training camp and offseason workouts – Jackson has a lackluster year and will likely incur some sort of injury as most players who holdout do.

    SMH. This is something that could surely stunt the Eagles growth as a team. It’s a shame this guy is such an idiot.

  80. This article should read, “Media begins lobbying for DeSean Jackson to get a new contract.” Typical news reporter who skewed what Jackson actually said in response to a question.

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