Fans start fund to pay Lynch’s fine

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Over the weekend, word emerged that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had been fined $50,000 for his lack of words to the media.

The 12th Man has his back.  And his wallet.

According to Terry Blount of, Seahawks fans already have raised $2,000 via an online fundraising site to offset Lynch’s punishment.

Um, folks?  Lynch had a base salary of $7 million during the 2013 season.  And he knows that the rules that apply to his huge salary include talking to the media twice per week during the regular season.

The money Lynch will pay for the fine will go to charity.  Here’s hoping that whatever money the fans raise for Lynch ends up in the hands of charity, too.

82 responses to “Fans start fund to pay Lynch’s fine

  1. Really, fans offer to pay part of his fine. That money better go to charity or back in their own pockets. People need to get their priorities straight.

  2. Just goes to show that fans are morons. I wouldn’t donate..well I can say without getting censored on here. Teams and players do not care one bit about any one particular fan. They just want your money and now people are voluntarily just giving it away.

  3. I think Lynch is a decent guy. So I hope he feels shame at this turn of events. He is an extremely gifted and lucky young man. His talent has brought him fame and fortune on the backs of millions of admiring fans. The FANS. A part of his responsibility is to be available to the media, so the FANS can get access to this NFL star. Now, the same fans that he snubbed are donating money to support… what? His disrespect of his obligation to those who made him rich.

    I hope Lynch does the right thing and sees this money go to charity.

  4. And I thought the 49er billboard in Seattle would be the most embarrassing fan base proposal of the year. Thank you Hawk fans for getting us 49er fans off the hook for that honor.

  5. seahawk fans showing yet again that they don’t have lives or a clue. wonder if they’ll pitch in for his DUI-related legal fees, too.

  6. He spoke to the media just made it painfully awkward .. Gave one word answers and looked extremely uncomfortable ..I bet they drastically reduce the fine bc he ACTUALLY did speak just not very well .. So many of you are misinformed .. Comical haters ..

  7. Why would you pay for a pro football players fine? He makes what the average American makes in a year in a week.

  8. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. A couple years ago I googled mike smith and on some board fans raised thousands of dollars to raise a fine he got. I don’t understand certain types of people.

  9. Oh yeah since he doesn’t make enough money. Maybe we can all get together and pay his legal fees for his next DUI too. Or a parking ticket even. Hell lets all make sure his kids have a nice Christmas next year while we’re at it. Meat heads.

  10. Still, the NFL should be embarrassed by the stupidity of this fine. I’m not the only one who feels this fine and the NFL law should be buried and never of again.

  11. It’s not like the Seahawk fans are getting fleeced for the money. Being that the $ will be returned or to charity…unlike cheesebay fans. Keep buying that “novelty stock” cheeseheads. Besides, everyone else in the country knows who really owns the packers. It’s the 49ers.

  12. Funny story and understand the sentiment. However, if he wears the wrong colored uniform/shoes, fails to talk to the press as required or does anything else that draws an NFL Front Office Fine or Team Fine he can pay for it from his salary that we all contribute to provide him. I think everyone needs to realize he is a big boy in a big boy sport that pays him to meet certain expectations. He can pay someone 20K to teach him to get over his obvious fear of speaking in public and save considerable money.

    In the meantime, Go Hawks!

  13. Hmmmmmm….. I have been a seahawk fan since 1975….
    I support the team as much as I can…. Sry, but not gonna get in on this. Lynch is a grown man (7mil a year) and he not as upset about this as fans are… Let the man take care of his business! GO HAWKS!!!!

  14. Started thinking more about this and have to laugh……only 2K has been raised (how many donors isn’t stated) and the entire 12th man for the Seahawks is being chided for being idiotic…….If a few people do something stupid for another fan base, I hope that it isn’t portrayed as being fully sponsored by the entire or majority of the fan base……..Just saying.

    Go Hawks!

  15. What a bunch of losers. Do they realize Lynch makes more in a quarter of ball than they make all year. Spend your money on a cause that actually needs it.

  16. I’m a major Hawks Fan and I live in the Bay area. Why all the Hate? Who cares if the fans want to pay the fine for lynch? Just Another running back with social anxiety. All the money WILL go to charity, and the Seahawk fans know that. It’s a strong shout out to our Team! And niner Haters he is a Cal product. List of RB that didn’t talk to the media.. Barry Sanders Hershel Walker and there are more… Lighten up

  17. I’ve heard there’s this guy named Robbie who just moved into the Seattle area and could use a helping hand. I guess we now know why Kurt pulled the trigger.

  18. Wow…as a seattle fan, this is just ridiculous! The guy makes millions!! Lynch is a beast on the field but horrible on camera or in heard his beacon plumbing commercial? Some people just shouldn’t talk to the media and he’s one of them. Stupid fine nonetheless. Kaepernick is another…crickets make for more entertainment.

  19. So people are raising money to pay a fine for a professional athlete who makes millions of dollars a year while they could have raised money to feed some of the millions of starving people in the world…


    a bunch of blue collar fans chipping in to pay for a millionaire’s fine? a fine that is chump change to said millionaire?

    and i thought I was keepingitrealdumb .. HAHAHAHA

  21. BEASTMODE has graciously declined the offer but will match any/all contributions and they will be donated to charity. #GOHAWKS

  22. I don’t get it. Why is it wrong for fans to support a player who fights for every inch? I would rather have a shy Lynch than an arrogant bicep kissing QB like Kap. What is better? A WR that constantly tells us how great he is or Lynch that hates to be on camera. He does his talking on the field.

  23. Michael Robinson has a compilation video on The Real Rob Report called “The Best of Messin with Marshawn”. At one point, Lynch heaves a football at his face/videocam and walks off, not laughing.

    Seriously, the man doesn’t seem to like cameras.

    Media Day should be interesting this year…

  24. Here’s a related question, but not specific only to this situation:

    Does the player who gets fined, the NFL or anyone get to claim the “donation to charity” on their Taxes?

  25. Gotta love the NFL with their “priorities”. Knock a player helmet to helmet and endanger his health? $10,000. Don’t wear the proper socks or endorsed gear? $15,000. Don’t talk to the media enough? $50,000

  26. Seahawks fan here, and I think this is dumb, and to be honest, a mentality of the bandwagon fans that couldn’t name the backup QB 3 years ago or longer.

    That said, I love the fact that Lynch doesn’t talk to the media, first of all, youtube his interview from last week and you can see him shaking giving one word questions, so he’s clearly not comfortable. Second, youtube some other ones talking about his charity or the E60 peice, and he seems to be a good guy, just shy with any limelight.

    Secondly, anything that gets the over-invasive media ticked off is fine with me.

  27. Surely I’m not the only Seahawks fan that finds this “fund” idea to be completely ridiculous.

  28. That’s the way of the fools in this world. Just like chicks. Treat em like garbage and they keep coming back, but show them you like them, THEY GONE! Now Lynch can give up his spot in the food stamp line for the 12 idiot to pay a meals ransom for him..Ah!

  29. the bigger question here is why was he fined? he talked to the media, just not in a way that they would like. I watched his entire interview and it seemed like every other bill belichick interview I’ve ever seen. So why now?

    I appreciate the 12th man’s support, but the real anger is directed towards the NFL for levying such a BS fine.

  30. It is a stupid fine. Who cares if he talks to the media or not??? I’m tired of all the media whining about who mistreats them. Grow up and realize that 95% of all the players and coaches wouldn’t talk to you unless they were being forced to. Never seen another profession that felt as self entitled and self important as the “media”.

    That being said the people of SHEattle are ridiculous for trying to pay that. Call “beastmode” the next time you get a speeding ticket… I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to kick in.

  31. Calm down, haters. The fans aren’t doing it to support a millionaire financially. They’re doing it to send a message to the league that the fine is absolutely ridiculous. Players shouldn’t be forced to talk to the media. There’s already way too much media involvement in sports. These guys might be elite athletes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have social anxiety disorders. Lynch does his talking with his play and for Seahawk fans, that’s all the talking any of our players needs to do.

    Also, there’s a lot of insanely rich people in Seattle, a lot richer than Lynch. For them a couple grand is pocket change. Regardless, Lynch has said he’ll match what the fans donate and give it all to charity. That’s on top of the 50k he’s paying because he doesn’t like talking to the media. Pretty gracious act.

  32. Love how the haters from the other teams’ fanbases all congregate on a Hawks article to criticize anything and everything to do with Hawkville. Something like vultures or crows feeding on roadway carrion. Must be awful having to watch your teams during the Wild Card Round.

  33. NFLN now leaning towards Niners as SB favorites. Whew! Glad we got that hex off our backs, and just in time!!!

  34. This makes fans look dumb. It makes the nfl look dumb.

    If youve ever seen the real rob report, he wont even talk on the camera with his teammates.

    The fact that the nfl has rules about this backed by a fine of this amount is a joke.

    Good job ‘Murica. Many have died for your right to speak what you want, or not to… then we go and allow stuff like this.

  35. The fact that he makes loads of money and should pay his own fine is one thing.
    Pampering these criminals by paying their fees for the trouble they get into off the field is downright enabling them to continue that behavior. Idiots.

  36. tdubdizzle says:
    Jan 6, 2014 9:51 PM

    Just another testament to the stupidity of the American people.
    As a Seahawk fan I won’t be contributing. Lynch doesn’t need the help from me.

    The monies received by fines in the NFL go to charity. So in essence, all they’re doing is raising money that will go to charity. Possibly of Lynch’s choosing? (not sure how that works in the NFL)

    Silly reason to raise the money since he doesn’t need the assistance, but it will go to a good home.

    No harm in what they’re doing actually. But I won’t be sending any cash….

  37. I hate the Seahawks and their fans. But not everyone likes to talk in public. If fact there are people who can’t do it. This sounds like a case of bulling, by the NFL.

  38. Are these people insane??

    The man makes more money in a year than you will make your entire life…!! And your collecting money for his fine??

    As Ron White says… “You can’t fix stupid”…

  39. Obviously this is only a symbol of support for Lynch from the fans, but facts such as that go right on by the spite and hate of those here who need an excuse to stir up their primitive instincts.

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