John Fox: Chargers showed running, defense win in the playoffs

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Broncos coach John Fox was impressed with the way the Chargers handled the Bengals on Sunday in Cincinnati, and Fox thinks his own team is going to have its hands full when the Chargers come to town this weekend.

Fox told reporters today that the Chargers employed a time-honored formula for winning football in January when they beat the Bengals.

“They did it rushing the ball effectively and taking it away on defense, and that formula works. I think it’s been proven over time, and they did a tremendous job,” Fox said.

Fox is right to be impressed with the way the Chargers attacked the Bengals: San Diego’s offense ran 40 times for 196 yards and two touchdowns, and its defense forced four turnovers. That’s winning football.

The problem, of course, is that if Fox thinks that’s the way to win in the playoffs, that’s not what Fox’s own team does best. Fox has to hope that in addition to winning with a running game and a good defense, you can also win with Peyton Manning throwing the ball.

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  1. I’m a chargers fan but I’m not an idiot, just because we beat the bengals doesn’t mean we’re gonna waltz into Denver and win like that again. It’s gonna be a challenge to say the least, and it can be done, but neither the broncos or the chargers will be able to win this thing easily.

  2. Anyone else smelling another patented Peyton Manning one-and-done playoff choke brewing? Philip Rivers is a good QB, the Chargers have already beaten the Broncos in Denver, and San Diego’s historically been Peyton’s kryptonite.

  3. Memo to Coach Fox — just knock the New England Patriots out of the playoffs — the Dolphins saved you from having to travel to Foxboro; now it’s up to you to close the deal.

  4. The Chargers did have to force turnovers? Pretty sure pressure in Daltons face is why he threw terribly. SD’s front 7 is really under rated. They are getting after the QB and forcing them to throw errant passes.

    If the Chargers go into Denver and punk them like they did last time. Its gonna be a long night for PM & the Broncos.

  5. John Fox is the only man that stands between Peyton and another Super Bowl

    He becomes choked with caution in big game situations

  6. As a Bronco fan and a fantasy junkie I really considered sitting alot of my Bronco players.It is a fact Thursday night games are beneficial to the Defense.I give credit to San Diego they took care of business and dominated the line of scrimmage.I think the Broncos come out the gates swinging 31-20,Denver.

  7. Ram the rock down the D’s throat with Ryan Mathews. Consume the clock with long scoring drives to tire their defense. Keep the ball out of PFM’s hands, and when he has it get in his face constantly. Chargers accomplish this and they’ll win Sunday.

  8. Sounds like Fox knows the Broncos are fine in all area’s except running and Defense….he’s talking more to HIS team than about the Chargers.

    if the RB’s hang on to the ball and the D gives Manning 30+ minutes on the field….BRONCOS WIN.
    If not ….could go either way

  9. Not a Manning hater, but Peyton has only one
    SB win in his career. Plus Denver has proven
    over the past two seasons, they can lose at home
    against good teams. Chargers steal this game
    and advance.

  10. Nothing is impossible.

    Rivers beat Manning in back to back playoff appearances. ’07 in Indy, ’08 in S.D.

    Chargers were dogs both times. Big dogs in ’07

  11. The Chargers are getting pumped up so much right now, everyone is talking about them being a team of destiny, and what they did in Denver on December 12th, that was the first game without Welker and had a hobbled Julius Thomas, the Broncos O is healthy now, add to that the Chargers had a great gameplan on beating Denver, I’m pretty sure they’d better have a new gameplan because there’s no way Denver is getting beat that same way again.

    The media and Chargers can pump themselves up all they want but this is just like when Jacksonville came back to Denver in 97, the Broncos are on a mission, they’re going to win this game convincingly.

    Broncos Revenge Tour 2.0

  12. These playoffs are proving anew that history matters –

    The Chiefs lost for the 13th time in their last 15 meetings with the Colts.

    The Bengals once again failed to win a playoff game under Marvin Lewis (now 0-5 in the postseason).

    Philip Rivers lifetime is 5-4 (2-0 in the playoffs) against Peyton Manning – Manning has not won a playoff game since the 2009 AFC Championship Game – his history in cold weather games is a history of failure (see the declining arm strength shown in last year’s loss to the Ravens).

    And BTW, the Colts have lost their last three meetings with the Patriots – plus the Panthers have largely owned the 49ers since they began in 1995.

  13. John Fox is a good coach but he hast won the one that matters the most. I don’t think he’s in the position to talk like he’s won something. He’s as good as Coach Mccoy in this place, it’s gonna be a good game.

  14. The Chargers have enough offensive weapons to play with anybody. The D, though playing much better recently, is still suspect. I think the Chargers will use a healthy mix of run and pass, with Rivers and Co. making the Broncos pay for stacking the box.

    Still, Denver with a recording setting Peyton at home…

    I can’t wait.

  15. The Broncos can run the ball with the best of them.. It is the most potent offense left in the playoffs that can hang 50 on anyone.. problem is that their D sucks… Will the Broncos win sure, but i wouldnt be surprised if the Chargers pull of the upset, they did it once already.

  16. What he is saying is that teams have had success against Manning led offenses by playing 7-8 men in zone coverage and giving up the run, and he is hoping that San Diego tries to “stop the run.”

    This may be a fast game with lots of running and fewer clock stoppages due to incomplete passes. With minimum possessions to be had, it will come down to who executes passes most efficiently. Rivers has been very good this year. It’s hard to see them winning again but that’s why they are scheduled to kick off on Sunday.

    It’s no accident the Denver kickoff is 1pm PST. Just about anything and everything that can be set up to pave the way for the NFL’s poster boy to achieve something more than he has at this point in his career, is being done.

  17. Good things the Zebras had their eyes closed on that miracle faked punt against the Chefs second team otherwise the sparklers would have been sitting in Sand Diego clearing out their lockers.

  18. Chargers could probably win. But according to history one can say since Manning has joined the Broncos he’s 3-1 against Rivers with td to int ratio of 12-3. That’s recent history

  19. As a Charger fan, I am very optimistic about this game. On paper, the Broncos are a much better team and should win. However, nothing can be taken for granted in the playoffs where anything can and usually does happen. Can my Chargers win this game? Yes, will they? I hope so, but am realistic enough to not be upset if they don’t as even I as a fan did not expect them to make it this far. It will depend on which Charger team shows up to the game. I am just hoping its not a blow out loss.
    For all you Bronco fans saying there going to the Superbowl, remember all the other teams still in the playoffs have one thing in common, they have accounted for all the regular season loss’s to the Broncos this year. The Broncos can win it all, but it wont be easy.

  20. I still think the Broncos and Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl… The Broncos feel like they had their Super Bowl taken from them last year by the Ravens. They’re as hungry as the Ravens were last year after the Lee Evans drop and Billy Cundiff missed field goal the year before… This year, it’s the Broncos turn to bring it home. Peyton will get the MVP this year.

  21. twelve playoff appearances, eight one-and-done’s. the fact that broncos have been the most arrogant in the league by far will make their impending collapse even sweeter.

  22. Why is it that if Peyton loses in the playoffs, it’s a choke, but if say Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or Tom Brady loses in the playoffs, it’s a team loss? It’s as if it’s Peyton’s responsibility to play defense and special teams as well, so he is solely responsible for the loss.

  23. Yep….Probably because they started fitting Peytons finger with a Super Bowl ring during the pre-season. He certainly has received every ounce of the credit for the teams accomplishments only fitting that he takes responsibility for the loss. No pressure

  24. The only way the chargers hang in this week is if the broncos let Matthews get going and allow Woodhead to squirm out of
    Tackles for first downs. If manning gets enough possessions then it’s game over. It’s on the defense to step up this time! Go Broncos!

  25. @boltschick I honestly think McCoy doesn’t trust rivers to throw the ball as a game plan.Aside from the chiefs game he and since the last bronco game he is running the ball 1 & 2 down, 16 pass attempts against Cincy?

  26. Rivers is gonna light Denver’s’ suspect Defense up! The Broncos know it too. Word on the street in Denver is that the Broncos are in fact running scared. And they should be. Peyton Manning will be running for his life and throwing out interceptions like lolli pops at a small town parade! ha ha. Chargers and Saints (both #6 seeds) will advance this weekend. Geaux Saints!

  27. winstonjed44 says:Jan 6, 2014 10:40 PM

    Why is it that if Peyton loses in the playoffs, it’s a choke, but if say Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or Tom Brady loses in the playoffs, it’s a team loss? It’s as if it’s Peyton’s responsibility to play defense and special teams as well, so he is solely responsible for the loss.


    I couldn’t have said it better myself. And for a couple that say that Peyton gets all the credit for the wins…only fair that he takes the losses: That is certainly true, but it is also true for Brady and Brees, etc.

    For example, see the New England/Cleveland game earlier this year. Brady sucked all game till the last two drives. But because of a great drive by him, an onside kick recovery, and another good drive (aided by PI call), he is the greatest clutch and they won because of him. All true, but again, he gets the credit for the W. Does he take blame for all losses or is it the “D” has lost so many good players?

  28. Has any of you bothered to see Brady’s and Manning’s post game interviews after a loss? Manning is known for throwing teammates under the bus while Brady is the first one to say that he has to play better, that he didn’t make the throws he had to make, etc., etc. Granted, Giselle Bundchen is known for throwing Brady’s teammates under the bus but that’s another story.

    As far as the Chargers and Broncos game is concerned, I guarantee you this: the last team the Broncos wanted to face was the Chargers. Mike McCoy used to work as Peyton’s OC, the Chargers can rush the QB and have a good ground game. Also a very competent and sometimes clutch QB running the offense. Manning would have put up 50+ against the Colts, not against the Chargers.

  29. McCoy worked with Fox for more than just those two years in Denver. Fox inherited McCoy from the Seifert regime in Carolina. So McCoy knows how Fox thinks, but Fox doesn’t know how McCoy really thinks because McCoy had to do things Fox’s way when he was under him.

    If Fox is like BB, his former assistant will cause him more problems than vice versa when they go head to head. And the fact SD has already beaten Den in Den tells me they are on that track.

    I was one of the few people who picked SD to win against Cincy last weekend. On paper it made no sense to since Cincy was a better team talent wise. But SD seems to have that certain something mentally that they didn’t have under Norv. They can finish games now. All championship teams have to do that. I haven’t picked the game yet and I’m not saying SD will win, but I don’t think there’s any way they get blown out or embarrassed. They’ll fight to the end.

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