More changes could be coming to Giants coaching staff


The Giants lost their offensive coordinator when Kevin Gilbride retired last week, a move that some thought would be coming after owner John Mara said the offense was broken whether or not Gilbride willingly left his position.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, there’s a good chance that won’t be the end of the changes on the Giants coaching staff. Special teams coordinator Tom Quinn and quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan are in jeopardy of losing their jobs and their fate could be decided on Monday.

Nether move would qualify as a big surprise. The Giants gave up three punt returns for touchdowns this season and the units have frequently fallen short since Quinn took over in 2007, with DeSean Jackson’s dagger in the heart punt return touchdown in 2010 remaining in the top spot of the lowlight reel. With Gilbride gone and Eli Manning coming off a 27-interception season, Ryan isn’t in the strongest position to stick around with a new offensive coordinator.

As for that new coordinator, Vacchiano reports that a source inside the Giants organization warned against assuming former Bucs offensive coordinator and one-time Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan is the favorite for the position. There’s no word on who else might be under consideration for the position.

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  1. If history has taught us anything about an offensive coordinator “retiring” against his will it is that Gilbride should now become a Coach of the Year after becoming interim head coach of a new team, and then again be in the running for coach of the year after taking a team that was formerly a laughingstock in their division and having them miss the playoffs by about one game.

    Or maybe that only happens with former Steelers coaches. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

  2. How Tom Quinn has kept his job is beyond me. I think maybe he has blackmail against Coughlin or something because special teams has been one of the worst units for years now under this guy!!

    I can not wait to see the headline that he is fired!!

  3. Wholeheartedly agree with the poster above… How Quinn had kept his job this long is beyond me. The special teams have given up a ton of yardage and points, without ever really producing ANYTHING the other way. David Wilson was the lone bright spot returning kicks last year, but I think that was more David Wilson speed than anything else. Funny how loyal Coughlin is to lousy coaches, but if you fumble one time… You might not see the ball again for 10 weeks.

  4. There is a contingent in the league that doesn’t like Chud because Chud is seen as playing for team Chud and not for the team that signs his paychecks. You picking up what I’m putting down..

  5. Considering that our special teams won both nfccgs for us, I think that might be a decent reason why tc kept Quinn so long.

  6. I have watched this team 53 years + and Coughlin
    no matter what, is in his last year, and has no contract after 2014. Hiring “friends” and NOT playing rookies in this nfl, will get you “the same results”.
    Even Mara raised the question at his presser, “why is Jerrigan a 3rd round pick 4 years ago, now just playing, where was he”?
    “We need to draft better, and put those picks out there so they make it, or move on”.
    Tom it’s time to pick up the best OC “out of the box”, young and has some real experience, and not be your buddy from your past!

  7. I’ve been interested in the talk of Joe Lombardi getting a look for OC. Talk about karma! Wellington’s son hires Vince’s grandson 50 years after he beat them for the NFL Championship. Joe is prime for an OC job right now after being an off. asst. & QB coach for Payton these last years. He’ll be a fresh new look at offense.

  8. John Mara and JR will certainly be talking expectations with the OC candidates, and hopefully one of them is identifying, screening, and hiring the very best position coaches. The time has passed for bringing aboard family to be the WR Coach, and hiring a QB Coach who has no experience or real qualifications for helping Eli and tutoring Nassib. Organizations like the Packers don’t play amateur hour with their QB Coach… Tom Clements was given the responsibility to tutor Aaron Rogers because he had coached Bret Favre, and before that was the QB Coach for the Steelers, and the Saints, and before that was a 2 time CFL Champion QB, and before that an All-American QB with Notre Dame. They take their QB coach very seriously, and the results speak for themselves. The Giants? Made Sean Ryan their QB coach because he was in the way as WR Coach when Gilbride Sr. wanted to make Gilbride Jr. the WR Coach two years ago. How’d that work out for em… Eli’s got mechanics problems Sean Ryan isn’t equipped to address, and the WRs have gone on record saying they lost their connection with Eli. The Giants are willing to pay Eli $20M APY but they hand him a guy who can’t coach him like Clements coached Rogers and Favre. Why?

  9. Did you ever hear of the expression “the buck stops here.” Tom Coughlin as well as the GM have to go. Until you deal with that, you can change all the other coaches and nothing will change. Next year we’ll be having the same conversation.
    Just look at the picks we’ve been making as well as the free agents we’ve sign. Enough said.

  10. Call me crazy but I want Norv Turner to run the offense! He likes to air it out but has a simpler system then all the option routes Gilbride had. Although that Lombardi thing sounds interesting, would be awesome.

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