Patriots put Brandon Spikes on injured reserve


The Patriots defense has taken so many hits this season, it’s hard to keep track.

The latest is the loss of linebacker Brandon Spikes, who the team announced had been placed on season-ending injured reserve today with a knee injury.

Spikes has played through knee problems all year, and there was no indication there was any traumatic event that led to the roster move.

For a team that lost stars such as Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo (among others), it’s another hit.

Maybe in honor of the Colts signing longtime Patriots receiver Deion Branch today, the secret plan is to sign Gary Brackett.

46 responses to “Patriots put Brandon Spikes on injured reserve

  1. Pats fan here- Great player who stinks in pass coverage but is a great run stopper. Obviously, Colts are a pass first team and Trent Richardson won’t be doing much Saturday but with him a free agent next year, its possible he is gone.

  2. No way! Gary would NEVER sign with the Pats!

    Would you, Gary?

    *chained to my wall, shakes his head no*

    See? Loyalty!

  3. Horrible loss. This is the one guy that could stop the run. Might not make a big diffrwmce in the Colts game but really hurts their Super Bowl chances.

  4. They are use to this by now. And as a huge Patriot hater, I still see them as a much bigger threat than all the “experts”. Im telling you, I fully expect them to “shock” people and get to the Super Bowl again.

    They will rip apart the Colts and can handle the Broncos or Chargers. They have been in every game this year, the back up players step up all the time when needed. They have great coaching.

    I hope I am wrong, but I guarantee they will get to the Super Bowl this year.

  5. Don’t think this will be a big issue in this game, but if the Pats get to the AFCC or SB it will hurt.

  6. This is going to be interesting, they sure don’t have much experience in that front-7.

    Years of Service:
    DL – R, R, R, 2, 2, 2, 8, 10, 13
    LB – R, R, 2, 3 (0 starts), 4 (6 starts)

  7. Man that does hurt. Spikes gives Patriots a toughness in the middle. Even if he isn’t great in coverage he is still a force. Everyone rolls their eyes at the “next man up” cliche, but for New England it is real and it works. Belichick deserves much of the credit if this team goes to New Jersey.

  8. This is a huge loss for the Pats.

    Spikes was great against the run and has a knack for hard hits that change the momentum of a game or force fumbles.

    I know Indy doesn’t feature much of a ground game, but even they might be able to run now. This Pats defense has had it core decimated with the loss of Vince, Mayo and now Spikes.

  9. If Belichick and Brady get this team to the Super Bowl, it might be the best job those two have ever done.

  10. I understand this is a big blow but c’mon, it’s not the end of the world. The Pats rush D has been horrible with spikes in and with him out, he’s a force but not, “OMG our hopes are over”. Time to see Hightower and Collins show up. The Pats knew they were going to IR spikes but just waited out to do it. I expect a Banta Cain signing or a rotation of the front seven. Can’t wait until Saturday!!

  11. Colts will at least try to take advantage of this, they started the season trying to be a power running team and the Pats don’t stop the run well. However the Colts are at their best when they spread it out and let Luck operate so they shouldn’t get to caught up with trying to pound the ball.

  12. Toss another log on the fire I guess. That’s now Gronk, Wilfork, Mayo, Spikes, Vollmer, and Kelly. 6 of 22 starters or 28% of their starting team if you’re wondering.

    Those guys are 6 of the better players at their positions in the league, which means, the Pats get an easy pass if they don’t win the Super Bowl this year and if they do it only enhances the Belichick/Brady legend even more. Either way, we can’t lose!

  13. Also it’s probably best that Toler is on IR, tried to play hurt against KC and he got burned deep by Avery for a TD and then missed a tackle that gave Bowe a huge gain that led to a TD. Darius Butler took his place and was an immediate improvement.

  14. More importantly they lose a vetran player who was very good at audibling the defensive front 7 into the right play after Ernie Adams has decyphered the Offensive signals and passed the best counter play on an illigal secondary frequency.

  15. Ain’t no way New England plays in the Superbowl this year — they’ll get to the AFC championship game , but no farther 🙂

  16. 8-0 again at home this year? what’s that 6 perfect home records in 13 yeas with BB and EA at the helm? Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about why the Pats are so good at home? the statistical chances of that happening are like 1 in 7000? I wonder what makes the Pats so good at home? It’s not like they have the 12th man like the Hawks do, or the thin mile high air in denver to help them out. It must be because they try harder then everyone else…… cheat.

  17. If denver gets past SD, I hope that the Pats can some way buy off the refs and cheat their way to another playoff victory at home, because they would have a much eaiser time beating the Pats then the Colts in the AFC Championship.

  18. So many people have counted the Patriots out time and time again this year, but again they have a first round bye. I don’t see them winning a super bowl, but to still get a first round bye with all the talk about that they don’t have any good receivers is pretty impressive.

  19. At some point they will not be able to overcome the number of injuries they have suffered to front line players. I’m afraid they may have reached the tipping point.

  20. It’s really insulting to the Colts that despite losing just about every starter to injury, the Patriots are still considered the favorite

    It just shows that all the odds reflect is how many people are betting for which team, and not about which team is actually favored and in good health

  21. Its ok. If i were a pats fan i’d be more worried if we would not get the refs calls we always get just because we’re on national tv cause if we didn’t we’re gonna get blown out. It’s funny how many people think billicheat is a such a good coach when he never says anything about football . ever and he got caught cheating. Maybe he doesn’t know crap bout football but none of us would ever kno cause espn is in mass and talk them up all time.

  22. Yeah BB is always cheating. That’s all we hear. Please explain why the Pats have a +51 take away to turnover ratio since 2011. No other team is close. NE minimizes the mistakes that lose games and takes advantage of opponents’ mistakes to win games. NE has had to change its style from last year because of the skill players and injuries and still wins 12 games. And we have to hear from phins fans who lost twice to Thad Lewis?

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