Report: Mike Zimmer, Jim Caldwell expected to interview for Titans this week

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The Titans have requested permission to interview Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and they also appear to have interest in speaking with Gruden’s counterpart on the defensive side of the ball.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Titans have Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer on their list of candidates to replace Mike Munchak. Zimmer confirmed Monday that two teams have shown interest — the Redskins are reportedly looking for an interview, although Zimmer didn’t name names — and that he expects to have interviews before the end of the week. Zimmer also said he thinks he’s better at interviews after going through the process the last couple of years.

“I believe I’ve gotten better at it,” Zimmer said, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “The first one I did was a long time ago with the Rams. I didn’t do a very good job. It’s like coaching, I guess, I think you know when you do good and when you don’t when you walk out. I was told that I did good in the other ones, so we’ll see. They may not be looking for me and whatever. They may want an offensive coach, or they may want a different style guy, who knows?”

In addition to the two Bengals assistants, the Titans have compiled a list of candidates made up of many of the coordinators being linked with the openings in Minnesota, Washington and Detroit. One of them is Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, who Adam Schefter of ESPN reports will interview for the team this week. He’s also drawn interest from the Redskins and Lions.

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  1. I guess jim”rooney rule”caldwell will interview for every hc job. I will never forget how he was outcoached by sean payton in the superbowl. He is at best a positional coach.

  2. Hopefully Caldwell is at least combining all his interviews with a college tour for one of his kids or something.

  3. The Titans need to get a good offensive minded coach. Although I said the same thing about all of the teams with HC openings too. Every team with an opening has either an expensive QB not being taken care of if not a lack of QBs to begin with.

  4. I just don’t understand the Caldwell hype. Overrated isn’t the word to describe this man. As a coach and coordinator. Screw the damn Rooney rule.

  5. The league is funny when it comes to hot coaching names. Jay Gruden is always on so many watch lists– yet dude got schooled yesterday by John Pagano, who isn’t on anyone’s list.

  6. Jim Caldwell is a nice guy and a terrible head coach. His claim to fame was being the Colts QB coach for Peyton Manning. His records as head coach is a terrible. He like several other people need to thank Peyton and Ray Lewis last year for their chance to interview and get Head Coaching opportunities.

  7. Zimmer should get the Lions job. He is loved by his players and at the same time is a task master of sorts.

    That’s a special person who can do that. We have all had a PIA coach who we loved but they are a rare breed.

    He should be able to stop the penalty machine that is the Detroit Lions.

  8. It would’ve made since for Titans to have kept Fisher around. Jim Caldwell he’s the Rooney rule candidate, can’t see Titans fans getting excited over this hire.

  9. Two words: Tony Dungy

    Somewhere along the line it was determined by somebody that Tony Dungy was the ultimate expert on everything related to football and that if he says something you can take it to the bank.

    Dungy has said publicly that Caldwell should get another shot, so Caldwell gets another shot.

    It’s just a matter of where.

  10. Interviewing Gruden is one thing. If they hire him, then that’s one of the worst things they can do themselves.

    Gruden’s development of Dalton has been a failure. Gruden’s game plans and play calling have also been failures. When you are down by 10 points, with 7 minutes to go, and you face 3rd and 4th downs with 3 yards to go, why in world did Gruden call for deep pass plays instead of grinding out for those 3 yards to keep your chances alive?

    With such poor judgment and game management, as well as his failures to properly develop Dalton, why anyone goes for the hype of Gruden and ignores his vast shortcomings is absolutely crazy.

  11. I really hope they’re only interviewing Caldwell to satisfy the Rooney rule. I don’t want a HC who doesn’t have the sack to go for a perfect season.

  12. Rooney rule is a joke. Trying to promote minority coaches, all it does is humiliate a potential minority coach on a yearly basis. This year, Jim Caldwell. Last year, Ray Horton. What does it say about a guy if he’s 0 for 6 in head coaching interviews?

    Do you actually think any of these teams are going to hire Caldwell? After watching the Ravens O this year?

  13. I would love for the Vikings to grab Zimmer. He’s not only respected; he gets results. Either way, best of luck to him wherever he ends up.

  14. bengals fans hate the thought of leaving cincy but hard pressed to find a better and more deserving choice for HC – wish the bengals would promote him!

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