Report: RGIII bragged about his influence over Snyder

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So why are the Redskins sensitive about the perception that quarterback Robert Griffin III’s input regarding the coaching hire means he has too much influence over the team?  Possibly because perception is reality.

According to Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, Griffin has “bragged to teammates that he could procure favors from the owner and influence the franchise’s direction.”  Jenkins cites unnamed “insiders” in support of the report.

She also writes that Griffin engaged in “fierce finger-pointing tensions with his wide receivers” during the quarterback’s second season.

The disclosures come in a broader column from Jenkins underscoring the importance of the new coach’s relationship with Griffin to the immediate and long-term future of the franchise.  Indeed, unless owner Daniel Snyder intends to allow the new coach to pick between Griffin and Kirk Cousins or to look elsewhere for a new quarterback, it’s critical that the new coach be able to establish the right relationship with Griffin.

That makes it even more critical that the Redskins find the right coach — not the guy who says all the right things before he signs his contract but the guy who will embrace Griffin and not try to demonstrate to the quarterback that there’s a new sheriff in town.

Which in turn makes it even more critical that Griffin be involved in the search for a new coach.

It’s fitting that, after a full calendar year in which Griffin had too much influence over the owner on things that don’t matter, the Redskins have opted to slam the door on Griffin’s involvement in picking the eventual yang to his yin.  For the sake of Redskins fans everywhere, here’s hoping that the team is simply not telling the truth about Griffin’s input in the decision.

Meanwhile, fans of the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants hope the Redskins mean what they say.

215 responses to “Report: RGIII bragged about his influence over Snyder

  1. Meanwhile, it is not necessarily critical that Griffin be involved in the coaching search. They could trade him. And there is some merit to the argument that they should trade him, to get rid of an issue, so they can start over. Some good QB’s are coming from the colleges soon, this year and next….McCarron, maybe Manziel, and others, of course…

  2. Well that seems to be a really smart move on RGIII’s part. I am sure Mr. Snyder will be very pleased to hear this.

  3. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to take the NFL by storm once a hall of fame quarterback is taken this year. A dynasty will be born and will continue throughout the decade and beyond with Lombardi Trophies piling up in Jacksonville. They will prove that they are the team to beat. #dynasty #thegoldstandardofthenfl

  4. Sounds like the new coach needs to be good with a whip and a chair. Dat dat daa da da da dat dat da da…

  5. We’ve all suspected this, and now it has been confirmed. RG3 shouldn’t have such an influence as it will show that the next coach will have to be partial to him and to no other player. Dan Snyder will never win a championship as long as he allows this to continue.

  6. The Washington Post has like 4 different columnists that try to out do each other with inflammatory Redskins articles. RGIII deserves a lot of scrutiny for that awful 3-13 season, but take everything from that paper with a big grain of salt.

  7. I remember a few of the talking heads from that 4-letter network said they would take RGIII over Andrew Luck.

    These same people are still collecting a paycheck for some reason.

  8. Can I get clarification. I don’t know what fierce finger pointing tensions are… Is that like what my mom did to me when I was 6? “Pierre, you do that one more time and I’ll get the belt”, what they hell is that?

  9. the media for ya:
    Last year RG is a media darling, king of the city, & hailed as the next great one as they are on their way to a division title.

    This year 3-13 and now RG is a control freak with disdain for all coaches and players.

    It must be nice not to have to worry about having conviction but rather ‘just go w/ the flow’. Same story can be told of Newton, Dalton, G. Smith & host of other QB’s in the league.

  10. What a joke. That idiot thinks he’s joe montana because he went 10-6 to win a crappy division. Get a clue robert. Youre not that good. It was YOUR fault you went 3-13. Idiot.

  11. Between the owner and this I’m not sure why anyone would want this job. The players must play for the coaches, if there’s one player above the law and who can run to the owner if he doesn’t like what the coach is saying or doing it just won’t work.

    There’s a big difference between a veteran QB getting training camp practices and some practices during the season off and a QB going into his 3rd year (and having proven nothing) being able to do what he wants and pick his own coach.

  12. Sally Jenkins gets as many things right about the Redskins as Vinny Cerato got right about free agents.

    I wouldn’t trust anything she says. Ever.

  13. Maybe Jameis Winston will enter the 2015 draft.. the Redskins should be in a prime position to draft him. Life as a Redskins fan is painful.

  14. 23 INTs in a year and a half. Why people think RGMe is going to turn things around is beyond me. Whatever happened to people looking at statistics before they anoint a young QB as “elite”? He’s a step above Jamarcus Russell, history will show.

  15. Like I said the other day. What happens when RGFragileEgo gets pissed at the coach he chooses ?

    The Washington team is going to be a real lolercoaster next year. Can’t wait.

  16. Where was all this nonsense last season why didn’t it come out then…
    It’s amazing what wins and losses does…what’s sad is you people believe the BS or want it to be true so bad!

  17. This is what happens when these owners give up so much for one player!!!! It has all gone to his head!!

  18. RG 3-13. He may be the biggest draft bust in history. Even as an Eagles fan, I hope not. I do wish he would get back to being as classy as he seemed to be in his first year.

  19. He’s no Eli. Only NYG wins super bowls out of the NFC east anymore. Eli and the Giants due for a run next season and/or in 2015. Kiss our rings RGIII.

  20. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Washington Post prints pictures of RG3 leading Synder around the room in a dog collar with a leather whip in his hand. This is a level of dysfunction that might later on lead to a changing of the Redskins name just because the next owner wouldn’t want anything to do with this current regime.

  21. The continued comparisons between RGIII and Luck are hilarious. Luck is turning into a bonafied franchise QB before our eyes, a top 5 guy, while RGIII is a bottom 3rd-tier poser.

    If Luck beats Brady this weekend we’ll get to see Luck vs Manning in the AFC championship game. That would be most epic…

  22. Give this kid a break. A solid coaching staff, a couple of injury free years, and he could be awesome. Chill folks. The Washington team needs a supporting cast first.

  23. So…you think the smart move here is to get a coach that won’t attempt to correct his bad behavior but instead will embrace it and encourage it? Right, because there is a long list of spoiled rotten quarterbacks who became Hall of Famers.

    You’d think at some point Snyder (and Jerry Jones for that matter) would figure out the common denominator for their team continuing to struggle is the guy staring back at them in the mirror. Worst owners in the league. Congrats Philadelphia. The NFC Least is your division to lose until the Giants get young again up front. And possibly on the sideline.

  24. Another year of hits and the only call this egomaniac will hear “RG, clean up on aisle III.”

  25. 23 INTs in a year and a half. Why people think RGMe is going to turn things around is beyond me.

    I know everyone likes to pile on, but at least do your research first.

    2012: 20 TD, 5 INT
    2013: 16 TD, 12 INT

    28 Total Games – 36 TDs and 17 (not 23) INTs

    In 2012 alone, the following QBs had 17 or more INTs: Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez, Andrew Luck, Josh Freeman, Mathew Stafford, and Brandon Weeden

    In 2013 alone, the following QBs had 17 or more INTs: Eli Manning (27), Carson Palmer (22), Joe Flacco (22), Geno Smith, Andy Dalton, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, and Ryan Tannehill

  26. I disagree with your premise that for the sake of the Redskins future that RGIII needs to have input into the coach hiring decision.

    He is a second year player who needs to be reminded that he in fact is only a player……not the owner, GM, Coach or anyone in personnel. Sure, they need to make sure they get the right “fit” as they see it, but for the entire team and not just the QB.

    I think he needs to be excluded from the decision on who he wants as a coach. If he kills the next coach and loses the locker room respect it will then be time to look at replacement options.

  27. If I’m Dan Snyder, there is absolutely no chance that I’m looking for someone to come in and coddle this chump. In fact, I’d probably be looking for someone like Mike Zimmer who will bring a “get with it, or get lost” attitude.

  28. He was okay coming out of college because I though he had an ounce of humility. I thought wrong.

  29. I wish RG3 stories would just go away until next season. Loved watching the guy play his rookie year, but after this past offseason and all the drama, I like him less and less.

  30. Football is a TEAM game and if his teammates know this preferential treatment is true, there is no way they will ever have his back. This kid better wake up or else his career will end quickly.

  31. Maybe he should have taken some advice from McNabb when he offered it. Even Donovan wasn’t this big if a d-bag

  32. First off, I blame the owner for this fiasco because he has allowed it to get this far…..don’t you have any kahoonies, Snyder ?……and this over rated QB has cost his team a bunch of draft picks including the 2nd pick in this year’s draft which will slow this team’s progress for yrs to come…..this QB’s fiancee won’t even be seen with him when they’re on the sidelines which made for a funny scene last week in the Baylor game. And if this Jenkins story is accurate, if I’m a WR on this team me and the other wideouts would be giving this brat a piece of their minds with whatever means possible short of kicking his backside

  33. The assertion that since RGIII is a prima donna he needs to be involved in the coaching decision process is absolutely ridiculous. Football is the ultimate team game and while everyone in the locker room knows who the stars are you don’t actively elevate one player above the rest. All that does is breed resentment and divides a team.

  34. Immense natural talent but RG Me Me Me, has the potential to be the biggest diva QB the game has ever seen – he should have been a Kardashian. What is Robert’s special control over Daniel Snyder? Your marketing appeal may have peaked on the Subway advertisement. Open a little wider and put your foot long in.

  35. Drama, drama, drama. This exactly what is wrong with the Redskins. It has become an organization full of “characters”; thus the team has no “character”. We do not hear about these “non-football” issues with successful organizations i.e. N.E./Pittsburg/Baltimore, etc.. Until RGIII decides that he wants to be an”NFL quarterback”; and not a “celebrity quarterback”; he will continue to fail. Just look the other young QBs, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, etc… They are a part of organizations that have “character”. This is why they are all still playing, and we (skins fans); are suffering!

  36. someone (shanahan pp.’s?) has had this RG3 smear campaign in overdrive since the middle of the season for some reason.dont get me wrong,i believe half of the crap said about him but,jim kelly here in bolo,marino in miami and elway in denver all had that same chip on their shoulders right out of school.its just that it was all swept under the rug in those old days.

  37. Robert Griffin is the Redskins franchise player Yes, he will have input on who will be the next redskins coach. Yes, Dan will get Robert’s approval. The candidates that have interviewed and are scheduled to interview , will not be the candidate of choice. All these candidates interviewing at Redskins Park is not the way Dan conducts interviews. The next head coach of the Redskins will interviewed at Dan’s house not Redskins Park. That’s how Dan does business

    Bruce may be the GM, however Dan is the owner

  38. RG3 will be back to RG3 of old next season. He will shed the brace and actually have the entire offseason, training camp and preseason to be game ready. Don’t jump back on the RG3 bandwagon after you hopped off either.

  39. Wake us up when the adults take charge in DC and this franchise is relevant in ways other than a bad example – more coaches than playoff wins under Snyder nuff said

  40. thepftpoet
    Jan 6, 2014, 9:02 PM EST
    Meanwhile Zygi Wilf doesn’t take crap from anyone & is the best owner in sports.

    If “doesn’t take crap” means tolerating drunk driving from his players on a regular basis and Neanderthal-minded coaches preaching hate and intolerance….YOU ARE CORRECT, SIR.

    It would also be appropriate to point out that “the best owner in sports” was found liable in 2014 by a New Jersey court for “breaking civil state racketeering laws and keeping separate accounting books to fleece former business partners of shared revenue. The presiding judge noted that Wilf had used organized crime- like tactics to commit fraud against his business partners.”

    Maybe he and the Brown’s owner Flying Jimmy Haslem can share a cell at the Terra Haute Federal Penitentiary and talk about old times real soon.

    Viking fans. When you have no trophies in your case, ya gotta grab onto the next best thing. Delusion.

  41. My mistake I meant 23 turnovers in less than 2 years. By the way, do you think Subway will use RGMe in the new January $5 footlong promo? Or will they do the smart thing and replace him with a more talented and likeable player like Luck?

  42. The media could not write enough gushing stories about him last season. Now, they dig up every tiny little flaw. It’s funny, and he never saw any of this coming. They build you up, just to tear you down, and when you get petulant–well, that’s when its funny.

  43. I really like how Cam Newton has matured this season. Lot of people were saying RG3 was more mature, smarter and more humble. It seems like Cam is more mature, smarter and more humble.

  44. Can you say Andrew”quiet”Luck. Number one in that draft class and we still talking about this clown rg3. C’mon Man

  45. While it is entertaining to see all of this happening to the Skins, these type of reports are all BS, names need to be attached to accusations like these.

    Unnamed sources are now just made up stories to garner higher clicks/page views to show potential advertisers actual data.

    Snyder should try and trade RG3, he is not going to live up to the hype. His knee is one more hit from him sitting alongside Tebow during College Gameday. And you did see in real interviews that guys came out in support of Shanahan. Players didn’t support Bob in the media.

  46. thepftpoet says:
    Jan 6, 2014 9:02 PM

    Meanwhile Zygi Wilf doesn’t take crap from anyone & is the best owner in sports.


    Brett Favre/ Percy Harvin… he let those guys do whatever they wanted… show up midway through training camp. Throw fits and ride the bench… Who could aforget about the love boat?

  47. I don’t believe everything I hear about Griffin, but some of it has to be true. He does seem like a selfish me type. He also seems tohave bought into his own hype. Snyder created this problem by making the unproven kid seem above the rest of the team. More superstar than football player. (The Danica Patrick of football) Lots and lots of big hyped college QBs come into the league and can’t handle it for whatever reason. I would look no further than RGIII to see what any team looking to draft Manziel might be in store for.

  48. The second coming of TO. I liked the little twerp out of college because I thought he had some humility. I was wrong.

  49. RG3 is the entire franchise right now. He needs someone that will be on the same page as him if they want it to work. Everything Snyder touches turns to stone, so yeah, RG3 should have more power. Honestly.

  50. It’s great to see that Oakland is no longer the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL.
    RG3, Dan Snyder I thank you.

  51. Lol…another story attributed to “anonymous sources”. Another useless waste of time. The writer could have just owned up to her bosses that she did not have any article for today.

    Can we just stop with the RG3 vs Cousins BS? Cousins can NEVER beat out RG3 for the position. Why are we still talking about this? Didn’t Cousins just proved that it was all hype and he had nothing noteworthy to contribute as a starting QB?

    It’s just amazing how these fake stories start coming out when a player struggles. Remember Cam Newton? In his 1st year, he was “going to be great”. In his 2nd and 3rd, ESPN “analysts” basically tore into him like they are doing with RG3 now. Bunch of weasels.

  52. SMDH….What is with folks…I don’t get the venom that is directed at this kid…….It’s crazy… Why is every story put out about him, instantly thought to be the absolute truth..I’ve heard he was a terrific student-athlete and is very intelligent, but I dont think RG3 has what it takes to greatly influence Daniel Snyder, come one people!… In case folks are forgetting, the redskins have been one f*#@! up team since this kid was running around playing kick ball in recess….Stop blaming everything on him… Does he talk too much, YES…Is he very media savvy, NO.. Does he need someone to tell him, to shut up, quit the commercials and get back to football plain and simple HELL YEAH, but I’m quite certain he will get all that this off season just as Cam did.. What he is experiencing is growing pains, and everybody experiences them in different ways. How is it, after two seasons, he is thought to be a bust…Really, I guess ya’ll would have shipped Peyton Manning out then, cause he sure didn’t come out the gate winning games…. Hell at the beginning of the season, I remember what the media was saying about Kapernick, now look! Lets not even go there about Cam Newton. As much as I still believe RG3 will be a great quaterback, I hope he does go somewhere else…No one should have to deal with this crap……. Clearly, someone in his own locker room, is out to sabotage the kid…….

  53. urfinished says:
    Jan 6, 2014 8:51 PM
    Someone needs to shove his 5…$5…$5 footlong in his mouth.

    Best comment of 2014 so far! Lol!

  54. After reading the comments, my favorite name thus far is RG3-13….

    Now, we all know that Griffin is not equipped to make any sort of executive decisions..considering he acts like a child. It’s also obvious that although his numbers prove he can’t be ruled as a ‘bust’, he’s still not a franchise caliber QB (see Luck, Wilson and Newton).

  55. I’m a Browns fan. My franchise sucks so incredibly that it’s historic. Still, the Browns were a laughing stock for not trading away the store for this guy. Looks like we did at least ONE thing right.

  56. Bummer. I hope this isn’t true. RG3 seemed like a great guy last season.

    And, all things being equal, I’d rather not have to acknowledge Mike Shanahan was right..

  57. RGIII is one of the biggest frauds since Tim Tebow. What has this clown ever done besides put up marginal numbers one year against a last place schedule and lose in the playoffs? He’s thoroughly lost in a traditional NFL offense and is basically a project player at this point. He’ll be out of the league in 3 years

  58. I’ll say this. The DC Eleven is the #1 news story at the Washington Post. It sells newspapers. They would not print this stuff if they did not have a verifiable source. Sally Jenkins does not have that much latitude. It is not the Daily News.

    That said, only in Washington or NY is this kind of stuff given so much attention. Of course they are all pointing fingers. What did you expect, people to take responsibility themselves?

  59. For those that don’t know (pretty much everyone here), Sally Jenkins is a long-time local DC reporter with a real chip on her shoulder for the Redskins. For years she has been trying to stir up controversy and scandals against the team. She’s known to just make stuff up.

  60. Can anybody really blame him for pointing fingers at his wide receivers when they’ve led the league in drops the last two seasons?

    As for Sally Jenkins, I don’t believe a word that she or anybody else at the post writes. They are always looking to start/break some conspiracy story. These are the same people that tried to assassinate Ovechkin’s character two years ago by saying he was done, he was fat, he was a coach killer, etc. All he did was come back the next season and win MVP.

    I’m not saying that RG3 is blameless. He isn’t. He is a second year qb on a terrible team. He must improve and the team must improve. Let’s hope that real coach without an agenda comes in and helps him.

  61. “…but the guy who will embrace Griffin and not try to demonstrate to the quarterback that there’s a new sheriff in town.”

    Wow. Pragmatism sure can be ugly sometimes.

  62. If Daniel Snyder really wants to show his commitment to his franchise foot long celebrity QB, then give RG3 – 13 a small percentage ownership of the team, like Dolphins owner Stephen Ross gave Fergie, the Williams sisters and Gloria Estefan, etc. That would elevate Robert to the status of player owner.

  63. As a Browns fan, I was furious when they couldn’t pull of the trade to move up and draft this guy. Now, it seems like it wasn’t a bad thing. Although we still suck, this guy seems like a clown AND he’s damaged goods. Carson Palmer was never the same after blowing out his knee, could be the same for this diva.

  64. unbridledsexy says:
    Jan 6, 2014 10:11 PM
    I’m not gonna go as far as say “bust”, but he is NOT living up to expectations. This whole franchise needs an extreme home makeover.——————————————————————-That is true, but another yr like 13 & then you could apply the “bust” label.

  65. Griffin is the typical darling QB just out of college to save a franchise. Only thing missing is maturity. Take a 20 yr old QB out of college and this is what you end up with. Rat brains,,,,Who was the can’t miss QB from LSU,,,who missed and missed badly?

  66. Bottom line is year 3 for RG3. If he does well with a new coach and can get the team 9 or more wins along with showing himself as a PRO his future is bright. Of course if it goes the other way and he doesn’t show poise but instead becomes frustrated he may go the way of a Jim Plunkett and move to another team with a better organization. To compare RG3 to Leaf is unfair and not true. To say RG3 is in a clown organization at this current moment in time is a fact. The right coach must have full say and Snyder would need to stay away from being buddy buddy with RG3. A coach like Cower,Gruden,Holmgren or Jimmy Johnson is what they need.

  67. Daniel Snyder is not much of an owner if he lets RG me call the shots on a coach or anything else. he should tell him …”Grow a pair…shut up and stop your whining and play that’s what I pay you for”

  68. Shanny does have his own issues and isn’t the best coach at all… but Shanny is looking better and better by the day with this situation.

    With the owner meddling and giving the star QB way too much control, ANY head coach with a backbone would NOT be happy.

    Danny needs to hire Jason Garret as he has experience being a patsy for Jerry.

    Why hasn’t Jerry fired Jason yet, last year etc?

    Jerry doesn’t want to begin training a new puppet to be the head coach of his team.

    Shanny at least reacted to the crap Danny and RGMEE did whereas Jason is quiet as a church mouse.

  69. Makes one appreciate Andrew Luck even more. Colts fans, enjoy your owner, GM and HC … they did good. Reminds me of the Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf controversy. Guess which one is Leaf?

  70. What coach will agree to take this job? Bob’s a coach killing prima-donna.

    It’ll end up being a second or third tier candidate who’s desperate for a shot. Nobody else will want to be handcuffed to Bob.

  71. This kids Parents,Agent or someone needs to take him aside and tell him to shut-up work hard and get better. All it takes is on O-lineman to get P_ _ _ed off and casually miss a block and this guy is done…..

  72. i have been askin fan since 1943,please mr.snyder sell the team and justbecome a fan again,because under you we have had zero stability,we once hada proud francise,look at us now

  73. So RGIII brags to teammates that he has pull over the entire organization and you think the best course of action is for him to be initimately involved in deciding the franchise’s next head coach?

    That makes zero sense. You want to prevent a fractured locker room? Treat this diva like everyone else and let him deal with it.

  74. What a prima donna RG3 is. What a diva. What a ME type of person. It’s all about himself. He’ll never be a team player. He’s more important than the team. He is toxic in the locker room. Redskins need to get rid of him and start all over I think.

  75. Please before all you lose your mind, it must be noted that Sally Jenkins is a very good friend of Mike Shanahan…Mike is probably still taking stabs at the org…

    Nothing to see here.

  76. Meanwhile, the Rams are still enjoying the fruits of this trade that Skins fans were quick to claim as a “win” for them.

  77. I don’t believe this for a second. Sally Jenkins is trolling for a national gig. All she’s done for years is find one minor incident & try to blow it up into something bigger than it is.

    Does anyone find it odd that Garcon, Tana, & co weren’t interviewed in the story? What about RG3? Where’s his chance to comment? None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

    Her ‘insider’ is a joke.

  78. After reading Sally Jenkins’ piece I can only hope RGIII will grow up, get rid of those people giving him bad advice and realize the potential that we glimpsed in his rookie season.

    Having said that I doubt if he’ll be able to extricate himself from his father’s influence as well as the rest of those “hangers on” who are making a living telling him how great he is.

    He will not be the first athlete who’s career was sabotaged by his so called friends and relatives

  79. This article should have been headlined: Latest Leak From Shanahan Camp Says……..

    Sally Jenkins has been in Shanahan’s back pocket from the day he got to DC, probably long before that. Any “inside info” in any of her columns is 100% guaranteed to come directly from him or his people. She is practically his paid spokesperson.

    I’m not even saying the report isn’t true, but please make sure you consider the source.

  80. badmoonrison says:
    Jan 6, 2014 9:09 PM
    23 INTs in a year and a half. Why people think RGMe is going to turn things around is beyond me. Whatever happened to people looking at statistics before they anoint a young QB as “elite”? He’s a step above Jamarcus Russell, history will show.

    First of all, he’s started 15 and 13 games, which is more than a “year and a half”. Secondly, he has only 4 more Ints than Russell Wilson (19) and 4 LESS than Andrew Luck (27). And I am pretty sure he is the only one of those three to suffer a major knee injury.

    So what exactly are you talking about?

  81. skins1979 wrote:
    “Good work Sally Jenkins. Fabricate a story again with “sources” . Why don’t you put some names with your “source”.”

    I can give you the name for her source – Mike “the Rat” Shanahan.

  82. I don’t believe it simply because it coincides with a losing season. When he’s winning, he’s heralded for his character. When he’s not, he’s all of a sudden a problem child.

    If these stories came out last year, they would ring more true. But, how can it be coincidental that this all comes out when he’s losing?

    If I’m a pompous, uncoachable, prima dona, wouldn’t be more apparent when I’m being heralded as the Savior, best thing since sliced bread??

    I use my common sense when determining what to believe.

  83. “According to Sally Jenkins”

    And that’s where I stop reading. She is about as credible as Manish Metah.

  84. HUMMMM……………..a Shanny loyalist has written a column negative towards RG3 and uses unnamed sources………..gotta take it with a grain of salt. I’m also curious to know how much stock to put in a Washington Post article written by Sally Jenkins who lives in NY……….talk about reporting from a distance.

  85. No doubt now after just 2 years that the Colts picked the better QB with the first overall selection.
    And to think RG3 was considered by some to be better.

  86. I am not surprised at all by this story. This is what happens when the owner of a team is more concerned with being best friends with a player than putting a winning product on the field. Snyder is not bashful about his history of being a lifelong die hard fan of the team. He has a history of signing free agents that he is a huge “fan” of (Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Dana Stubblefield, Adam Archuleta to name a few). He is like a star struck little kid instead of a responsible and respected owner of the team.

  87. Any influence RG had on the Skins is because the owner is an enabler. That isn’t on RG.

    All of you who think he’s a bust are 1. forgetting that he turned around that franchise last year when they won the division and he was rookie of the year, and 2. seem to not recall that he had major knee surgery within the last year. He’s going to rebound a lot.

    I’m a NYG fan, so I’m hoping I’m wrong on his upcoming turnaround. But I don’t think I am. Luckily, this joke of an organization has a lot bigger problems then scads of dopes posting here about him being a bust.

  88. Damn.
    Id kill to play in the nfl. Im a freshman in high school but come on man. Thats like me saying ” i hate my geometry, fire her” and she actually gets fired.
    Hey redskins, give me a spot on your roster. I may have a week arm: 25-30 yards at max, but i always fit balls where needed.

  89. RGIII needs Mike Singletary to set him straight like he did Vernon Davis. After a year or two of that, send Singletary on his way, and RGIII will have the right attitude for the rest of his career.

  90. Going to Sally Jenkin’s and the Washington Post for Redskins news is like going to Fox News for news on Democrats and MSNBC for news on Republicans.

  91. Why on earth is the owner letting a 20 yr old have any influence.

    That said Mcnabb told RG3 not to make a spectacle of himself it will distract from the team and put a bullseye on your back. Everybody was like what a hater.

    Smoot was like RG3 is a brat and Shanahan has lost his touch. Everybody was like Smoot is an idiot.

  92. mrlaloosh says:
    Jan 6, 2014 8:51 PM
    “This clown will sink a once proud franchise. RG-ME”
    This franchise was proud?

  93. Wow u guys are so quick to judge…you belive everthing you hear and read about? haha im still laughing at you trolls.two years in leage and this guys a bust after winning rookie of the year and coming off major knee surgery? Also seting highest qbr as a rookie in the nfl ever and in rushing yards but this guys a bust lol… I forgot all of you were coaches and scouts my bad..I guess well have to see what year three brings.

    Ps. See you trolls next year

  94. This looks pretty bad for RG3… IF TRUE. And the truth is still TBD.

    I’m no fan of the Redskins, but I gotta say: Ever notice that small market teams never have this kind of circus atmosphere? Small MEDIA market teams, anyway…

  95. DC fans can say whatever about Jenkins, but it was true that Santana Moss called out Griffin this year. In addition, I noticed in several games this year after Griffin was hit and horizontal to the ground none of the offensive linemen offered a hand to pick him up. That’s telling-

  96. I hope that Jay Gruden smiles at both Snyder and RG3 and tell them both-“Oh,yes,he’ll play.”

    And when preseason starts, it becomes really clear that RG is the third place backup for the real team playing quarterbacks the Skin’s already have.

    Come on Jay-start with a really new slate.

    Heck man, let RG sit in the Redskins skybox with his buddy while the real Redskins players win games for you.

  97. Dan Snyder is one of the few owners in the NFL who makes Jerruh Jones look smart.
    It’s clear that this kids’ success in his first year went to his head. Throw in that he was coached by a guy who’s been looney for years and had his son as the OC, and it’s no wonder this team is in the state of confusion it’s in.

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