Titans, Lions and Vikings reportedly request interviews with Jay Gruden

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For an offensive coordinator who watched his unit fall apart in the second half of Sunday’s 27-10 loss to the Chargers, Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is having a pretty good Monday.

We’ve already heard that the Redskins are would like to speak to Gruden about their head coaching vacancy and they have plenty of company. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Titans, Lions and Vikings have also requested permission to interview Gruden, which leaves the Browns as the only outlier among teams still looking for a head coach.

Gruden has interviewed for head coaching openings the last two offseasons, but wound up returning to the Bengals each time. The Bengals have gone to the playoffs in each of Gruden’s three seasons running the offense, but we’d imagine teams interested in talking to him will also be interested to hear his thoughts on why the team has managed a total of 33 points in their three losses during those trips.

There’s no word yet on which openings Gruden will interview for or when those interviews will take place, but it’s clear that Sunday’s struggles didn’t do much to hurt Gruden’s stature in the eyes of teams looking for a new head coach.

UPDATE 12:39 p.m. ET: Gruden confirmed, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, that the Redskins, Vikings and Titans have requested permission for interviews.

36 responses to “Titans, Lions and Vikings reportedly request interviews with Jay Gruden

  1. Everyone is jealous of the impending Vikings dynasty.

    Don’t be mad that our roster is exponentially better in every single position.

    Just watch and see the greatness with your own eyes.

  2. Gruden in Detroit would make the most sense. Putting an offensive guru with that offense would scare everyone in their division, maybe even the nfc.

  3. Everyone wants to talk about Jon Gruden, but Jay is the stud of that family. Jon got into coaching because he wasn’t good enough to play anywhere. Jay kept playing and became one of the greatest players in Arena League history. He put up crazy numbers and won a bunch of championships as a player, coach and player-coach. He’s got as much offense running around his head as anyone, anywhere and he’s never been out of work long enough to join his brother in the FFCA.

  4. As a Vikings fans, I think I speak for all of us minus pftpoet and some of the others trolling here in saying that we’re sorry the rest of you have to deal with pftpoet and the like. Not representative of our actual fanbase.

  5. This guy would be the perfect fit for the Vikes.

    Gruden is nothing more than a college level coach….the Vikes will play in a college stadium the next few…and the Vikings team themselves? Hell, they’d be luck to make it to the AP 25 college rankings.

    Actually…they’re going to land Bevell. And he is going to try to do Seattle things with that mess they call the Vikings roster. Maybe Cordarelle Patterson can play QB too?? This is going to be fun to watch. Kind of like when Schwartz came to Detroit….you were a little concerned for your team in the division, but deep down, you knew that there was really nothing to worry about.

  6. Anyone who thinks Jay is an offensive guru should watch the 3 playoff games he called the offense on. All three were GOD AWFUL games. The play calling was atrocious. After seeing his playcalling, I have no idea how his name and “offensive guru” end up in the same sentence. Baffling. The run game was working yesterday and he decides to stop running and pass it 51 times. AJ Green didn’t see a pass his way the whole first half last year in the playoff game. This guy is an idiot. He should be available in a few days when the Bengals can him and promote Hue to OC.

  7. To be honest, I think Mike Zimmer is the more promising candidate of the two Bengals coordinators. He seems to run a tight ship, and despite a ton of injuries this year, the Bengals defensive unit was one of the best in the league. A no nonsense guy for sure. I would be thrilled if the Vikings would take a long hard look at Zimmer.

  8. And how have the Bungles done in the past 10 years? Yep. Average. They failed to score in the second half of yesterdays game. He has weapons at TE, WR, and RB. They have an average QB. Still held to 0 points. FAIL!

  9. Maybe that was the purpose of that bad game he called yesterday, lol.He didn’t want to end up like Greg Roman. But seriously, this guy’s not his brother and would be in over his head as a head coach.

  10. im not to sold on jay as a headcoach. he had not proven anything when it counts in the playoffs. i see him as a norv turner type a better oc than hc.

  11. thepftpoet says:
    Jan 6, 2014 12:00 PM
    Everyone is jealous of the impending Vikings dynasty.

    Don’t be mad that our roster is exponentially better in every single position.

    Just watch and see the greatness with your own eyes.

    I can’t use my own eyes. This vision requires the use of the rose colored glasses you’re wearing.

  12. the grus offense is mostly offensive yes they were running the ball well yesterday, and then throw 51 times and really only a handful to aj, their best player any team hiring him as head coach would be foolish

  13. This is mind boggling. He was outcoached in every way possible against a SD defense that Peyton will hang 50+ on. It just shows how hiring an “insider” is more important to these owners than the skills a coach might possess.

    Jay is living off the Gruden name. He better jump at any offer he gets ’cause Bengals fans want him FIRED.

  14. LOL at the poster who called Jay Gruden an offensive guru..Hahaha that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day..I’m praying this bum gets one of those jobs and takes his boy man candy Andy with him..

  15. The Vikings job is better than the DC R-words, but not too sure about the Titans. I only say the R-words isn’t a good job b/c RGIII, I doubt a coach would rather take a team with a questionable QB than a blank slate.

  16. I’d be more interested in Ken Whisenhunt, who took the Cardinals (the Cardinals!) to the Super Bowl and brought Philip Rivers back from the dead this year. Kind of funny that Spielman talked about all the different places that a head coach could come from, but so far he only seems interested in coordinators who have never been head coaches before.

  17. Not sure why Gruden is getting interviews after that performance yesterday.

    Bengals lose at home to a supposedly inferior opponent, the offense posts 10 points for the game and three turnovers in the second half, and Gruden gets a promotion to HC?

  18. Whisenhunt is the answer… give him a qb to develop and get out of his way for a few years and the team that picks him goes deep into the playoffs.

  19. I hope Spielman watched the Bengals playoff game last weekend before any interview was scheduled.

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