Browns want to interview Ben McAdoo for head coach job


Apparently, firing a young offensive assistant with no previous head coaching experience didn’t deter the Browns, because they’re going back to that well for their latest interview.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Browns are interviewing Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo for their head coaching job.

The 36-year-old McAdoo was blocked from interviewing for the Buccaneers coordinator job two years ago, when he was tight ends coach.

He was thought to be a possibility for the offensive coordinator job in Miami, where his old co-worker Joe Philbin is looking for help. But the Browns apparently have some interest in him for a bigger job, one created by firing a guy with a similar career arc in Rob Chudzinski.

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  1. Well this would make total sense………..said no football expert ever……..WHAT.ARE.THE.BROWNS.DOING?!? You fire Chud cuz you didn’t get the results and leadership you want so you interview a guy with even less experience? At least Chud was an OC in Carolina. This guy is the friggin QB coach for Green Bay. How hard of a job is that exactly?!? Hey, Aaron, go throw the ball to your receivers and score TDs!! Ok Coach. See, I just did it. Please just hire McDaniels and get it over with so I can quit reading these articles about coaches I’ve never heard of!!

  2. Who? I thought the Browns wanted a proven winner with head coach experience?

    Way to run it in to the ground in < 2 years!!!

  3. Banner and Lombardi have to be joking, right? Let’s hope there is some kind of rule that says they must interview a specific number of candidates. If not, wake me in 2016.

  4. It comes yet again. Another non-proven, not-even-a-coordinator as the possible next Browns coach. You know why they want a guy like this? Because they want a guy who won’t ask why the sails aren’t up on a ship laying adrift on the tide. Coach Chud asked, and he was fired. He asked, “Why don’t I have a fullback?” A reasonable question to which one of the Three Stooges replied, “You do have a fullback. Use that 215 pound back-up running back.”

    I am ashamed that this is my team. I truly am. I have been aboard rudderless ships with commanders that don’t know their head from a hole in the wall while in the Navy, and now Banner and Dumbardi. Browns fans thought that they had it bad with the irrelevant billionaire (thanks Tony Grossi), but Haslem goes out and hires a know-it-all idiot with a Napoleon complex. Browns fans deserve better and we aren’t going to get it anytime soon. Thank the Three Stooges, nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

  5. Well…this boggles my mind.
    If there is any Packers coach that deserves and should be considered is Tom Clements.
    He had proven ability.

  6. Only the Dolphins and Browns would be in a tug-of-war to make a QB coach who has never called plays nor ever had more responsibility above being a position coach to be their play-calling OC.

  7. The Browns are interviewing “young offensive assistants” because no coach with experience will go anywhere near this train wreck.

    The Factory of Sadness will be open for business as usual for the next 4 to 6 years at a minimum.

  8. As someone else pointed out, Joe Banner did the exact same thing when he went after Andy Reid, who was Green Bay’s QB coach a year or two removed from being the TE coach.

  9. I am a sixty-two year old fan of the Cleveland Browns. It REALLY pains me to admit that. The morons that are running the shop now are WAY, WAY worse for the Browns than Art Modell ever was. And stating THAT was even more painful.

    What are you doing, Banner? Where is your business sense, Haslem? What is your purpose, Lombardi? Rest assured that Cleveland’s draft is going to be super screwed up, if this kind of garbage is happening with a coaching-search.

    This whole circus that the Browns have become would truly piss me off, if I cared. The problem for this Browns organization is that so many of us “fans” just don’t give a damn.

    Apathy is a killer…

  10. Bob McAdoo?

    Didn’t he play basketball for the Lakers like back in the ’80’s? What does he know about football?… oh wait, it’s the Browns.


  11. I will tell you right now that he would already have the best name in the biz. So many thing rhyme with McAdoo. Makes blogging so much easier.

  12. I don’t really understand why when a site mentions that a guy gets an INTERVIEW. Everyone responds as if the guy already has the job and gripes about it. The whole reason things like the “Rooney Rule” exist is because for years the NFL was just musical chairs of the same coaches switching teams. To be honest I’ll be the first one to say that so far the Browns ownership is 1 for 1 for hiring head coaches because quite frankly I don’t think Chud should have lost his job especially how many players who’s names no one even knew last season are now high demand pro bowlers after only 1 season under his and Turners offense.

    Whats even funnier about the commenters on here (and I’m talking about fans of every team who’s looking for a coach) is if their team just hired the first guy they interviewed, they’d gripe about that too so be happy they’re at least doing a search. Especially Browns fans who’s last owner was well known for just throwing money at the highest profile name available (Butch Davis, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini).

    This guy is no different in background than Jim Caldwell was when he took the Colts job and somehow that guy is getting interviewed by everyone BUT Cleveland despite his disaster last year in Indianapolis and horrid offense this season in Baltimore. Are we forgetting Green Bay is still the only team to make Matt Flynn look good out of all 20 teams he’s played on? Kind of brilliant for a Browns team who has 3 Flynn like QB’s to at least CONSIDER a guy like this for even an offensive coordinator gig even if he doesn’t end up head coach.

  13. It’s the Cleveland Stooges. What did you expect? Whoever they hire won’t be there long.

  14. When the Eagles originally hired Andy Reid, he had about the same level of experience…wasn’t a coordinator….John Harbaugh the same in Baltimore…so while it is not a usual thing to hire someone who hasn’t been a coordinator, it, nonetheless, has been done, and successfully in some cases.

  15. Just as with the Redskins’ head coach search, I think we should all be less concerned with who the Browns will be their head coach in 2014 than we should with who will be their head coach in 2017.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  16. Once again Larry, Curley, and Mo are proving that they have no idea on what they are doing. I think that Jimmy Haslam said they wanted a proven winner?! What qualifications does this person possess. The only thing other than losing that this organization is good at doing, is finding even more ways to alienate their fan base, and continue to be the joke of the NFL. Again, I never thought there could have been a worse owner for the team than Randy Lerner. I was wrong.

  17. Two thoughts on this rather bizarre interview.

    First, they are interviewing him for Head Coach so they can get a feel for him as McDaniels Off-Coordinator. They did this last year with Ray Horton. Interviewed him then forced him on Chud.

    Second, they have totally screwed up the search again this year, like they did with Chip Kelly and Ken Whissenhutt last year. The result is they once again have to over think and prove they can find a star where no else has looked.

    OK–make it three thoughts. Does anyone know what Joe Banner’s role was with the Eagles when Reid was hired? He likes to tell people he found Reid–but somehow I am guessing this is just another example of Joe overstating his importance.

  18. PFT stated the Browns want to interview McAdoo for HC; the Browns just stated they want to interview him. I think his interview for Cleveland will not be for the HC position … I think he will be the “assistant” OC working with McDaniels grooming the QB selected in this upcoming draft. But, how did he coach up Aaron Rodgers in a way that hadn’t been done by trailing behind Favre?

    Just end it. Get McDaniels. Otherwise, Jimmy will be his own CEO and GM after he gives more than a rebate to Banner and Lombardi.

  19. Send in the clowns…

    Seriously though, they could say that it’s a HC interview all day under cover for a OC search. Both would be promotions so GB wouldn’t stop it.

  20. Is this the same Ian Rapoport that reported Bob Stoops was a top two candidate to coach the Browns and even went as far as saying an interview was lined up? The same Ian Rapoport who reported Chip Kelly was going to sign with the Browns?

  21. Seems like the Brownies are shaking every tree there is now…hoping something with a beating heart falls out! It looks as if they are looking for a young offensively blessed bright mind who might be able to shape their mess into a competitive pro team!…a Rob Chudzinski type, maybe if they are lucky…

  22. McAdoo, McDaniels… just interview Ronald McDonald. Let’s just admit that the Browns are becoming the fast food of pro football. With fast food everyone’s ashamed to eat it, that’s why they give you the option of picking it up at the window in the back. With Cleveland, we’re becoming to be ashamed as fans. That’s why you see the guys wearing bags on their heads to the games.

  23. It’s no secret that Rodgers preferred Tom Clements to McAdoo as QB coach. If McAdoo leaves maybe the Pack can look at reassigning Clements to his old position. Hopefully.

  24. Andy Reid was the assistant head coach of the Packers when the Eagles hired him, not just the quarterbacks coach. For anyone making that comparison.

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