Brandon Graham wants to be a starter in Philly or elsewhere

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The Eagles shifted from a 4-3 look to the 3-4 scheme preferred by defensive coordinator Bill Davis this season, a move that forced Brandon Graham to go from defensive end to outside linebacker.

Graham played a little more than a quarter of the snaps on defense during the regular season and finished the year with four sacks and added another in last Saturday’s loss to the Saints. That’s left Graham, a 2010 first-round pick, feeling like he has “pretty good film out there,” although the fact that he never quite shook the look of a defensive end playing linebacker made him agree that he’ll “probably end up in a 4-3 my next go-round.”

If that sounds like Graham’s thinking about changing teams, it’s because he wants to move up to the starting lineup in 2014 whether it happens in Philly or somewhere else.

“I’m not saying I want to go anywhere else, but I do want to be a starter,” Graham said, via Reuben Frank of “If that works out here, it works out here. If not, it doesn’t. But I will be playing somewhere.”

Graham is signed for two more years, he’s set to make $1.6705 million, but the Eagles will likely be looking for a little more pass rush off the edge after tying the Cowboys for the lowest sack percentage in the NFL during the 2013 season. If they find it, Graham may be on the move.

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  1. A little success and these guys are back to talking like they’ve actually done something.

  2. Actually Graham should have played a lot more because he can get to the QB ETC. Trent Cole was in front of him and seniority prevailed. I love Cole but his best days are passed him.
    Billy Davis the DC for the Eagles DID NOT play his to best pass rushers nearly enough (Vinny Curry & Branden Graham). Both guys were almost instantly when they got on the field. That was one of the big negatives for the Eagles switching to a 3/4.
    If either of these guys get traded to a 4/3 the teams that get them will really be getting two really good 4/3 D ends. Graham is good and a former 1st round pick and Curry is a 2nd round pick. Both of these guys got caught of in the last disaster of the Reid era and then the switch to a 4/3.
    If the Eagles are smart they should trade these guys for nothing less then a late 3rd but more then likely they will have to settle for a 4th or a 5th.

  3. Always wondered what happened to him. He was a monster for Michigan when he was the only one on defense that knew how to play. He was a monster at Michigan.

  4. As an Eagles fan I have no problem with Graham saying this. He showed potential in our 4-3 last year and was possibly our best lineman. I just don’t think he fits the 3-4 at all and we should see what kind of picks we could get for him.

  5. I agree, neither Cole or Graham are the solution to the Eagles Outside line backer position. Draft one second round… Safety in the first round.

    you said it philyeagles5….

    never have i seen 5 pundits stop talking with their jaws dropped after just talking about how the Eagles were getting a great pick, the heir to Dawkins… then whomp… B. Graham..

  6. Hey, Jerry Hughes was considered a first round bust in Indianapolis…then Mike Pettine brought him to Buffalo, and he looked like a pro-bowler with 10 sacks.

    Change of scenery could do wonders.

  7. Shea McClellin is a former 1st round pick that everyone projected as a 3-4 OLB, yet the Bears chose him and plugged him into the 4-3 as a DE. Though McClellin has shown the quickness to play in the league, he lacks the bulk to play 4-3 DE. Much like Graham, he has been playing out of position. Emery is now saying that it was a mistake to use him as a DE, and they need to figure something out for him.

    Seems like a natural opportunity for both teams!

  8. If he is a good player and knows the 3-4 system he may be alright with some other team. But he has to be able to hold his own to be a starter, in other words you got to be good. Because some other guys in the same position maybe better than him. So he must get in where he fit in

  9. He played pretty well, but Bill Davis and the Eagles need to find the right people for their scheme. Trade him for a 5th round pick and continue to find players that are right for the scheme.

  10. this kid doesn’t belong in a 3-4 and is undersized for a 4-3.

    this is another blunder pick by the CoolAid man..
    Not that it’s his fault, but everytime i see Graham, I can only think of that probowler in Seattle who continues to make big plays..
    couple that with the fact that S is the biggest need on this team,, the sight of Graham makes my stomach turn..

    still, at least we didn’t draft that brittle backflipper JPP, the one year wonder.

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