Chip Kelly loves Michael Vick, but Vick ready to move on


The Eagles cleaned out their lockers on Monday, which may have been the last time that quarterback Michael Vick was in the room as an active member of the team.

Vick’s set for free agency in March and he hasn’t been shy about his desire to find a starting job in 2014. That won’t come in Philadelphia, where Chip Kelly affirmed that Nick Foles is the starting quarterback on Monday. Kelly also praised Vick and suggested that a return to the backup job in Philly is possible.

“I love Michael Vick. That guy’s awesome,” Kelly said, via the South Jersey Courier-Post. “Unfortunately, he got hurt, and that gave an opportunity to another guy. It’s not like Michael got benched. How he handled it, how he helped Nick through the process, it indicates the kind of person he is. That didn’t go unnoticed.”

Vick reiterated that he’d be open to such a return as a fallback, but not before saying once again that he wants to start while speaking about his time with the Eagles in the past tense.

“It’s hard to sum up my time here. Everything has been so surreal and has happened so abruptly,” Vick said, via Philadelphia Magazine. “The thing I do know is I appreciate the fans, I appreciate this organization, I appreciate the relationships and the teammates I’ve been able to [have] in this locker room. There’s a lot of guys in here I’ll always keep in contact with and I’ll consider my brothers.”

The veteran free agent market for quarterbacks isn’t a deep one, with Josh McCown, Chad Henne and Josh Freeman joining Vick as available players with recent starting experience. Whether that leads to a better opportunity than he has in Philly remains to be seen, but the Eagles will certainly have to plan as if Vick isn’t coming back when the offseason gets underway.

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  1. I give Vick all the credit in the world for turning his life around after given a second chance from the Eagles. He still has ability but can’t stay healthy making it unlikely any team will hang their hat on Vick.

  2. Wow I just lost all respect for Chip Kelly, the only love in football should always be Sayers & Piccolo. Anything else if just bull.

  3. I have never really believed in Vick as a great quarterback, but I totally respect how he has turned his life around, and more, that he was not a distraction this year when he didn’t get the starting job back. That says to me, “good teammate”.

  4. Jaguars. MAYBE the Vikings, but they might be skittish after the whole boneheaded Freeman fiasco. Cardinals?

  5. If he goes, the Eagles will need a veteran backup. Barkley is far from ready.

    I could see Vick going to someone like the Browns. He’s nobody’s long-term answer at this point in his career but he could help them out for a couple years while they find a kid they can groom into the job.

  6. No matter where Vick lands he will be a seat warmer until the new QB gets up to speed. He is better off just staying in Philly. In the era of high priced backup QB’s, the Eagles should offer him a 2.5M/ year deal. Vick should be happy with that. What is he going to do, go to Jacksonville for a year until they give their young QB the nod later in the year when he gets hurt? Vick is injury prone and would be a great backup in Philly. That offense would not miss a beat should Foles get hurt.

  7. Father Time catches up with everyone when dealing with a physical sport. I love Vick athleticism but you have to stay healthy when you get older. Vick be smart, accept a backup job and if a starter gets injured then its your turn. Longer you ride that sideline, the better your body can heal and stuff those pockets. Continue to learn your craft while riding that sideline.

  8. Vick should be happy serving as a back up. No where else is he going to get paid approx. $1 million per year. After football his earnings potential is limited.

  9. “Unfortunately, he got hurt, and that gave an opportunity to another guy. It’s not like Michael got benched. How he handled it, how he helped Nick through the process, it indicates the kind of person he is. That didn’t go unnoticed.”

    What’s the big deal. This is something he should do for the good of the team, and shouldn’t be commended for it.

  10. And we all want you to move on, never wanted you back in the first place. There is no apology or adequate punishment for the kind of abuse you committed.

  11. Browns would be a good fit. There’s the Dawg Pound irony, but I think he could make them very competitive if he can stay healthy.

  12. If Michael Vick goes to a last place team and leads them to an identical finish with identical statistics as Alex Smith did with the Chiefs people would be arguing that he is more deserving of the MVP trophy than Manning. What is America’s obsession with this guy?

  13. Vick has another 10 good games in him, which means hes best suited as a backup. If a team like Oakland does take him on he would at least be able to teach Pryor a thing or two before he gets hurt and Pryor is the starter again. Although it wouldnt surprise me if he shocked the football world and started all 16 games and lead whatever team hes on into the playoffs.

  14. Given the number of teams in dire need of a competent QB, somebody will give Vick a chance. It might not be successful, however, if you look at the number of journey men who get numerous chances to start every year, Vick will have a solid chance at starting for a team next year.

    I can see him going to either Cleveland, or Minnesota next year.

  15. Vick would take minimum over a $2million contract if it meant he would start. He wants to play football. I think the best spot for him might be the Jets. They’ve got his old OC, Marty Morningwhatever, and Geno is far from ready to be a starter.

  16. I respect how Michael Vick has fought through adversity and changed his life around. Kudos to how he made it team first and helped Foles. He is one of my favorite player and I only wish him all the best for the future. I really hope I get to see him as a starter next year. Wherever he starts; I will root for that team to do good.

  17. I was always a Michael Vick fan when he came to Philadelphia, but I just don’t see him starting anywhere. He had a good preseason and first couple games, then he declined. I would be happy to see him on the Eagles as a backup because he is a great team player. I wish him luck if he goes elsewhere as a starter. Maybe Cleveland or Minnesota? But again, he might only start a few games and then become a back up.

  18. I can see the Browns picking up Vick on a one year deal while they groom their next QB. We saw how good the Browns looked with a decent QB under center.

  19. I can’t imagine any team would give him a starting role. Skills aside, he has been way too injury prone the last couple years. What’s the point of a starter that’s not reliable?

  20. To all of the people saying how Vick has turned his life around- shouldn’t we wait until he doesn’t need a positive public image to earn a paycheck before we come to any conclusions about what a changed man he is?

    Let me ask you a question- before he got caught, when he was living a double life and doing all of these heinous things, did you have any idea that he was anything other than a good guy and a perfect team mate?

    Didn’t think so. I think we need to give it a little more time before we anoint Mike Vick “a changed man”.

  21. The Eagles will get a good back up for Foles, and draft another QB to groom for down the road, I don’t think Kelly will stop until he gets that QB that can perform all the functions of the read option, then look out!!!

  22. He’s not going to start anywhere for very long. The positive side is he’d be the greatest backup ever. When defenses don’t plan for him, and when he’s healthy, it’s fun to watch.

  23. “Jaguars. MAYBE the Vikings, but they might be skittish after the whole boneheaded Freeman fiasco. Cardinals?”

    – Um. Carson Palmer was awesome this year with a new offense and tons of injuries and a turnstyle offensive line.

  24. Say what you want about Vick, but if they let him go there will be a lot of interest by teams to have him as their back-up.

  25. TheDPR says:
    Jan 7, 2014 8:49 AM

    I could see Vick going to someone like the Browns.

    Vick at the Dawg Pound? Are you kidding me!

  26. First of all, what Michael Vick did regarding those dogs will never be completely forgiven by a lot of people, no matter the circumstances.
    That said, he’s really not an ideal backup in Philly. His style of play is markedly different from Nick Foles, leading to a team almost having to prepare and run two different offenses, with the players having to do an about-face should Vick have to enter a game.
    Someone like Chad Henne…sort of a poor man’s Nick Foles…would make much more sense as a #2 QB in Philly.

  27. He’s an ideal fit in Minnesota. They need a decent QB immediately while AP still has legs and they don’t have the draft pick to get a sure stud in 2014.

    Sign Vick to a 2 year deal and wait on Winston, Mariota, Hundley, and others.

  28. I was not happy when they signed him, but he’s been nothing but a great teammate and has given us some of the most memorable games in NFL history (yes, and some forgettable ones too). The main issue with him is not his skills but his ability to stay healthy. There is simply no way he can last 16 games in the NFL without getting hurt, given his age, size, and style of play.

  29. mortyglickstein says:
    Jan 7, 2014 8:40 AM

    Not a Jets fan but they should grab him to push Geno. If Geno flops you put him in and then draft Winston next year

    Then worry about your own team or ask for Vick to go there. Majority of Jet fans don’t wants him.

    Geno is better and Mike Vick, and if you all recall, was 2-4 this past season. Soon as he was sitting on the bench and the Eagles put in Nick Fole I became respectful of the Eagles again and realized how terrible Vick really is as a QB.

    KARMA !

  30. He still has the wheels, and he knows what a QB should do. If I owned a team, I would see if he is open to playing Safety or Corner. He wouldn’t be a Deion quality shut down corner, but he would definitely make the QB think, IMHO.

  31. Perfect fit for minnesota being the scavengers that they are. Pick up over the hill washed up players and overpay them because they cant draft a competant one.

  32. Vick is injury prone any team looking at him as a starter will get 4 games tops, he is best suited as a back-up. It is that simple.

  33. #1 Way to set your franchise back:

    1. Hire Michael Vick to play QB

    #1 Way to bury your franchise:

    1. Make Michael Vick your starting QB

    #1 Way to get fired as a coach:

    1. Make Michael Vick your starting QB

  34. Before mike vick got injured he PASS for close to 450 yards and put up 30 points on the chargers defense, but somehow andy dalton struggle to do anything against that defense and still has a job, This league is litter with BAD QB”s and i can list the never ending teams that vick could start for , after all he had the eagles with the top 2 OFFENSE just before he got injured.

    he still posses the BEST ARM in football and can footrace with Kaep/ wilson and rg 3 and and not look out of place.with those 2 weapons it would be foolish to call any age on him when he is the same age of a Tony Romo.and is better than a alot of guys YOUNGER.I hope he can find a team that can play some defense and watch them challenge for the playoffs.

  35. A poor man’s Nick Foles ? Let’s see how he does next year. Not convinced CHIP won’t throw him under the bus so he can prove his style of football is better than anything the NFL has ever seen. No trophy at one nova care.

  36. It’s amazing how ignorant some people are. Michael Vick will get signed as a starter for a minimum of 10 Million guaranteed salary with bonus incentives! At least 7 teams are already interested and Tampa Bay and Minnesota are at the top of the list. Mike has some great years ahead of him and I guarantee that the Eagles will regret losing him because Nick Foles will not have the kind of year he had this year. Dallas, Minnesota and the Saints figured him out!

    Mike is a great leader with great quarterback skills who will pay big dividends for any NFL team!

  37. The Mike Vick Redemption Project was a miserable failure, as I predicted when the Eagles stupidly signed him.
    I will rejoice when he is cut from my beloved Eagles.

  38. I think Michael Vick should finish his prison time this worthless coward manage to squeal out of. Vick, you’re a punk and spineless vermin. No one will ever forget the monster you are.

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