Dennis Allen refuses to discuss his status


On Tuesday, Raiders coach Dennis Allen reportedly met with owner Mark Davis.  When the time for talking with Davis ended, Allen wasn’t inclined to do any talking to the media.

I’ve got nothing for you right now,” Allen said while leaving the team’s headquarters in his car, via Scott Bair of

“I’m not going to say anything,” Allen said in response to the question of whether he met with Davis.

Earlier in the day, Paul Gutierrez of reported that the status of Allen’s assistant coaches had “emerged as a potential sticking point” in the discussions between Allen and Davis.

Gutierrez added that only two members of the coaching staff (offensive coordinator Greg Olson and linebackers coach Bob Sanders) remain under contract.

There’s a belief in league circles that, although Davis would like to upgrade the coaching staff, he doesn’t believe he can do it at a reasonable price — especially since Allen would be entitled to receive a buyout for the final two years of his contract (unless of course Davis breaks out the overhead projector and explains why Allen will be fired for cause).

This presumes that Allen wants to return.  After two years of working for Mark Davis, Allen could be tempted to find a way to move on.

25 responses to “Dennis Allen refuses to discuss his status

  1. They are meeting right now.

    MD if you don’t think he is the right man for the job fire him now. If not, give his asst the ext. stop being a cheap ass.

    Better yet. Sell the team. We deserve better

  2. It’s also being reported that he didn’t meet with Davis and that many assistant coaches have signed 1 year deals. Try a more detailed Google news search next time, but I guess that doesn’t make the story as dramatic.

  3. I wish i knew what I did to deserve this as a raiders fan this is a complete dumpster fire of an organization a toilet for a stadium dumb owner and general manager i honestly feel for Allen he needs to hire way better coaches but that’s far from the real problem this team doesn’t have one player that could start from another team and picks like Hayden lead me to believe the gm is the real problem but he’s safe somehow ugh

  4. Mark should fire Shred and DeGeneres Allen!
    No excuse for drafting horrible players and that fat blob is suppose to be a talent evaluator? That slob should take his fat behind out of town and also take his brother with him that is a scout/exhibition school teacher-assitant high school football coach with him! These lame buffoons really f’d up on picks but what do you expect from idiots! Mark should not listen to old has beens on hiring the right candidates for the job!

  5. Its hard to discuss your status when you don’t know what it is? I bet it’s terrible being the “dead man walking” for and irrelevant franchise like the Raiders.

    If they win two games in 2014, I’ll be surprised. The next coach won’t matter.

  6. Did Baby Davis finally graduate to the men’s restroom and fired Allen? Or is his blinders still on and he’s still stuck in the unisex restroom! Allen only has two staff members left, time for strike three, clean house! Cut the ties with the three headeddisaster that Davis created ..McKenzie, Allen and Tarver. Enough is enough, its Time to change priorities to the product on the field, instead of the financial windfall at the box office ( by limiting capacity, assuring sell outs, watching minor league talent).
    Either return to glory with experienced staff and NFL talent, or “Sell Baby, Sell” your father deserves better!

  7. Unless Mark Davis can get Jon Gruden back to coach the Raiders , Dennis Allen should stay on as head coach and fufill his 4 year contract. The Raiders should Sign FA QB Josh Freeman and draft Javedon Clowney or Jake Matthews with their first pick.

  8. Sometimes you have to pay a guy to go away. It sucks, but that is what happens when you get the wrong guy.

    I do think he will be a solid coordinator for someone, maybe with some seasoning a decent head coach down the line.

  9. I love how the Raiders run the media in circles. Enough so that even after Al’s death and a new regime the media needs to rehash old news over and over in an attempt to make any type of point.

    Al Davis is still laughing from his grave.

  10. Mark Davis doesn’t want to be involved with putting the team together but now he wants to decide weather or not to keep the coach?


    Pep Hamilton (Colts OC) would be an interesting fit!

    Jay Gruden

    Rod Marinelli (Would bring some toughness and hopefully some defense I’d recommend a good OC)

    Wade Phillips (Good coach if you’re desperate)

  11. It’s a brand new day in Oaktown with adults running the franchise making rational decisions based on long term goals. Right about the time the Forehead is retiring from donktown, Rivers is hanging ’em up down at our vacation home and the Chefs get tired of Smith’s untimely mistakes the Raiders will be hitting their stride. Enjoy it now AFC West because the days of chalking up a sure W at the hands of the Raiders are numbered.

  12. I wonder what it would take to get a Holmgren type in here to coach/gm this team to the playoffs. Sign him and sit back and observe. Either that or it’s finally time to talk Gannon into becoming a coach. Hire him now as an assistant, then watch him blossom.

  13. 2 wasted yrs on these two buffoons. Shrek is the real problem here. Shrek has terrible scouts which one of them is a ex-high school teacher/ ex-assistant jv coach (Shreks brother). Then they wonder why they have missed for two yrs in draft. Should I also mention Flyncess for a 5th? What a f’n idiot, I thought they were not interested in trading draft picks. No wonder Green Bay was twisting Mark Davis arm to hire this f’n Shrek. Enough said some things will never change.

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