DeSean Jackson backpedals from contract talk, blames media


On Monday, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson created a bit of a stir by talking about wanting a new contract despite having three years left on a deal that will pay him more than $30 million.

On Monday night, Jackson tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube — and he blamed the media for squeezing it in the first place.

Via, Jackson took to Instagram, clarifying his remarks and shedding responsibility for saying what he said.

“To clarify any info that yall [sic] people got twisted up,” Jackson said.  “I didn’t ask for a new contract . . . I’m blessed to be at the level where I feel my stats did the talking . . .  Injury free year & healthy and wish the season would have ended different with a ring . . . But I’m hopeful that will happen soon . . . Don’t listen to mixed words I didn’t say . . . Tired of dumb info being twisted to what I didn’t say word up!!”

And then came the perfunctory “I was only answering a question” routine, which apparently can erase words faster than the shaking of an Etch-A-Sketch.

“The question was brought to me I didn’t bring it up!!” Jackson said.  “Know ya info before speaking str8 like dat.”

We still can’t figure out why the asking of a question creates a license to utter something inflammatory that ultimately can’t be used against the person who said the inflammatory thing.  Jackson would have been better off relying on Mike Vick’s strategy for dealing with his own inflammatory remarks regarding his frustrations in connection with the unsettled quarterback situation during the offseason.

“I guarantee you if you ask Chip [Kelly] what he felt about me answering the question honestly, he’ll probably tell you that he was pleased with that, other than me just saying something that I really didn’t believe in my heart,” Vick said at the time.  “Because that’s what he’s instilled in us.”

To summarize, Jackson answered a question honestly.  But he doesn’t like the reaction to the honest answer.  So he believes that we should act like the words were never said, because he wouldn’t have said them if he hadn’t been asked the question.

None of this means Jackson doesn’t want a new contract.  It only means that he doesn’t want people to criticize him for wanting a new contract.

90 responses to “DeSean Jackson backpedals from contract talk, blames media

  1. If you are going to talk about your new contract at a time when you want one it’s probably best to be subtle if you are compelled to just answer the question. He didn’t take that approach at all when he publicly predicted that he is confident that he will get what he wants. A.J. Green just answered the same question too, but nobody had an issue with the way he talked about the money. Green diffused the question and Jackson set things ablaze.

  2. And people wonder why Marshawn Lynch didn’t want to talk to the Media.

    The media will deliberately do or say things that will get a rise or get the athlete to say something stupid.

    It is like they (the athlete’s) can’t help themselves. They say something really stupid and wonder why people don’t like them saying it.

    The reality is that every player wants more money, just like every employee. The same goes for the employers.

    Whether or not people not involved think it is worth it, should be irrelevant. However., I think the players try to use public opinion to pressure the owners into paying them more.

    This guy though is especially stupid because he tried it before and it largely backfired.

  3. DeSean had a career year and Eagles fans are proud of what he accomplished on the field. He’s not doing sit-ups in his driveway or bashing the Eagles FO in any way. He’ll get his contract restructured after Cooper and Maclin get re-signed. Eagles could use more depth at the WR position and will look to add some through FA and the draft.

  4. It’s always the fault of the media when they ask a question.

    Going forward, maybe the media should be like Jeopardy, give the answer, and see if the players can reply in the form of a question.

    That way DeSean, and other players, cannot blame the media.

  5. Answering a question about a topic, whether posed to you or not, you’re still talking about wanting the Eagles to pay you with a new deal.

    Get out of here, DeSean. Shape up or get the hell out of Philly!

  6. You marvel at their athletic ability…and you marvel at their inability to speak with any sort of coherence.

    These men should be embarrassed to speak as they do. All of these guys received a free ride to college….couldn’t they have taken a basic English course in the year or two they spent there?

  7. I don’t understand why in an industry where everyone else is trying to squeeze every last dime that a player should be criticized for wanting more money. As a practical matter, I don’t see how DeSean has the leverage to actually secure a raise (though he may be able to restructure to move some money up). But if he could get more money there would be nothing wrong with that.

    Do people think the Eagles wouldn’t squeeze DeSean for money is they could? If he had a bad year this year, they absolutely would have either cut him or forced him to renegotiate for less money. Look at Cullen Jenkins. First year in Philly he has a nice big free agent deal for “5 years”. Second year he is forced to renegotiate to significantly less money. Third year he’s cut. The Eagles made Jason Peters give back several million dollars after he tore his Achilles because it happened away from the team facility, even though there was never any suggestion he was doing anything inappropriate when he was injured. The Eagles initially tried to screw Mike Patterson out of $150K while he was recovering from brain surgery following a seizure he suffered on the practice field.

    Why is all of that just good business but when a player wants more money he’s a greedy jerk? And why is it better for Jeffrey Lurie to have the money? What has he ever done, aside from being born rich and marrying well?

  8. Never, ever talk to the media. Of course some leagues force you to so either talk gibberish or pay the fine but don’t talk to these jackals, they are worse than lawyers.

  9. I agree that Jackson’s response was not smart. But, I get a little sick of the media portraying themselves as victims when someone strikes back at them. Yes reporters have a right to ask any question they want but some of the questions are entrapment–pure and simple. Not to let Jackson off the hook but why else would a reporter feel compelled to even ask about a contract at this point. It was a little left field.

  10. DJ may not break any NFL records, but he may break records that a newspaper may have for the number of times they have to enter into any of his quotes.

  11. Dude was money this year. He got open a ton and helped run up some early scores. Helped me to a 15-1 fantasy record and a championship. 8th round. Keeper for ’14.

  12. If you ask 10 random NFL players if they want a new contract (more money), how many of them would you think will answer “yes”?

  13. I was reading this article the other day, it sure sounded like the reporter was leading Jackson to get the quote he wanted to make a story.

    Certain places (Washington, New York, Philadelphia) the media is just all about controversy and I understand why Chip Kelly treats them with such disdain.

  14. Meanwhile in liberty city the New York Football giants are focusing on when more superbowls while the eagles trophy case remains empty.was colored tv even thought of the last time the eagles won something significant.

  15. Some of the media types are paparazzi with pens instead of cameras. They ask stupid and inflammatory questions just to bait a player and get a story.

    What ever happened to covering a story instead of creating one?

    Still, Jackson should know better.

  16. Reporter: “Do you think that your play on the field is deserving of more money?”
    Desean: [essentially] “Yes”
    Reporter: “Do you want more money in the offseason?”
    Desean: [essentially] “Yes”

    Headline: ZOMG Desean Jackson Plans on Holding Out for New Contract!!!!!11!!!(one)!!!

  17. DeSean is fine with the money.

    There are no financial guarantees after the 2013 season.
    he just wants some inusance that says, if he gets hurt, he still can get paid when they cut him.

    cause that is exactly what will happen if he does get injured.

  18. A wise man once said:

    “Better to be dumb and quiet, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt!”

  19. We all know DeSean Jackson is perfectly capable of putting his foot in his mouth. But in this instance I agree with him. Look at it as if the media were talking to you. The media will ask “Wouldn’t you like to be making more money?”, and when you answer “yes”. Suddenly they run off to your boss and company claiming that you said “I’m not happy with my job”, or that you said “I’m underpaid”, or even both, when you never said that and that wasn’t what you meant. everyone wants to make more money; it has nothing to do with how you feel about your job. Why does the media never print the question that was asked? Why do they only report certain answers instead of the whole conversation? Because every question they ask in askd for the sole purpose of generating drama so us lunk-heads reading it will read it.

  20. If I understand the University of California educated Jackson correctly, he is claiming that it a reporter asked him out of the blue whether the Eagles would renegotiate his contract.

    I wonder what would have led the reporter to ask DeSean such a question?

  21. “I did my job I think I deserve a raise!” Desean Jackson has the mind of a petulant little boy. Go back to the hood, DEsean.

  22. Desean Jackson is the problem with the modern day NFL. A bunch of little boys blessed with God given talent acting like it’s them. You could have easily been born in a wheelchair… Stop acting like your God given talent is your own doing. Work hard and shutup. Everything else will take care of itself.

  23. Its funny how everyone on here can comment on Desean’s comment but I dont believe I ever heard of any of y’all on any football team so I say let the guy live …or take his job from him which I find it hard to believe any of y’all can play better than him…and side note everyone was all about him when he was doing something in Philly but I guarantee if he left Philly all of y’all would be sick so how about shut up and let the guy live …..I hate critics especially if your just sitting at home watching sports center all day long acting like you know what you’re talking about ……you guys are hilarious

  24. Don’t back down, DeSean. Get as much as you can as soon as you can– The NFL uses people and throws them away.

    Smallish guy like that is bound to get hurt and sooner or later he will be out of the league. Get more pie while there is pie.

  25. One season, doing what is expected of him, and he thinks he deserves a better contract. Moron.

  26. If i was a player and about to sign a new contract i put a clause in the contract saying that i am not going to talk to the media. and that $50,000 fine they want to dish out would need to be covered by the team. Lynch was a smart dude this season and focused on football not on the media trying to create hype.

  27. If someone says to you ‘Hey do you think you deserve a raise?’ what would any one of your answers be? Of course I deserve a raise! I probably won’t get one, but if you don’t value yourself and think you deserve a raise, why would anyone else?

  28. This is so easy. It’s unbelievable more athletes don’t understand it. They need to teach it to every professional athlete the minute they sign a contract.

    Ready? Here it is.
    “I have no comment about that right now.”
    “I’m not here to discuss that at this time.”
    “I’ll let my agent and the front office work on that, I’m here to concentrate on football.”


  29. DeSean’s pay ranks 8th in the league among wide receivers. DeSean underachieved the past several years, has one good year and wants a raise?

    I’d much rather they resign Maclin and Cooper, and trade DeSean. It’s a deep draft at wide receiver, and for a team that prided itself on a team first approach, they do not need this spoiled, selfish me-first player spoiling the bunch.

  30. It was the media who said that he purposely didn’t try and took most plays off during his contract year in order to avoid injuries.

    Oh, wait… nevermind. HE said that.

  31. DeSean Jackson is symptomatic of the American malady: an over-inflated sense of self-entitlement.

    By the way, to all of those Steelers fans who talk about six rings: the Lions won three NFL titles in the 1950s; are they still relevant? Those rings from the 70s are dusty relics on the shelf of history. In pro sports, the only thing that matters is what have you done for me lately.

  32. DeSean, there are smart answers and stupid answers. You can play the “if-you-don’t-like-the-answer-don’t-ask-me card, but you are still responsible for your responses. You still have to think about how your response will be viewed by others including your boss(s). Also, you don’t have to answer every question posed to you.

  33. I am a salesman. I am very good at what I do. I don’t have a contract that ties me to a company for multiple years no matter what I accomplish.

    I am paid what the market will bear. Every time I have a good year, I go to my company and say- “I can make more elsewhere, so pay me more or I will”. That’s the American way.

    I imagine it’s like that for most of you. If another company offered you more money to what you’re doing now, you would go. And you would be able to go because your collusive union didn’t force you to sign an exclusive multi-year contract with a single employer.

    I don’t know if DeSean Jackson could make more that 10M on the open market. But why do people who consider themselves to be great Americans feel it is appropriate to bash a fellow American who is only trying to make as much money as he can, JUST LIKE YOU ARE.

  34. Eagles fans CRUSHED Terrell Owens for this and it didn’t take long for them to realize what they’d lost. D-Jack isn’t half the receiver T.O was so this time it makes sense for them to be a little upset.

  35. jackson doesn’t perform in big games and therefore doesn’t deserve top WR money. in i recall, in the 2010 playoff gm vs GB, he got hurt. most recently, vs NO, in what what was probably his biggest gm to date, he came up small. he couldn’t beat keenan lewis AT ALL, to the tune of 0-0-0, and only got involved when lewis left the game. he got absolutely shut out by lewis, and that does not happen to a legit #1 receiver in a big game. remember TO ? think he woulda got SHUT OUT.

    jackson no way deserves top WR money.

  36. He really thought his request would go over well here at PFT. After reading the comments, he had to back down. That’s OK, DeSean, we still hate you.

  37. I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening to a conversation between DJax and someone like, say… Brian Roberts (Comcast CEO)… (ie two rich guys from the opposite side of the tracks) hanging out together. Would they need an interpreter?

  38. I’m normally not on the side of the under-contract player in this situation, but….

    …. seeing what Mike Wallace got paid, and the way Jackson massively out-performed him???

    JEEZ! I would be looking for more money too!! At least get him up to the 12-million-per year like Wallace. Either that or the owners should stop over-paying for underwhelming talent.

  39. dalcow4 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 2:48 PM

    Don’t back down, DeSean. Get as much as you can as soon as you can– The NFL uses people and throws them away.
    How’s that different than any other company?

    Companies are in the business of making a profit. Otherwise, what’s the point of owning a business?

    And if it’s about guaranteed money. He should have had it spread out over the life of the contract. Not front loaded like he wanted.

  40. I wonder how many people mocking Jackson used the same defense for Phil Robertson. (Count the dislikes for the answer)

  41. See, that’s the type of response we expect from players, not the form letter standard statement written and issued by lawyers or PR departments.

  42. “We still can’t figure out why the asking of a question creates a license to utter something inflammatory …”

    Because of context which is usually left out. When answering a question, one might not have all the words to succinctly answer. Therefore, additional context is often provided and inexplicably left out of the “quote.”

  43. Desean Jackson would be an upgrade in communication for the Obama Administration. He can talk in circles better Obam/Hillary Liar and the rest of them!

  44. You get fined if you don’t talk to the media.
    The media tries to create controversy so they can talk about it on radio shows.
    The guy just answered a freaking question.
    It’s ridiculous … I am referring, of course, to the media.

  45. It was confirmed this morning on our local sports talk station 97.5, that DeSean was asked about his contract by a reporter. The stations Eagles reporter confirmed it this morning during a segment with Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes… So I give him a pass on this one…. Even though I still think the dude is a prima donna front runner….

  46. I’m no fan of the Eagles or Desean Jackson but he should get every dime he can while he can. That being said he should have realized that it was a question best answered at a later date. It almost seems like he was set up. Not being the brightest bulb in the shed, he fell for it…

  47. Also, it did not sound like he was asking for more money… Wants a restructured deal that pays guaranteed money through the remaining contract…

  48. Maybe Jackson can negotiate an incentive in his contract that if speaks articulately, his team may understand what he is actually asking for.

  49. Absolutely nothing should be done with his contract… He had a great year, but that is expected when you are paid as much as he is right now and for the rest of his contract, not to mention last year.

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